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  1. R

    gravity flow

    Can gravity flow work in a circular motion ? e.g. 28mm flow rising from stove accross ceiling down through cyl coil and return to stove under floor I know that this system has to be vented properly. I could fully pump as an alternative as the cylinder is about 5 m from boiler. I have plumbed...
  2. M

    Gazebo for external work

    Any body use a gazebo type thing for external work? More thinking of oil installs. I want something fairly hard wearing as it's got to with stand cornish wind and ideally have sides to it.
  3. H

    Unvented pipe work

    Hi all Have recently had to service unvented cylinders and came across a few minor problems, like tundish over 600mm away from PRV etc. How do I categorise these as I don’t think I could ncs them as in gas work. Plumed them in but first time inspecting. Thank you Huw
  4. N

    New work leaking

    Morning Looking for advice, renewed my shower tray using a base used in wet room , used all the tanking kit. New tiles layed to floor and up the sides to meet the existing wall tiles. All looked nice but started leaking after a few showers. I have been advised to seal the tiles and grout but...
  5. D

    Plumbing Agency Work

    Hi all,:) I was wondering if anyone knew of any plumbing agency work just on a Saturday or if there is anyone in particular to look out for. The reason I ask is I'm getting married next year and its getting surprisingly more expensive than we first anticipated.:eek:
  6. J

    Flow gauges for central heating pipe work

    Whilst installing a new heat only boiler today I thought why don't we have flow gauges, in litres per min, on the flow immediately after the pump and then on the return near the boiler? This would allow us to see in real time the performance of the pump and the loss of flow around the system...
  7. S

    How does this tap and shower work?????

    Hi, I have recently moved in to a new home and upstairs is a bath with a tap mixer shower. However nobody knows how it works. There is the tap then a pipe coming from the middle of the tap to a shower head on the wall. There is no button or switch of any kind and pulling it twisting doesn’t...
  8. scott_d

    Safety trainers / work trainers

    any recommendations? Something light and comfy would be good Fed up with boots
  9. P

    Mature Student Looking for Work Experience

    Hi folks, First post on here so please go easy on me if possible ! I’m a mature student in my 40s based in the Wrexham/Chester area looking to gain further knowledge and experience with a professional plumber. After a career change 12 months ago, I recently completed City & Guilds Level 2...
  10. RobG

    Kitchen sink pipe work - plastic nut sheared

    Hi, still very new to this forum - this is my 2nd posting. Please help if you can. I am replacing round head taps with lever taps (am recently retired and have too much time on my hands!) and have fitted a new hot tap no probs. The cold tap has slightly different pipework - a white plastic...
  11. J

    Looking for work for gas portfolio

    Hi I’m looking for evening or weekend work with a plumber that’s doing gas related jobs as I’m nearing the end of my gas course and need evidence for my portfolio. I work on new builds so I’m struggling to get some of the required jobs in the portfolio as my work is limited on site. I’m...
  12. S

    Moving copper pipe work for new sink position

    Im going to be removing an old sink from one wall and re positioning the new sink on an adjacent wall At the moment the hot and cold supplies come in through the wall and branch right for the existing sink. I need to modify these so that they come in and head straight to the direction of...
  13. Tommo25

    Van 6-7k budget - work and motorbike

    I'm looking for a new van, it needs to be big enough for fitting all my plumbing gear in, but also a motorbike. I'm interested in transit, transit custom or VW transporter. For my budget they all seem to have big mileage 110k+. What would you guys recommend?
  14. D

    He24 - removed rad now won't work at all

    Hi all, I removed a radiator downstairs to wallpaper when I put it back on the he24 will not fire up at all and shows an error code L9. The pressure had dropped to 0 so I refilled the system. This happened when I removed a radiator before but last time I shut off all the rads except the one I...
  15. N

    Advice on work done by gas safe engineer

    Hi Guys - sorry but this is going to be a long post! Recently had some work done in my house to move a boiler, clean cold water tank and pressurize central heating system - this was done by a gas safe registered engineer. Another plumber has come over to do other work in the house and he has...
  16. M

    Looking for work to complete the Nvq 2

    I’m looking for work to complete my Nvq 2. I am 29 years of age and hold a valid cscs card.
  17. M

    Request for work shadowing please - SE London, Kent and Surrey

    Good evening I am looking for a work shadowing opportunity with a view to work alongside an experienced plumber/heating engineer such as yourself on a part time basis from July 2019. In the meantime, I would like to be able to enhance my plumbing skills and confidence so I would be very...
  18. Pistolpete82

    Potential shoddy insurance work , needs neutral opinion

    Hey Everyone - New here i am at a seriously loose end , i had a problem with my sewer waste it kept clogging up after back and forth for many a while between my insurance company and seven trent , my insurance agreed to change what they say was a bellied pipe holding water . they came last...
  19. K

    System explanation from pipe work

    I am wondering what type of heating system I have could someone clarify for me. Pipe 1 I believe is the return to the cylinder but also runs to the attic. Pipe 2 I believe come from the boiler to the cylinder and pipe 3 to the rads, I am wondering how does this work with out a motorized valve.
  20. J

    retired plumber wondering about work

    I retired from plumbing about 18 months ago but i'm bored and could do with a bit of extra cash.I live in London,I no longer have a van but i can travel for nothing on buses and tubes etc.I got myself an old codgers shopping trolley that i can put my tools in.I only want straightforward easy...

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