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  1. A

    Over the rim toIlet freshener

    Over the rim toilet freshener has gone down the pan. Toilet is now slow to flush. Have tried a plunger. Will it eventually pass through the pipes?
  2. M

    Geberit Sigma 40 dual flush plate with odour extractor problem.

    Ive a Geberit Sigma 40 dual flush plate with odour extractor. I replaced the carbon filter with new one after LED button flashed (instructed this is why it flashes) but it still flashes are new one installed. How can I stop it flashing and get it to work properly?
  3. M

    Flush constantly running and tank not filling

    Hello- I’m not sure what sort of cistern we have (photo attached) but the water is constantly running after flushing and it does not seem to fill. Am wondering whether this is a job I can fix myself as we are really trying to keep to social distancing at the moment. Obviously if we need to get a...
  4. J

    Replacement possible for the 2 red cable flush plate on a ceramica concealed cistern?

    I am in the process of renovating a bathroom, one job of which is to replace the broken flush plate that I have been putting up with for some time on a concealed cistern of a Ceramica 820x500 toilet frame installed some 10 years ago. I thought this would be as easy as buying a replacement flush...
  5. A

    Flushometer leaking on urinal.

    flushometer Have a Sloan Royal urinal at church. Just replaced vacuum breaker seal. After flushing water comes up and leaks through holes in flush pipe. Is this a problem with clogged lines or flushometer? Thanks
  6. DripsnDropsBognor

    Power flush advice needed

    Hello, Been out to one of my ladies and she has filled her CH system with a leak sealer... Over christmas as she had a pin hole in towel rail. Called me out for other bits and mentioned this I went in to loft and looked on F&E and it's is only about an inch over tank connector and has...
  7. eagleeye

    Worcester filter power flush adaptor

    Does anyone know if you can buy an adaptor to fit on the unions of the worcester filter so you can connect magnaclense power flush machine connections ?
  8. M

    Replacing this flush valve...

    Hi guys. I hope you are well. Does anyone know what size hole it is for this button connecton? Actually, what I am trying to say is can this be replaced with a fluidmaster? Thanks
  9. C

    Flomasta Dual Flush Fill Valve

    Can anybody advise what size fittings are needed to connect this to the flush pipe?
  10. C

    Dual Flush Valve Fittings

    I'm in the process of trying to replace a leaking flush valve with a Flomasta Dual flush Fill valve kit. The problem I've got is trying to get the flush pipe connected into the base of the valve. The existing flush pipe is marginally too small, but might be OK with a suitable gasket but I'm not...
  11. dazzabee

    Double flush toilet parts

    Hi I am after a couple of parts for my double flush toilet Firstly the buttons (see pic below). I order some but it did not have the central screw as show in my image below. Anyone have a link for somewhere on Amazon (or the alike) where I can get this please? Chrome in colour. Also, I have...
  12. A

    Mansfeild flush valve seal wont seal

    SO, I have done about 30 of these and they all have the same problem... the old seal had become so conformed and imbedded in the base that the seal was so great that you would break the handle trying to flush. So its time to replace, the new seal is straight and flat and not conformed at all and...
  13. C

    Companies who descale and flush an unvented water system wanted

    Need help? So just been told by my plumber that it looks like my unvented got water tank, Santon 300 litres is lime scaled up causing the pressure to be getting lower on the hot water. Are there any plumbers or companies out there that can do a descale and flush through or otherwise I need...
  14. P

    Toilet push flush - how to fix cable back in place?

    Hi , hoping someone may be able to advise - seems like this should be easy... Came home to find that my wife had had a problem with the push button on toilet (sticking). She had taken it apart as below. I understand that the button should push down where I've drawn an arrow and the cable...
  15. C

    central heating flush issue

    I have been called in to sort a friend's heating system. They were constantly bleeding some of the radiators! The plumbing is a bit of a nightmare, done by the owner but cut and changed over the years. Originally there was a backboiler heating the system, this was removed and an oil boiler added...
  16. G

    Hello - question related to slow draining bath, and poor toilet flush

    Hi, a new member here, so first of all, hello to the forum! Posting because - I've got a couple of problems in a relatively new bathroom installation. First issue is - the bath drains very, very slowly (and backs up slightly when the shower is in use). The second is, the toilet flush is not...
  17. M

    Toilet bowl fills after flush

    Hi Our toilet bowl is constantly filling after flushing. I've looked on the internet and youtube and couldn't see anything like the cistern we have (I'm no DIYer by any means) I've attached a picture, cousl anybody point me in the right direction? I've tried to change the height of the white...
  18. D

    Thermal Solar Fill and Flush Tips

    Thermal Solar I have installed the above in my 3 bed simi with22mm pipe and an E and WEst panels into a cylinder with solar h/E and boiler H/e above . Is there and DIY way ( am not a proffesional) of filling and flushing , without buying and expensive fll and flush station please ? I used a...
  19. C

    Flush valves for hidden cistern

    Hi. Wondering if anyone could help me. I've had my WC sitting like this for a year now. After having this fitted while I was at work I'd purchased a toilet with cistern and thought the flat flush Valve I'd ordered seperately would fit it but it never. So Ieft with the gap for a flat flush...
  20. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...

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