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In mathematics, a ratio is a relationship between two numbers indicating how many times the first number contains the second. For example, if a bowl of fruit contains eight oranges and six lemons, then the ratio of oranges to lemons is eight to six (that is, 8:6, which is equivalent to the ratio 4:3). Thus, a ratio can be a fraction as opposed to a whole number. Also, in this example the ratio of lemons to oranges is 6:8 (or 3:4), and the ratio of oranges to the total amount of fruit is 8:14 (or 4:7).
The numbers compared in a ratio can be any quantities of a comparable kind, such as objects, persons, lengths, or spoonfuls. A ratio is written "a to b" or a:b, or sometimes expressed arithmetically as a quotient of the two. When the two quantities have the same units, as is often the case, their ratio is a dimensionless number. A rate is a quotient of variables having different units. But in many applications, the word ratio is often used instead for this more general notion as well.

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  1. Dan

    How to increase your likes ratio - Tips, and Dan helping you out

    As long as you're willing to put in the work on the forum I can't help you get your like ratios up. I'm adding some 'Like' buttons that will add + 3 Likes per 1 button press. Esteemed will be able to give these out. But not abuse them! They risk losing all of theirs and starting again with...
  2. M

    ideal vogue 32 analyser readings

    I have just installed this boiler. Nice fancy user interface. In service mode in max rate I am getting O2 4.2 co2 9.5 Co ppm 129 Ratio .0013 Ratio and co is quite high. Usually when commissioning a new boiler I get a ratio of around .0007 and about 70 ppm co. Pipe...
  3. T

    Gas analyser readings.

    Hello there, I have just had my first gas inspection. I passed!. which is nice... but i have a couple of questions of the more indepth nature about CPA1 etc Firstly im new to the forum so hello everyone! Secondly im not sure on the rules on were to post what questions (obviously not for the...
  4. M

    Vaillant 937 whining noise

    Hi, hope someone can help. My new Vaillant 937, installed 11 months ago, has started making an annoying whining noise when the central heating comes on first in the morning. This lasts for about 10 mins and goes away again until the thermostat demands more heat. I've experimented by turning the...
  5. D

    ferroli DOMI compact F30 B

    hey all was at the above boiler today done a FGA on it and was getting high CO i cleaned out the primary heat exchanger which was in good condition, i removed/inspected the flue seals which were also in good condition. There hot water is going cold as the boiler is cutting out when working on...
  6. M

    Combustion tests with analyzer

    Hi guys, i am in need of some guidance. I have just got a kane analyzer and have just used for the first time on an install the other day. I am wanting to know if these results are all ok? o2% 4.3 CO2% 9.4 CO PPM 107...
  7. S


    Ratio - I got a ratio of 0.0014 on maximum on a mynute 35 he today The manual says 0.001 to 1 , I do not understand the figures as in 0.001 to 1. How does it go
  8. G

    johnson starley

    Came across a johnson starley reno 30 today where the combustion ratio was ,0008 so thought i would bring the ratio down but could not locate the throttle on gas valve . Read the MI's and said ,0008 is acceptable and i know that anyway but thought i would tweek it . But how do you bring the...
  9. M

    combustion ratio?

    hi need some advice as getting bit confused. action point for combustion ratio for a combi not condensing is 0.008 what is the action point for a condensing boiler as have read 0.008 is I.D and 0.004 is A.R is the right???? many thanks
  10. P

    250ppm CO

    i was just curios to check my boiler this morning with my fga and found out that it was giving me CO levels of upto 250ppm and the ratio was around .035 going up when i pulled the probe out and started checking the boiler. Its a balanced flue old glowworm MK2. reason im sharing this here on...
  11. M

    ratio of 0.009ppm on a new boiler

    Hi Guys, just a quick one.. i was comissioning a new boiler the other day (ideal logic combi 30) i put my fga on it and ran at full rate and was getting a ratio of 0.009!! co2 reading was 9.32% and gas rate/working pressures were fine. Looked at mi's and they stated that 0.004 was the target...