1. D

    Shower cold/warm - hot when flush tap

    Can anyone help My shower is warm, but when I flush the toilet or leave the cold tap on, if gets Hotter. The temperature I imagine a shower should be. How to fix this. Can anyone help
  2. L

    Toilet flush pressure question

    Hello, I have a question on flush pressure. When I press the bigger button, there's hardly a flush. I understand that's normal but it's a very minimal flush. And then the smaller button is quite hard to press and I think doesn't do a full flush either. So when I flush I press both and it works...
  3. Luca

    Internal cistern flush valve replacement

    Hello, I have to replace the flush valve and/or the washer but unfortunately it's inside the vanity unit. The only way is removing the toilet. I turned the screw on the cistern pipe to stop the water. I removed all the silicon around the toilet, now I can easily lift up the Front panel but...
  4. W

    Ideal standard push Btn flush valve

    Hi all, I am trying to find an alternative flush valve to fit the cradle of a ideal standard push btn flush. It is all tiled in and changing to a Siamp or fluidmaster is not an option anyone have any ideas Thanks
  5. J

    Comfort height toilet flush pipe

    Hi guys So a bit of a dilemma Normal WC Unit height 766mm which is around the average mark. quite alot of bogs lets say the flush pipe center from floor is 330-340ish. However I have a comfort height Pan here and the center to the flush pipe from floor is 405MM So we're looking 65-75mm...
  6. M

    Flush valve with handle

    Has anyone if this flush valve using the handle instead of the button? Are they good?
  7. C

    Need help to find sealing washer for this flush valve.

    Hi all, can anyone identify this flush valve, there are no manufacturers marks on it, the seal needs replacing, thanks.
  8. P

    Changing a system fill valve

    Hello, I want to change the system fill valve, but I’m struggling to dismantle the existing toilet to access underneath the tank, I’ve added some pictures can anyone advise of the steps? Thanks!
  9. D

    Do you need a power flush still with new rads

    My Mother-in-law was quoted £1,000 by British Gas to do a power flush on her system as her rads aren't performing well. I was wondering, as 4 radiators need to be upgraded to doubles, would this need to be done if they are drained off and replaced? How does one actually know it needs a power...
  10. B

    Water in my house cut out after toilet flush

    We have recently had water hammer issues. Plumbers have installed an arrestor near our kitchen sink and a device in the toilet cistern to slow water shut off. Worked for a bit, but hammer returned. This morning, while the toilet was refilling and the shower was on, there was a loud thud that...
  11. B

    Replacement Cistern flush valves

    My toilet flush valve is continually draining (the rubber seal has perished) . . . I'd be grateful if someone could give me a link to parts that will fit in there and replace the current valves?
  12. T

    Gurgling after flush, then loo drains too low and bubbles. (UK)

    Hi all, seeking advice on my toilet. (Layman here, please be gentle with me.) When we flush the loo upstairs, it flushes fine (therefore assuming no suggestion of any actual blockage) but after the flush we get a rumbly gurgling from deep within the pipework somewhere and the water level in the...
  13. M

    Roca Compatible Flush Plate

    I have 4 Roca dual flush plates with mechanical 2 red wire valves behind them. The only option seems to be to replace with their single option c£50. As all 4 have broken in exactly the same way as have most people who live on our estate I am loathed to keep buying them. Does anyone have any...
  14. Peadar

    Water flow won't stop after long flush

    My toilet flushes ok when the long flush button is pressed - but water continues to flow into the toilet bowl. No problems with the short flush. I have a Siamp Optima 50, the overflow funnel doesn’t seem to drop back down on the long flush. The short flush does all purposes but family members...
  15. B

    Compatible flush plates with Geberit UP720 (8cm)

    Hello all, We have a Geberit UP720 frame. The frame says depth 8cm. (There's also the UP320 frame, which I guess is 12cm.) We are looking at Geberit flush plates, e.g., Sigma10. Sometimes we read that UP720 is compatible with Sigma flushplats. However, sometimes flush plats are also advertised...
  16. C

    Slow Flush in toilet

    Hello My toilet flush is busted. The tank takes about 10 seconds to empty and it’s kind of showers down from the middle, rather than that sudden gush that surrounds the entire bowl. It does not generate enough force to really dispose of the waste. I replaced everything in the tank. The...
  17. S

    System Chemical Flush Best Practice

    My first post here, looking for some advice. I've just had my boiler replaced with a worcester 4000 combi boiler. The engineer put chemical flush and inhibitor in when filling up, ran the raditors hot and then tested using a strip. And has left both in saying this is safe, and standard...
  18. E

    Orange spots. Rust. Washing machine or power flush?

    I get orange spots when washing clothes. Please see photo. I think it is rust. I’ve checked there’s no metal in the machine. I have also run a long wash with lemon juice. Neither have solved it. I read power flushing is the answer to rust elsewhere in the system. How can I tell...
  19. Bogart

    Ease of changing a lever flush to a button flush

    Is it possible to change a lever flush handle for a push button one using same cistern? If so any pitfalls I should look out for. Thanks
  20. B

    Weak flush - pneumatic button mech or flush valve?

    I have a wall hung pan with a concealed cistern. The flush is the "old style" Grohe Eau2 dual flush pneumatic button. When pressed the flush valve lifts lightly and closes giving a very short weak flush. You can manually lift the flush valve in the cistern and it moves freely, flushes fine and...

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