need advice

  1. B

    Hello new to forum need advice

    Hello everyone just want to see what you think of my situation.i qualified level 2 plumbing 4 years ago,been working self employed ever i want to get in to fitting boilers etc,my problem is i never done my level 3 and dont really have a lot of experience with heating systems.i have to...
  2. G

    BG engineer i need advice on an analyser

    hi if any BG engineers on could you give me a shout looking advice on a sprint v3 analyser cheers
  3. M

    Hi im new and need advice

    Hi everyone im new to theis forum thing im not starting college till 2011 for plumbing and gas fitting and i was wondering is it best to work for a company or go staright out there and as im starting out wat wud be my starting sallary many thanks matt :)
  4. U

    Thermostat going in, now need advice as what to do with respect to radiator

    Hi, After some advice on here I bought a honeywell CM927 thermostat. Now I'm just getting my ducks in a row before installing it this weekend and have read on here that the radiator in that room should be without a TRV or it should be turned up to full. I plan on installing the thermostat at...
  5. C

    need advice

    hi there i am a tiler and recently unrolled in train 4 trade skills Laval 2 NV plumbing 6089 i already work for my self and wanted to do full bathroom installations but now i have read some bad comments on t4ts am i qualified legally to work in peoples houses at this Level.I am 34 now and not...
  6. A

    Need advice on Cold water tank size please, long post sorry

    The water system in my house is a mix of direct feed on the cold side, but still having a 50 gal cold water tank in the loft feeding the bottom of the water cylinder and a Mira 327 shower. The Ferham plastic tank has sprung a leak, temporally sealed with a type of evo stick wet glue! The...
  7. S

    redundancy has finished my apprenticeship (i need advice)

    i finished my tech cert over a year ago now (i finished first in the class) and i took the occasional day off colledge to work for a plumber who in october 2008 took me on permanantly and wouldve allowed me to attend colledge this year to do a level 3 but 3 weeks ago he broke the news that he...
  8. A

    i need advice

    hey im here to ask for some advice. im actually doing my level 2 plumbing in acton and west london college. ive been looking for some apprentiship and i know alot of pepole are but if you guys have any links or know some people please post here. thanks in advance
  9. M

    Need advice on stock

    hi all i am looking on getting self employed and am working on my business plan, i have researched the pros and cons associated with different training methods, methods of getting a van and a few other things. what i need advice on is what stock a good plumber carries on the van and what...
  10. S

    Company breaking law! Need advice!

    I was wondering what the punishment for a company using unqualified members of staff to cap gas mains would be. What kind of fine would they expect? would they be closed down? I am not a plumber and it is not me who is undertaking this work, thanks
  11. I

    wanting to make shower room need advice urgent

    I've got a big airing cupboard in my bedroom that i'm going to turn into a shower room . Only thing is i have a combi boiler in there, is this a problem if i have it all boxed in with doors? Been told that i cann't any ideas any1 please urgent. cheers steve

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