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As long as you're willing to put in the work on the forum I can't help you get your like ratios up.

I'm adding some 'Like' buttons that will add + 3 Likes per 1 button press. Esteemed will be able to give these out. But not abuse them! They risk losing all of theirs and starting again with their own then too. So don't try to bribe somebody into liking your posts for you.

As well as that, I will personally click (and get Lou to click ) this new 'Winner button' on any GOOD videos you help add to the forum videos area.

And the trick with those is, you don't get a post count added, as it's not a post, it's a video. And you get +3 reaction scores.

Low quality contributors will see more Google ads. Unless you subscribe.

I have a list of those using ad-blockers, and I'm trying to help you not need to use them. But I am considering if you're not up for it, just removing your account.

That's another option too. If your likes are low, just delete your account and start again. And be helpful. And also help newbies in the introductions from by asking questions so they reply and click like. Rather than copy and pasting replies "Hi and welcome" on 10. That's not going to get you any likes.

I'm bringing some more features too. But i'll announce those later. ;)


Staff member
Alright, got a good tip here. :)

I've setup the 'Winner' reaction (like thing) and currently set it at +5 'likes' (reaction points).

So post good content and I'll click it for you.

Not only that, if you add a video to the video area (you can copy and paste YouTube video URL's into the system fairly easily on mobile or desktop) I'll click it for you. And adding a video doesn't increase your post count. So that's a +5 reactions with zeo increase in post count.

We're doing this on the sparky forum and we've found a fair few users are adding videos for us, making the video area handy (I've added categories over there now there are enough, and making them easily searchable for trainee videos and tool videos etc) and they're getting rewarded with the winner clicks, and they're now esteemed. :)

Doesn't take long get it that way. :)


Staff member
Yeah only me and Lou for now. I'm going let those who are already esteemed have the winner emoji too soon, so they can share the love too.

But I don't want it get abused and clicked randomly, or for comical posts etc, so I think I'll wait a bit for that.

Sparky esteemed have it and have been told the same, we have the ability to remove all likes given and received and said we would do if they abused it, and I think they get it. They haven't so far.

We want to reward those helping out, and give some control back. Get the community buzz back.

I don't have esteemed and won't ever get it. Lou won't click winner on my posts no matter how nice I make her tea. 😁

Don't want encourage people to chase it. Advice is good advice regardless of an emoji and tag etc but there are a few people who deserve it, perhaps lost it due to forum upgrades etc (or would have had it otherwise moreso) or just been on the forum longer than likes have etc - so this is my way of helping them get their tags they should have maybe. 😋

Been working on the directory too today. That's another way we will be able reward a few people, get their listings show higher if they have the esteemed tag, get a few customers their way.

If you guys have suggestions for anything else let me know.


Dan; Not sure if my ad-blocker was including this website but I've just 'whitelisted' it anyway. If you ever notice I am indeed blocking ads on the site then please let me know as this is the only one whose ads I actually don't mind supporting for obvious reasons.
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