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Hi.. Look I just want to ask what it cost to have imaging done as I have an under slab water leak.
I'm in Sydney and may need an expert on this as my plumber can't find my leak.
Do you know any one in Sydney who is a specialist in this.
I live on street with a hill one neighbour below and 2 neighbours on the upside. I'm third house from the top of hill with about 20-30° descent.
We have 1 metre cut in from each property with retaining walls.
My water build up is on the low side but coming under slab. I believe it's coming from the high side. All my plumbing bathrooms toilets water metre are on high side... But hoping it's not coming from my neighbours high side.
My plumber has never seen this before. It's concerning as we have notice this for a few years ( roughly 4 years).only that we were about to lay a slab for a side carport and thought I best get this water issue looked at before doing so.
My plumber has done water pressure test and probing but can't find the source.
We suspected it was coming from the nearby down pipe but now seeing which way the water is coming from its not coming from that direction.
Coming directly across from other side of slab we suspect this why I layed pavers down the high side incase this ever happened. So I am about to pull up my pavers and hopefully find my source. But thought thermal imaging would be easier. Can that happen for external leakage. And what's the expected cost just for thermal imaging.

Appreciate any help and advice


Have you thought about getting the water tested. Rain water, tap water, local spring water and sewage water have specific traits. Determining what you have before hand may make it cheaper/easier to find the source.

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