CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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  1. B

    What is this valve?

    Forgive a very basic question, but what is this device? It does not appear to be a normal isolating valve but there are two of them in the feeds to the kitchen tap,
  2. A

    PRD Pressure Relief Device for Triton Showers

    My builder has fitted 14 Triton Showers to a block of flats which I let out, they are manager by a letting agent, I am now getting complaints that the pressure relive valve is operating and the agent informs the Plummer who changes £80 to fit a new £5 pressure relive valve HOW CAN I modify...
  3. J

    Is there such a device

    Hi all in the forum, I seem to be perpetually tweeking my sytem to get it how I would like it, and am in my opinion close. I have a 6 rad 2 bed house with a Worcester Bosh open vented boiler system and hot water storage tank. I have fitted 5 Hive thermostatic rad. valves and have finally got...
  4. R

    Triton Aspirante 8.5kW pressure release device

    Hi, The pressure release device in my Triton Aspirante shower has blown; unfortunately I can't work out how to access it to replace it It is behind the outlet pipe and there's just not enough room to maneuver the outlet pipe around to get access. Does anyone know how to replace it in this model?
  5. W

    Pressure Release Device activated - old Gainsborough GSX

    Hello, I'm fairly certain that the pressure release device in my shower has blown but I'm not sure what replacement part I can get. The shower hose has recently been replaced after the lining of the previous one failed which seems to be something that will activate the PRD. I've now replaced...
  6. Z

    Looking for Nottingham plumbing company to test a new radiator lifting device

    Hi, I'm working with a plumber who have developed a small new device to help with the movement, fitting and lifting of radiators to hopefully make this quicker, easier and safer. We've got the world's first patented prototypes and I'm looking for a plumber who regularly fits radiators, in...
  7. L

    Which Showering device is best suited for a thermal store?

    I have an Albion indirect mainsflow thermal store installed in July 2011 with a 120 litre capacity. I live in a block of communal council flats built in 1979. I have gravity fed water tanks on the roof of the property about 3-4 stories high. Pressure to my property on the cold water supply is...
  8. townfanjon

    Water shut off device

    Hi Boys , a customers just had a major leak from an unvented undersink water heater , water ran for hours. I replaced heater this morning and customer wants a shut off device , the type that automatically closes after a pre determined amount of water has passed through the device . Anybody got...
  9. J

    Commercial Toilets/ Flush Valves/ Pressurized Flush Device

    In the states we call them "Flushometers". I don't know if you have them over there. A big manufacturer in Germany has a similar product (Schell) and I'm thinking it might be a great mating to an Aquablade closet to possibly avoid skids and blockages (yes I know requires larger piping)...
  10. Meza

    Mystery device in airing cupboard on open vent system.

    Can anyone identify this device on my heating circuit, just before the pump? I've often wondered what it does but never worked it out
  11. B

    Unknown device

    Hi everyone, I have this plastic box under my sink which I do not know what it is. I would be interested to know please, I believe there is an electrical component within it, it's also connected to the cold water supply. Thank you.
  12. P

    Does Anybody know what this device is on the cold water inlet to my combi boiler

    Hi I was wondering if anybody could enlighten me as to what the device shown in the attached picture is which is sited on my combi boiler cold water inlet prior to the junction for the filling loop. My current thoughts were some prehistoric water filter / scale inhibitor. Other thoughts were...
  13. S

    New smart device- advice needed!

    Hi guys! We are developing a new smart water meter- device that would be installed ON the mains inlet water pipe. The only issue that we might have and need to investigate it further is (and here your advice is much appreciated) if there is enough space the install the meter in most of the...
  14. M

    safe electrical isolation check before servicing a boiler

    Hi all, After completing my plumbing NVQ I am now completing my gas portfolio after just spending a week placement with British Gas. Part of the boiler service is to complete a Dynamic Assessment Checklist and so first perform a safe electrical isolation check. Now this involves 2 tasks: 1st...
  15. kozak1968

    Shock arrestors

    Does anyone know if there is a calculation for fitting a shock arrestor to the incoming main to a boiler. All I can find is that a shock arrestor/ expansion should be fitted if a back flow prevention device is fitted to the main, ie a double check valve or water meter.There is nothing about the...
  16. D

    Has anyone ever installed or know of this device?

    SALUS IT500 Internet Controlled Thermostat just curious if anyone has installed them or used them. A friend would like it in his house so was just looking to see others views on it. Thanks all
  17. M

    scottishpower connect

    I was just wondering if the ScottishPower connect hub (smart meter/wireless thermostat type device, it's the same device as the climote hub) could replace a potterton ep2000 timer control? The boiler itself is a potterton kingfisher II, with a cylinder storage tank, no thermo attached. Would it...
  18. J

    Air trapped in open vented central heating system; unknown device...

    Hi All, I have an air lock in my central heating. This is since rads were taken off for plastering and system drained. Have open vented gas CHS, with three way Y valve for CH/HW. The air lock disappears after system has got to temp, but returns on next timed firing. Symptoms sounds like...
  19. J

    Gas Supply for Bunson Burner

    I have been approached by a Dental Lab that would like a permanent gas supply for their Bunson burner. Not really clear on what the regulations etc are for this is it something I am allowed to do? It's a domestic size installation with just a combi boiler supplying the Lab and Dentist currently...
  20. J

    unknown device under stairs RAD44? It might be a poump

    Im fixing up space under stairs and removing old pipes. There is a round ancient cast pump? I think with the designation RAD44 on it. Does anyone know what its for? We are a semi with a shared main. I cant tell where it comes from and there is a copper 3/4 coming off the input side going off...
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