Mounted police are police who patrol on horseback or camelback. Their day-to-day function is typically picturesque or ceremonial, but they are also employed in crowd control because of their mobile mass and height advantage and increasingly in the UK for crime prevention and high visibility policing roles. The added height and visibility that the horses give their riders allows officers to observe a wider area, and it also allows people in the wider area to see the officers, which helps deter crime and helps people find officers when they need them. A disadvantage however is that, when employed for crowd control, there is a risk that some people may be trampled (resulting in injuries or death). In at least one case this has resulted in the police officer riding the horse (that caused the injury) to be sued.Mounted police may be employed for specialized duties ranging from patrol of parks and wilderness areas, where police cars would be impractical or noisy, to riot duty, where the horse serves to intimidate those whom it is desired to disperse through its larger size, or may be sent in to detain trouble makers or offenders from the crowd. For example, in the UK, mounted police are most often seen at football matches, although they are also a common sight on the streets of many towns and cities as a visible police presence and crime deterrent during the day and night. Some mounted police units are trained in search and rescue due to the horse's ability to travel where vehicles cannot.

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  1. M

    I have a leaking wall mounted bathroom tap

    I have a wall mounted bathroom tap that leaks. Presumably I need a washer of sorts replaced. I cannot work out which tool I need to remove the tap. There is a small hole (8mm?) to the side but I can’t seem to get a fixing from either a alum key or screwdriver. Ever hopeful…? Matt
  2. Y

    Wall mounted water tap

    Hi need help on how to remove the valve on both fixtures attach to the wall. Pls see picture as I am stuck. Thks.
  3. Y

    Removing wall mounted tap

    Hi how to remove wall mounted tap that is not a common model. Thks.
  4. P

    How deep do you have to chase wall for wall mounted bib taps?

    Hi again Second belfast sink related question, but different enough from the first to require a new thread... Our preference is for the sink to be mounted in a corner, and for the pipes to be chased in for wall mounted bib taps. Presumably that means having enough room in the chase for the...
  5. J

    URGENT what shower exposed valve accepts surface mounted supplies dropped from ceiling, Cant find any on normal websites.

    shower valve that takes exposed supplies from ceiling
  6. H

    Replacement valve (?) for Better Bathrooms wall mounted cistern

    Hi all. We have a 2013 Better Bathroom wall mounted cistern. The inlet valve (?) on the left side has been dripping and - we think - overfilling the cistern so it then leaks through a joint in the cistern. Picture of the valve unit is below. My question is whether there is any way to track...
  7. M

    Positional Tolerance for Wall Mounted Toilet

    Hi I am replacing a previously installed wall mounted toilet with a new one. I checked the positions of the bolts and the outlet and they are in a good to within 1mm accuracy. However the inlet from the wall cistern is about 5mm deviated to the 7:30 position (down and to the left when looking...
  8. S

    wall mounted tap leaking

    I recently got a wall mounted tap fitted above my bath and when I went to turn it on, it started to leak between the tap facia and tiles. I removed the tap and found that one of the O'Ring on the mixer body male part was split. I thought this is easy I will just replace the O'ring, then I...
  9. K

    Leak from under wall mounted toilet

    Hello. I have a Nocode 510 wall mounted WC. Not sure of exact sub-brand. It's been working fine for 5 years but has recently developed a leak under the toilet. I've had a plumber over here twice 1) the first time to fix and replace the flush cone - which has led to a slightly bigger leak. 2) I...
  10. E

    Combination tank wall mounted.

    Hi all, There’s a combi tank wall mounted in the actual flat and the new kitchen tap is higher than the HW feed from the cylinder. I’m looking for suggestions on a pump suitable for the bathroom and kitchen for the HW only. There’s only one person living in the flat so there’s no chance of more...
  11. Windy

    Surface mounted Electrical socket

    Hi, If you have one of the above, less than 150mm from a gas pipe is that just an advisory warning notice and tell the customer that they should get it moved by a qualified electrician? Also if there is no bonding within 600mm of the meter outlet the same job, would you just add this to the...
  12. M

    Wall Mounted Electric Fire Under Boiler

    Hi, I've converted half my out-house into a small office. It's getting rather cold in there now the temperature is starting to drop. I want to wall mount an electric fire but the only space available is underneath my boiler. I'm concerned this could be dangerous. Any advice is welcome...
  13. F

    Wall mounted tap is too it possible to shorten?

    Hello, Here is the tap I have basin mixer - bathroom taps and mixers - synergie - VADO After installation, the tap spout is too long and situated too high, so the water stream is missing the sink! It would be very expensive and difficult to lower or change the tap as it is wall mounted. Do...
  14. F

    Water Fall wall mounted taps - are they all the same but rebranded?

    Hi, I am about to buy a wall mounted water fall basin tap, and a builder warned me to be careful as a lot of them are "very low quality" and he's had to replace quite a few. Not sure how correct he is, but I shopped around and saw many different sellers on amazon, ebay and various online shops...
  15. P

    Wall mounted bathroom basin question?

    How do you fix a wall mounted basin on to block work is there some sort of secure mounting wall plate kit available? I have seen frames for stud wall but nothing for block work
  16. J

    Is a drain really necessary with a deck mounted showed head?

    I have deck mounted bath taps with a separate shower hose to install. The shower head comes with a drainage box which is mounted underneath the deck to re-route any water that runs down the hose into the waste. Is this essential?? Space is very limited and I may not even have space to drill all...
  17. F

    Wall Mounted Pan

    Hi All, I have a Gerberit Duofix which I boarded over and tiled. When I attach the pan, should I have anything between the back face of the pan and the tiles? The tiles are pretty flat, but should i have a small bead of silicone, or something else there?
  18. Bettyboo

    Bristan 1901 thermostatic surface mounted rigid riser leaking - photo attached

    Hi I have a Bristan shower which is leaking from the cold feed as it enters the thermostatic surface mounted rigid riser. It is continuously dripping and started leaking when my megaflo played up last week I have a Valliant ecotec boiler and a megaflo tank. About 18 mths old. Last Thurs water...
  19. N

    Wall mounted bath mixer

    Hi, has anyone got any tips for installing a wall mounted bath mixer on a solid wall. The threads look to be around 50 mm and then I assume I'm going to need a back plate elbow in the wall to take the thread. Does this mean the wall will have to be built out ? cheers
  20. L

    Wall mounted toilet flush not working

    Hi everyone. A new toilet was installed upstairs a couple of years ago with a Grundfos macerator by the previous owners. The flush is wall mounted. We've been having problems with it for about a year where it refuses to flush for a couple of hours but more recently it will go a couple of...
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