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As long as you're willing to put in the work on the forum I can't help you get your like ratios up.

I'm adding some 'Like' buttons that will add + 3 Likes per 1 button press. Esteemed will be able to give these out. But not abuse them! They risk losing all of theirs and starting again with their own then too. So don't try to bribe somebody into liking your posts for you.

As well as that, I will personally click (and get Lou to click ) this new 'Winner button' on any GOOD videos you help add to the forum videos area.

And the trick with those is, you don't get a post count added, as it's not a post, it's a video. And you get +3 reaction scores.

Low quality contributors will see more Google ads. Unless you subscribe.

I have a list of those using ad-blockers, and I'm trying to help you not need to use them. But I am considering if you're not up for it, just removing your account.

That's another option too. If your likes are low, just delete your account and start again. And be helpful. And also help newbies in the introductions from by asking questions so they reply and click like. Rather than copy and pasting replies "Hi and welcome" on 10. That's not going to get you any likes.

I'm bringing some more features too. But i'll announce those later. ;)
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