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A flush toilet (also known as a flushing toilet, water closet (WC) – see also toilet names) is a toilet that disposes of human waste (principally urine and feces) by using the force of water to flush it through a drainpipe to another location for treatment, either nearby or at a communal facility, thus maintaining a separation between humans and their waste. Flush toilets can be designed for sitting (in which case they are also called "Western" toilets) or for squatting, in the case of squat toilets. Most modern sewage treatment systems are also designed to process specially designed toilet paper. The opposite of a flush toilet is a dry toilet, which uses no water for flushing.
Flush toilets are a type of plumbing fixture and usually incorporate an "S", "U", "J", or "P" shaped bend called a trap that causes water to collect in the toilet bowl to hold the waste and act as a seal against noxious sewer gases. Most flush toilets are connected to a sewerage system that conveys waste to a sewage treatment plant; where this is not available, a septic tank or composting system may be used. When a toilet is flushed, the wastewater flows into a septic tank, or is conveyed to a treatment plant.Associated devices are urinals, which dispose of male urine, and bidets, which use water to cleanse the anus, perineum, and genitals after using the toilet.

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  1. F

    Flush pipe seal leaking

    Hi all, New to this forum and new to plumbing. Only just passed Level One plumbing. I am having to go back and look at a leak from the back of a WC. The flush pipe is chrome and I have replaced the flush pipe concertina seal. The seal seems to being pushed out of the WC when flushing. The size...
  2. G

    Powerful flush toilets

    We are looking for a toilet with a good design and a powerful flush as one of our family members produces rather large stools that get jammed in our current toilet - which was an emergency purchase from wicks and was very cheap, we are now ready to spend a little more for something that can do...
  3. M

    Power flush & system corrosion

    In December 2022 (i.e. 5 months ago) I had a full system power flush conducted. Now the previously clear UFH flow gauges are black again. Is it possible that enough internal corrosion could have occurred in this time period? I had a separate plumber out a month ago to test some pipework and he...
  4. R

    Viva Skylo flush valve - which number means more flush?

    I have a Viva Skylo flush valve and want to adjust it for maximum flushing power on the full flush. None of the instructions indicate whether a higher or lower number will achieve this, and I can't see an obvious difference in the water volume. Anyone know how the adjustment works...
  5. G

    Cleaning solution flush

    Hi all, First Post on here. I am hoping someone can help with the below. I have mounted 2 new rads to a recent extention we have had. The rads are not connected up to the heating system which is a combi fed system. I thought it would be good practice to clean, flush, refill and use an...
  6. I

    Accessing concealed cistern toilet to investigate leak

    Hi all Relatively inexperienced homeowner here. Apologies in advance if I get any terminology wrong. Today I noticed some limescale accumulation on/around the grout between the floor tiles next to my toilet. I realised that the grout line right next to the toilet was in fact wet to the touch...
  7. M

    Changing a radiator, to flush or not first

    I have a rusty radiator in the bathroom, not worth repainting as there is already paint on top of rust. It will be straightforward for me to change myself, I can get an identical replacement Stellrad, which makes things easy. The water in the system has inhibitors in it and a Fernox TF1 has kept...
  8. J

    Decent flush to wall close coupled toilet/brand

    Any ideas on the a decent flush to wall close coupled toilet/brand? Should I just go for Victoria Plumb Orchard brand? Just to clarify I'm not looking for a btw type with a hidden cistern. I'm looking for a flush to wall close coupled loo i.e.so you cant see soil pipe/so theres no open back/no...
  9. R

    URGENT Flush pipe alternative

    Just changed our cistern and found somone previously had used a random pipe for the flush pipe. Now they had managed to make it work in the old cistern but it leaks with the new one as the curve of it means the pipe sits at an angle...now to make life easier and not have to work out how to...
  10. P

    Hopeless toilet flush

    I wonder if anyone is able to help with advice on this. We have fitted a new toilet and 6 litre cistern .. it flushes .. but not as efficiently as it should in my view. It usually needs at least 2 flushes to even shift just toilet paper. It hasn’t been used for anything other than that. It’s a...
  11. johnnybaloney

    Toilet flush valve seals - unusual sizing

    Hello, Recently I received an unusually large water bill which led me to the discovery of leaking flush valves. I have two toilets and it turned out in both the valve seals were bubbling so I set out to replace them. For now I just flipped them over as the other side was smooth on both. The...
  12. J

    Rak Resort Maxi - weak flush

    Hi I've just had installed a rimless Rak Resort Maxi close coupled back to the wall loo. From day 1 the problems have been: 1. It takes a couple of the big flushes to get rid of loo roll 2. The water when flushed doesnt travel all the way to the front of the pan and so leaves that area...
  13. C

    Help with toilet flush valve sticking

    I recently moved into a new flat and both toilets were dripping when not in use. I found that the issue was the flush valve seal and replaced it on both of them. It stopped the dripping but the issue now is that sometimes it sticks after flushing and I need to give it a wiggle to make it go back...
  14. P

    Back to Wall Toilet not flush on new build

    Hi there, The issue that I am having is I am building a new house and the plumbers are absolutely hopeless. Being an industrial plumber and spending 8 months on new houses during my apprenticeship. I have a more brighter idea than these fella's. From issues during rough-in-stage pipe being...
  15. C

    Toilet flush valve and ball valve

    Hi everyone, The flush button on my toilet has stopped working. I have been quoted £95 to supply and fit a new flush valve and £75 to supply and fit a new ball valve. Please could someone kindly advise if this is a reasonable price? Thank you.
  16. I

    URGENT Flush pipe size 2” tapering to 1 1/2”

    Hi ive been asked to fix a leak on a flush pipe. I’ve never come across the pan type before. It looks like a closed couple but has a short flush pipe at the back. The pipe was clearly cut too short. it appears to be a 2” flush pipe going into the cistern but I looks like it’s 1 1/2” going into...
  17. J

    Radiators top half hot & bottom half cold/warm---to do power flush?

    Hi all, I had my new boiler and 13 radiators installed in July last year, but since installed all the radiators always top half hot and bottom half cold or warm. I know that if radiators top half hot bottom half cold/warm, it indicates there's sludge in the system. But as the radiators were all...
  18. Z

    BTL Sandro rimless flush problem

    I've just had a Bathrooms tonlove sandro rimless toilet installed as part of a bathroom refurb. Unfortunately the flush doesn't reach the front of the bowl and looks like most of the flush is being channelled down the back 5 holes at the back of the pan. It's a btw toilet fed from a concealed...
  19. N

    Toilet cistern flush max capacity question

    Hello Can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy a toilet which has cistern flush capacity (not sure if I have phrased that correctly) of more than 6LTRs? We previously had a Royal Doulton toilet which was accidentally thrown away when had the bathroom changed. New toilet is one of these...
  20. B

    flush water or drink straightaway

    Hi everyone, I live on a top floor flat and would like to know when I run the kitchen cold tap should I run it for a few seconds before drinking it or will it not make a difference? Does water sit in pipes when not used and should water in a kettle be replaced if it has been sitting for more...
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