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  1. RoryD

    Employers Liability Insurance

    A colleague is forming a new company but is having a devil of a time finding quotes for Employers Liability Insurance. To rephrase, the quotes are there but it appears not without taking a"small Mortgage out". Hearing the figures are quite unnerving. If anyone can offer advice on realistic...
  2. J

    Any help with van insurance for young apprentices/plumbers?

    Hi all, Currently my business consists of one van which is the one I use on a day to day basis. Im taking on an 18 year old plumber in the next few weeks, he's already completed his NVQ2 and as such will be going out doing some small minor repairs in his own van from time to time. Before I...
  3. Pistolpete82

    Potential shoddy insurance work , needs neutral opinion

    Hey Everyone - New here i am at a seriously loose end , i had a problem with my sewer waste it kept clogging up after back and forth for many a while between my insurance company and seven trent , my insurance agreed to change what they say was a bellied pipe holding water . they came last...
  4. OffshoreGas

    Insurance costs and cover

    Evening All, I'm an instrument technician with 15 years experience working with control systems within the offshore oil and gas industry. I'm currently considering re-qualifying as a heating engineer. Would anyone be able to offer any advice on insurance? From the few online quotes I've...
  5. C

    When is a few specks of dirt sludge.?

    A few months ago I had a problem with the diverter valve in my boiler (an old but well-maintained Worcester Bosch). The plumber came to repair the boiler but after taking a sample of not more than a few drops from the valve in the boiler decided that the system had sludge and would not proceed...
  6. D

    Liability insurance - recommendations please

    Who would you recommend?
  7. E

    which insurance company?

    Me again! So looking into various compare sites to find insurance, wondered if anyone has any hands on experiences with companies? Mainly who will pay out if it all goes tits up! The last thing I want is something to go wrong and the company won't pay. We all hear nightmare stories like this...
  8. E

    Part time plumber insurance help needed.

    Hi all. I have been working in a hospital environment for a couple of years now, have my level 2 plumbing and take on taps, macerators, blockages, classic 3 port valves and a host of other bits. I work 5 days a week 9-5. I am currently wanting to take on a few small private jobs on the side...
  9. Aquaplumber108

    Gas safe register annual cost

    Hello there, I've heard some rumors that to work as gas safe register you have to pay something like 5000 pounds a year or so just for the license...Is it true or not?
  10. A

    Self employed start-up costs

    Hi I'am looking to be a self employed plumber/ Gas engineer in the near future but i wanted to know what are the costs and what will i need to purchase or have as mandatory i.e liability insurance and any other insurance , tools, van etc some guidance would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
  11. P

    Posting on behalf of Father in-law possible claim? Plumbing leak? any advise?

    First off i am posting on behalf of my father in law so sorry for the lack of detail of fittings. Im after any advise, good news or bad. Back in 2010 my FIL done some work for a customer. Now at the end of 2015 he was informed that said work had started leaking, he was contacted about fixing...
  12. R

    Recommend me a boiler insurance

    I am wondering can I survive on this forum asking such a tragic question :) In an ideal world I would like to get the plumber or boiler guy out to repair my goods but @ £75-100 per hour its not something I can afford really especially having had several problems in the last year alone with...
  13. K

    Water Regs ticket - Why?

    So, I dont have a water regs ticket - what shouldn't I be doing? Not that I'm gona to listen to you, but would like to know :)
  14. jtsplumbing

    Faulty Push-Fit Fittings !!!!

    Hi Guys, did a full house referb 3-4 mths ago using a leading brand of push fit materials, had 2 leaks one on first fill up ('O' ring ) missing, not a problem just replaced it, 2nd leak was 3mths after job was finished, Pipe came out of fitting (Faulty grab ring) House owner says its my fault...
  15. S

    Help water leaking from my bath into flat below!

    Thank-you all in advance. As the title says in need of advice as not sure whether to call plumber out on new years eve! I have a leak which i'm 99% sure is coming from my bathtub/pipes into my downstairs neighbours flat. I bought the flat leasehold and have been here for 5 weeks but only had...
  16. J

    Advice on best insurance for gas safe registered company??

    Hi, just looking for some advice on where's the best place to get reasonably priced insurance? Basically i worked for a plumbing company for 6years completing all my qualifications and I'm gas safe registered, they made me redundant about 6months ago so i decided to go on my own and have built...
  17. G

    Insurance Boiler Cover - Quinta 65? Urgent Help Needed

    I have two Quinta 65 Boilers which have been put in my house which I have built. I tried to get insurance on the boilers but Direct Line refused to insure them as they are commercial boilers in a residential property. I 'm not sure why I have these commercial boilers in my house, but I was...
  18. R

    Business Insurance

    Hi guys, i'm looking at different options for business insurance. Ideally Id like to get a package that includes: -Public liability -Van insurance -Tool insurance -Personal accident insurance -Business interruption insurance -Personal indemnity insurance Does anyone here currently...
  19. P

    Water leaking from stop cock in house

    Whilst in the kitchen at 20.00 tonight I heard a faint dripping or water, I located it to the mains stop cock which is behind the kitchen units (boxed in with a small hole to turn the tap on and off) I put my hand on the tap and it was soaking, after pulling out the kitchen units and pulling the...
  20. Q

    Submerged Oil boiler - worth repairing?

    As per title, went to customers house had Grant combi in basement and was completely underwater for a day. Boiler only 3 years old. Is it worth attempting repair or should just replace? I imagine it would need burner assembly and both pumps as a minimum. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Many...

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