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In electrical engineering, a switch is an electrical component that can disconnect or connect the conducting path in an electrical circuit, interrupting the electric current or diverting it from one conductor to another. The most common type of switch is an electromechanical device consisting of one or more sets of movable electrical contacts connected to external circuits. When a pair of contacts is touching current can pass between them, while when the contacts are separated no current can flow.
Switches are made in many different configurations; they may have multiple sets of contacts controlled by the same knob or actuator, and the contacts may operate simultaneously, sequentially, or alternately. A switch may be operated manually, for example, a light switch or a keyboard button, or may function as a sensing element to sense the position of a machine part, liquid level, pressure, or temperature, such as a thermostat. Many specialized forms exist, such as the toggle switch, rotary switch, mercury switch, push-button switch, reversing switch, relay, and circuit breaker. A common use is control of lighting, where multiple switches may be wired into one circuit to allow convenient control of light fixtures. Switches in high-powered circuits must have special construction to prevent destructive arcing when they are opened.

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  1. S

    Firebird condensing boiler

    Hi there As you can see from the video below, our pump exploded. The question I have is, this pump is added to a firebird condensing boiler and when we found this mess the boiler and pump were stil operating but the pressure in the boiler was reading 0. Should the pressure switch have kicked in...
  2. S

    Dual immersion heater with sink/bath switch

    I have read of hot water cylinders being heated with a dual element immersion heater. The main principle being that a shorter element heats the top of the tank and then, subsequently, a longer element comes into play. With a bath/sink switch the longer element may be disabled. The topic of such...
  3. H

    Worcester Bosch Oil Heatslave Switch On Problem

    Help Please We have a 2005 Worcester Bosch Oil Heatslave 26/32 that is fitted with the optional timer. Recently we have a problem. To get either the heating or hot water to switch on the timer has first to be set for both to be ON but this just prepares the unit as neither will switch on at...
  4. ridgerunner

    Will switch to unvented HW cylinder reduce shower performance

    Hi, am getting our bathroom updated and local company suggested ditching our traditional attic CW tank/vented cylinder and pump for the shower and install an unvented pressurised HW cylinder instead. We have been told that this will not lead to a drop in effective pressure from the shower. Is...
  5. B

    Surestop water switch.

    Hi all. Due to current location of the existing stop tap, I was thinking about installing a sure stop water switch as part of an upcoming kitchen refurb. Anyhoo, have come across a post where several people have suggested ripping them out. Are they really that bad? A sure stop would definitely...
  6. J

    Hyco Electric Boiler - switch off for occasional use?

    Do I switch off Electric Hot Heater Cylinder over Winter? I have a 30 litre Hyco Electric Boiler Powerflow for hot water. Only used for domestic hot water (not general heating as have electric underfloor matts) It is for an annex, gets occasional use in winter. Product literature says...
  7. S

    does the power switch to the cylinder need to be left on ?

    Hello i have a 300l centre store unvented indirect cylinder. does the power need to be left on for this ? is it left on to keep water at temperature all day ? for a previous system i had a power switch for the immerison heater that was only turned on in an emergency thanks
  8. B

    Unable to switch off external stop valve

    I need to switch off my water at the external stop valve to do a permanent fix on a pipe between that valve and my internal stop valve. There is no tap to turn on the external valve, just a round nozzle with no obvious way of twisting it. Thames Water is not responding. Any advice on how I...
  9. P


    I currently live in a 4 bed end of terrace victorian house, with 11 radiators and two towel rails. Currently have installed a 6kw potterton gold electric boiler, which heats a hot water cylinder and provides heating to the radiators. My electricity usage is extremely high and killing me...
  10. T

    Drain Central Heating System- when is it safe to switch Boiler back on

    Drain central heating system (water tank in loft) in a two storey house - ground and first floor when is it safe to switch the boiler back on - is it only when the tank in the loft has stopped making a noise - implying that the system is back to where it was before the system was drained. The...
  11. H

    Switch off Alpha weather prod sensor.

    I have a Alpha weather prod I wish to install. Can you put an on off switch in between the sensor pod and Alpha boiler. If yes what type of switch do I need. Thankyou
  12. M

    Immersion Heated Switch

    Hello, We have a water tank and with all the Energy talk at the moment, we’ve been told to check that the immersion isn’t on all the time! We have constant hot water so my assumption is that it has been left on. This may sound like a stupid question but is the the correct switch to keep...
  13. W

    Oil Central Heating Switch

    I have an oil heating system, and also I have an open coal fire , the coal fire also heats the water through a back boiler and a neutralising tank , when the coal fire is on the water starts boiling, the only way i can stop it is to put the oil central heating on to circulate the water, is their...
  14. C

    Set fan operation switch

    Hi, here is my question: my house 's central air conditioner has gas Heater and electric A/C, which fan operation I should switch in the thermostat? gas or electric? here are the manual instructions: Set Fan Operation Switch, Move the switch to the proper setting: - Gas or Oil: For gas or oil...
  15. taffyinhighlands

    parallel hot water tanks - can switch to single as well as dual use?

    I've got a DHW system with 2 storage tanks run in parallel - everything is well set up for the 2 tank operation, but other than completely removing one tank, and draining it to avoid legionella risk, is there a way I can keep both hooked up but only run the single tank (system was installed for...
  16. R

    Swapping a Danfoss valve for a Honeywell

    Kingo. Did you resolve your 3 port valveswop re wiring.
  17. J

    Plumber or electrician to replace new timer switch Unvented cylinder

    Replace the current E7 Newlec Economy control to a mechanical 24 hour timer switch for unvented cylinder water heater, may I know if I ask plumber or electrician to do this job. Because Newlec Economy controller can heat up water once a day in midnight .I would require constant hot water in...
  18. D

    After new rad fitted boiler doesn't want to switch on

    Hi Could you give me some advice based on the following points below? System background (small cottage) it has ---------------------------------------------- System Gas boiler ground floor Greenstar Ri think its a 15; Two gravity fed header tanks in the loft one small one for the radiators...
  19. W

    heatmiser RF switch not enabling boiler

    Boiler is a Viessmann 100-w (2021 version) heatmiser uh8-rf heatmiser rf switch (intended for boiler enable only) Heatmiser neoair thermostats I live so far north that there isn't a Viessmann installer local to me, however after speaking to Viessmann my local heating engineer was placed on a...
  20. K

    Cant switch off Hot Water

    Trying to switch off the hot water so I can change the Bathroom taps. Never 100% sure of what we actually have but its a cold water tank in the loft, feeding a cold water tank in an airing cupboard. Theres three Red Valves in the airing cupboard, I've tried each one in turn to close it off, then...
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