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In physics, work is the energy transferred to or from an object via the application of force along a displacement. In its simplest form, it is often represented as the product of force and displacement. A force is said to do positive work if (when applied) it has a component in the direction of the displacement of the point of application. A force does negative work if it has a component opposite to the direction of the displacement at the point of application of the force.For example, when a ball is held above the ground and then dropped, the work done by the gravitational force on the ball as it falls is equal to the weight of the ball (a force) multiplied by the distance to the ground (a displacement). When the force F is constant and the angle between the force and the displacement s is θ, then the work done is given by:



{\displaystyle W=Fs\cos {\theta }}
Work is a scalar quantity, so it has only magnitude and no direction. Work transfers energy from one place to another, or one form to another. The SI unit of work is the joule (J), the same unit as for energy.

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  1. M

    Commercial price work (prices) advice!

    Hi all. I just wondered whether any of you are currently doing any site work on a price? Only on the plumbing side no gas. Things like cylinder installs, 1st fixing and 2nd fixing. I know this will vary across the country, I’m based in the midlands. Any advice would be helpful. Cheers
  2. I

    Heating Design Circuit - will it work?

    Hello, I'm looking at installing a new central heating system with UHF on the ground floor and normal rads on the 1st Floor. The design was initially to have at its heart an Ideal System Boiler and a Telford Tempest 500l Indirect Cylinder but I'm considering changing/modifying this design to...
  3. M

    Condense concealed drainage pipe work?

    Hi all. I have a couple posts regarding this issue going at the moment. I’m having to try and help out the in-laws with an underground drain and I’m struggling for ideas. I’ve found this item in the picture online but I’m unsure what pipe would be best? The reason we’re having to do it like...
  4. M

    Will this work to wireless turn on boiler

    Hello I need to send a boiler on signal wireless for an UFH system. This seems like the solution to me Mains Switch - RF Switch for Wireless Control of HVAC pumps controlled by Boilers. - https://mainsswitch.co.uk/ Signal sender gets hooked up to the wiring centre which already has a...
  5. N

    Evacuated Tubes work with A2W ?

    Hi all, Hopefully this is in the right section. (Admin feel free to move if necessary). I have a new build nearing completion. I went with a 7Kw split Ecodan system. The house is extremely well insulated and air-tight. If it wasnt for hot water for showers etc, we would expect the unit to be...
  6. S

    Level 2 Qualified - Looking for Work / Experience - Essex / East London

    Hi, I just recently completed my Level 2 City & Guilds Plumbing Course and am now looking for bit of work / experience working alongside an experience plumber to further my knowledge, I am 33, based in Brentwood, Essex and have tools and car. I have done a few domestic jobs for friends and...
  7. Q

    Allowed work on extract fan?

    Hi, I have a question regarding a disagreement i'm having at work. We recently had a tray-washing tunnel machine with a gas-burner break down due to the burner extract fan being flooded as the submerged heat pipe cracked. The fan was removed and sent away, came back today to be fitted. My...
  8. Dbutler929

    T80 Triton low pressure in morning

    Morning, We installed a t80 from a t90 in December as it was the only black shower they had. Its been a diasaster as the pressure in our area is not strong enough as it runs off the mains. We can't shower first thing in the morning usually after 9am is our best chance as it's always low...
  9. S

    Watermark on brick work

    Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. Seem to large watermark near the boiler flue. Trying to figure out what’s the issue? PS: The black pipe near the flue is an aircon pipe inside which the refrigerant pipes are there. The aircon has not been used for 3 months.
  10. BulkWorkwear

    Comfort Fit Work Cargo Trousers

    Comfort Fit Elasticated Work Trousers from only £9.99 Order yours here: Kapton® Elasticated Comfort Cargo Pants | Bulk Workwear - https://bulkworkwear.co.uk/kapton-elasticated-comfort-cargo-pants?search=cargo #work #workwear #uniform #trousers #cargo #comfort
  11. E

    Boiler pipe work and filter removal

    We bought a new build. After 11 years the boiler had gone and we get a new one fitted. The pipework I want sorting out (like that from new build) as we are getting a new kitchen and boxing it in is a pain. The filter hangs very low down. Do we really need this? Pipework would hang down a lot...
  12. D

    Replaced CH programmer, but heating doesn't work

    I have got a 25 year old Potterton Profile boiler, quite basic and very reliable, on a fully pumped system. It has worked happily with a Glow-worm Mastermind RWB2 programmer, but just recently the programmer occasionally misses a switch-off. So I thought I’d replace the programmer and bought a...
  13. A

    Pipe work a little bit short what can I do?

    Hi, my pipe work is a little bit short it is plastic pipe 10mm will a 10mm coupler be okay to use to extend it to fit the valve?
  14. J

    Zoned heating with Terrier i30s and timer. Can it work?

    Hi everyone, I 'think' I've found a cheap solution to fulfilling all of my family's heat automation needs using Terrier i30 TRVs (eTRVs that have a timer, but no way of calling the boiler for heat). However, it seems too good to be true. Therefore, I wondered if I could run it by some of you...
  15. G

    Trainee Needing work experience

    My name is Ed. I'm 28 and a trainee gas engineer from Norwich. I'm reaching out and looking for a mentor. I'm currently doing a MLP course. Before I take my exams and do my ACS I need to build up a portfolio of work off premises and in real peoples homes. I need to go out with an engineer where...
  16. L

    What qualifications will I need when I entering the us for work?

    Hi, I’m a uk resident with plenty of plumbing and heating qualifications. However I was wondering what kind of qualifications are required for installing and servicing your warm air heaters? Thankyou in advance!
  17. G

    Unpaid work/experience

    Hi all, I am a 22-year-old building services engineer apprentice (SVQ Level 3). Looking for unpaid work/labouring and experience in any aspect within the Gas industry. I can work any evenings/weekends and maybe some day-time weekdays. I have a CSCS Card and C&G level 2 6035 diploma I am...
  18. M

    gas boiler has been idle in storage for 2 years, will it still work?

    Hi all, A friend of mine no longer needed a one year old condensing gas boiler so I took it off his hands and left it in storage for the last 2 years until I needed it. The time has come to replace my old boiler with the one that is in storage but when I was speaking with a plumber about...
  19. G

    Looking for unpaid work/labouring and experience

    Hi all, I am a 22-year-old building services engineer apprentice (SVQ Level 3). Looking for unpaid work/labouring and experience in any aspect of Plumbing and Heating I can work any evenings/weekends and maybe some day-time weekdays. I have a CSCS Card and C&G level 2 6035 diploma I am...
  20. DJseals

    Upstairs radiators only work when HW is on

    Hi guys, Weird issue i am having with central heating. I thought it was a pressure issue as rads upstairs were heating intermittently or just getting warm sometimes while rads downstairs are hopping. I have found that upstairs rads only work when hot water is turned on. Its zoned with a 2 port...