1. C

    Floating Countertop Experiment

    I’m experimenting with the installation of a floating countertop / basin. At the top of the picture are the brackets I’m considering using. Below that is my ‘test rig’ screwed into the garage wall (same blocks as used in the bathroom). At present I have just over 28kg sitting on these brackets...
  2. C

    Chasing wall for basin pipework under window in bungalow

    I’m fitting a small basin on a floating countertop (30x40cm) and will be chasing the internal clinker block wall to around 100mm wide to accept a 32mm waste and two 15mm copper pipes. There is no option to box the pipes in whatsoever due to space. I’m looking to fill the cavity with foam rather...
  3. W

    Help - advice on installing shut off valves for basin

    Looking for advice please, our plumber has left us in it and I think I may know why. So they where supposed to be fitting a cloakroom sink putting the pipe work in the wall then fitting these black shut off valves and black trap but can’t see how this is possible the way the work has been...
  4. L

    My Spring Operated Pop-up Basin Plug Wont Stay Shut

    Hi - I have a Spring Operated Pop-up Basin Plug (not the rod type) It moves up and down freely but it won't stay down so I can only use the washbasin with the water running. It's only about a year old. Can I adjust it in any way myself please?
  5. P

    Replace basin sink tap head covers please

    Have a sink basin tap photo attached and need to replace the heads as behind they have cracked. Any idea where I can get replacement tap head covers only need to change the tap head covers really Problem is the old tap head covers wont turn! Any ideas please? Thanks
  6. M

    Exposed basin pipe work query?

    Hi folks I’ve been asked to first fix a basin that has the chrome waste exposed. My problem is that the basin isn’t on site to allow me to get an accurate height for the waste but I do have some dimensions. I will attach a pic if it helps. I’ve marked it out where the basin height is 870mm...
  7. B

    Vellamo Reveal Basin Mixer Tap

    Help / advice please? I have attached pics I want to fit a new basin tap. The new tap came with flexible hose. Q1. Pic 1 - the fitting into the tap is recessed - how do I screw in the hose tight enough to 'fit' ? Q2. Pic 2 - shows the current hose fitted to the copper pipe and clearly the new...
  8. P

    Countertop basin on composite marble top

    I have ceramic basin (half sphere bowl!) to fit onto composite marble top ( 15mm thick), I am wondering if the weight of basin ( about 6/7kg!) will create point load, and potential lead to cracking. Should the worktop have supporting struts to better support basin and help prevent failure??
  9. J

    URGENT Polymarble basin scratch removal and shine help

    We've just had a new bathroom fitted but noticed a few annoying scratches on the polymarble top, central on top at the front of the basin. Plumber has tried 'Bar Keepers Friend' to remove it but it's unfortunately taken the gloss/shine off the area and we're left with just a dullness where the...
  10. C

    Basin Waste and Piping and Not Aligned - Causing Weeping of Connectors

    In my last posting, I requested assistance in exchanging a waste that had been fitted using silicone, without actually removing the basin. Mission accomplished. However, I now have a further issue for which I would welcome any suggestions or advice. I decided to replace the McAlpine Pedestal...
  11. C

    Removal of Basin Waste - Secured with Silicone

    My bathroom Basin was installed some years ago by a professional plumber. For whatever reason, the waste was fitted using silicone rather than plumber’s mate. The floor was originally tiled, but I replaced it with high quality vinyl, when fractures began to appear in the grout. As part of this...
  12. A

    Rejuvenating an old double basin wash sink

    Hi guys first post. I am in the process of rejuvenating a double wash sink. It was needing the waste below looked at for a washing machine and dryer, as it had a sunken elbow and unbeknownst it was a mix of 1 1/4 and 1 1/2, including the sink wastes themselves. I bought new matching 1 1/2...
  13. B

    Wash Basin Plug (options)

    HI, I'd very much appreciate advice on what I can do with this . . . The wash basin in the bathroom has a plug which sits on a piece which is opened and closed by pressing down or pulling up a lever behind the tap and that had consistently failed as the adjustment gets misaligned so I would...
  14. W

    Mono mixer tap cartridge removal recessed nut

    I am trying to replace the cartridge for a waterfall tap (mixer mono) for the bathroom sink, I have run into a problem whereby I cannot remove the cartridge as the usual 32mm nut is recessed and I cannot get to it. The tap is from screwfix ( NIAGARA WATERFALL BASIN MONO MIXER TAP) I have...
  15. B

    Anyone fitted an Ideal Standard S Basin & Full Pedestal?

    Has anyone fitted an Ideal Standard S 50cm compact washbasin with a matching S & B full pedestal? The basin is T518501 and pedestal is T519901. I have a problem with the pedestal boxed and packaged as the T519901 (but marked T2839 inside as below) - it does not fit and from the...
  16. N

    Basin bottle trap corrosion

    The Basin bottle trap is in bad condition and begin to loose water due to corrosion (I believe it is lead). May I use pattex putty paste or collak as an emergency solution? How can I loosen the bottle trap nuts? They are so rusty and calcified I am afraid they may break if try to unscrew them...
  17. J

    Unable to remove lever on Grohe basin mixer tap

    I’m trying to replace a cartridge on a Grohe mixer tap but I can’t get beyond second stage! I have removed the grub screw,but cannot lift off the lever.I have applied some wd40 into the grub screw hole,..but the lever won’t budge. is there any other method for removing the tap lever?…help...
  18. S

    Macerator - for toilet, basin, sink and washing machine?

    Hi, does anybody know any specific models that can deal with the toilet, basin, sink and washing machine? I've read contrasting things online, so more confused than ever now.
  19. N

    Double basin connection in centre

    Hi I want to connect 2 vanity basins in the centre between both of them. I am thinking to put 2 45deg Y joins but it looks bad! Any help?
  20. J

    Vado Elements basin mixer with no grub screw

    HI there I have a 10 year old Vado elements 3 hole basin mixer with quarter turn taps. One of the taps is leaking, but there doesn't seem to be a way to remove it because there is no grub screw or other obvious method. The mixer is tiled into place...

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