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"Need to Know" is the eleventh episode of the second season of House, which premiered on Fox on February 7, 2006.

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  1. mookle

    CH upgrade - unreasonable gas usage expectations?

    Hi all. I recently upgraded our CH system, but rather than the expected drop in gas consumption, Octopus is saying we're using roughly 30% more! The installer has said they can downrate the boiler, but to my mind that addresses maximum consumption, not any inefficiencies there may be relating...
  2. N

    Service/isolating valve for outside tap -- need advice

    Hello guys, a couple of months back I installed a new shower and sink into a part of the house that hadn't previously been plumbed in. This forced me to run some pipes outside the walls, so I put in stopcocks at the point where the new pipework joins the old Just In Case. I used copper pipe and...
  3. L

    need advice on new boiler

    can cylinder supply pipes on vaillant ecofit pure be capped or linked as zone valves fitted on existing system
  4. P

    Something different.. starting self employed

    Hi All, So something may be slightly different to the usual posts and looking for some advise or whether anyone has been in a similar predicament and how have you overcome it. I’m a wife of a heating engineer - who has recently started out full time (2 years ago self employed 15 years...
  5. D

    Plumber problems - need advice please

    Hi Everyone This is my first post here and I hope to hear from some of the experienced plumbers or anyone else in general that has had an issue with plumbing. In October 2018 a plumber came to install full central heating and a unventes cylinder which was zoned to two floors (Basement and...
  6. R

    URGENT Pressure loss in new loft (unvented cylinder)

    Hello. I need some urgent advice re water pressure in an unvented system. A few months back, I had my gravity fed system + boiler changed to an unvented cylinder + system boiler. The water pressure following the swap was incredible. We were originally talking about putting in a mains booster...
  7. R

    Wall hung toilet - are RAK any good?

    Hello. I'm redoing 3 bathrooms at the moment and was planning to install RAK rimless toilets with Grohe cisterns/frames for all three based on recommendations from my local bathroom shop. Since then, I've found some reviews that say RAK toilets look great but struggle with flushing anything...
  8. A

    I have a major injury on my arm, can i still get into plumbing?

    Hello, i am new here and i am looking into becoming a plumber, however, around 10 years ago, my arm went through a window and caused severe damage to my nerves and my muscles, im somewhat recovered now, however my arm is only around 70/80% functional. I can do things like screwing things but...
  9. Fe3n1x

    Need advice with toilet, shower and sink waste in en euite

    In the middle of renovating my en suite and need a little advice to make sure my thoughts in terms of how to terminate the waste from toilet, shower and sink all makes sense. The image 8s a bit crap but hope it makes sense. Soil stack is already in position with the air filter at the top. This...
  10. B

    Potential drainage issue - next door extension

    We live in a terraced row (SW London) and our neighbours are currently in the process of finalising their extension. There is a potential drainage issue (their rainwater drainage) for which they have advised us of a course of action to resolve it. Before agreeing, we would like a bit of...
  11. A

    Mystery open kitchen drain behind wall - need advice about plugging it

    My kitchen sink drain became blocked and, while unblocking it with a plunger and lots of water, I saw the dirty water leak from behind drywall about 6 feet away from sink. I had previously noticed a smell from the same area and dampness on the drywall. So I cut open the drywall and find an open...
  12. C

    How far can my washing machine be from the vent?

    Hello, *Disclaimer: Please forgive the messy photos. Our small storage/laundry room is a never-ending clean/mess zone I am attempting to move my washing machine so that we can actually have some space in our small laundry/storage room, but I am unsure if this is possible due to code/physics...
  13. F

    Need advice on joining toilet to a low soil pipe

    Hi everyone, I'm renovation my own house, and I'm just moving on to the bathroom. I've realised that the soil pipe is too low, the bottom of it being only a couple of cm off the floor, whereas the bottom of the toilet pan waste is around 14cm from the floor. I've tried using a 60mm offset pan...
  14. C

    Need advice for replacement British Gas Thermostat Radiator Valve

    I’m looking for help in replacing my British Gas Thermostat Radiator Valve cover which is broken due wear & tear. Have been trying to contact British Gas directly for replacement spare part but without any success and have decided to purchase part myself. I’ve attached picture of my old TRV...
  15. W

    Need Advice on Smart Thermostatic Valve compatibility

    Hi all, a newbie here with relatively little experience. We have a central heating system fitted with TSV's (thermostatic valves) on all radiators. It is controlled by a Honeywell ST799 controller, which is attached to a Glow Worm Ultimate 40 FF boiler. The system has no main thermostat. I want...
  16. M

    Want to install secondary hot return - need advice please

    Hello everyone! I'm finally getting to do my own bathroom renovation (spend most of my time doing everyone else's). The bathroom is on the ground floor and the hot water cylinder is at the other side of the house on the first floor. The house isn't huge but I'm sick of running the hot tap and...
  17. V

    central heating permanently on, faulty motor?

    My central heating won't turn off via the wireless thermostat. I can see that it communicates correctly so suspected a problem with the zone valve. It is a Honeywell 2 port and I notice the manual level is completely loose and I can't lock it in the manual 'on' mode. We have other zones and...
  18. J

    A shameful secret to which i need advice...

    Gentlemen, Please excuse the troll title but I am sure you have all been there... On your hands and knees, dripping in sweat. Panting and almost crying. So you reach for the magic little tube that can solve those wet problems. And then you are left feeling disgusted and with dirty sticky...
  19. R

    Stubborn taps. Need advice on dismantling

    Hello all I came across this dead thread below and it refers to the question I need to ask. I have the same type of taps that I need to service. Don't want to force anything so I would like to run this by you all. I have attached a pic of the taps in question. You can see they are the same as...
  20. R

    Weird heating setup, need advice

    Edit: I realise this probably should have gone in the Central Heating forum, mods please feel free to delete this as I've reposted over there Hi folks, first post but I've been reading the forums for a good while! Just had a crew in to install a Nest but they were thwarted by our odd set up...
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