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Hi all,

I’ve recently moved into a house and want to start using a fireplace that hasn’t been used in around 10 years. The fireplace has a back boiler which has since been disconnected when the central heating system was revamped a few years ago. We currently have solar panels and an oil boiler, but since we have a back boiler already in the house it would be good if we could make use of it to lower our oil usage over winter.
The problem is that, for reasons I won’t bore you with, the fireplace is in the upstairs of the house and the hot water cylinder is now in the downstairs of the house, almost directly underneath where the fireplace is.
Is there any way we can utilise the back boiler? My understanding is that it cannot be connected to the hot water cylinder as it is the wrong orientation for a gravity feed to work, but I’d be happy even if it only fed the radiators in the two bedrooms, also upstairs, as we would likely only be lighting fires once we are home for the evening. It just seems a shame that we have a back boiler sitting in our house but can’t get any benefit from it.
Obviously I would have a professional check the safety of the fireplace and back boiler before going ahead with anything, just wanted to know what is possible as I can’t seem to find any information relevant to this situation online.



You say the back boiler has been disconnected by others, do not trust here say get an expert to check and also that it is drained fully before you do anything. There have been cases just like gets lit...water left behind goes bang big time steam and hotwater are very dangerous. Centralheatking


It is/should be "normal" practice to drill a few holes it them when de commisioned to prevent any pressure build up.


I think due to your current layout it's going to be impossible to achieve your desire, however with the right installer and proper system design you could utilize your solar thermal, oil boiler and back boiler, although it will take some work


When a back boiler is taken out of service it is supposed to be fully removed. Not always done though.
What you may find, as John.g says above, is that it may have been drilled.

People are very keen to use stoves, back boilers etc to reduce their fuel Bill's. But to do so takes a lot of coin.

Have a look at Dunsley and Heating Innovations who do the h2 panel.


Yes theres Dunsley who produce the neutralizer in various arrangements and also Heat Genie and the NRG Link. All suitable for interlinking solid fuel appliances to other systems, beit open vented or sealed. Like Simon and I said though this will cost and will require an installer or firm confident and experienced. Check these options out online and you will get a feel for what's required and how your system will look upon completion


An old back boiler will be only 50% efficient. So how will it meet current efficiency requirements when it is re-commissioned?

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