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Bašin is a village in the municipality of Smederevska Palanka, Serbia. According to the 2011 census, the village has a population of 444 people.

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  1. J

    URGENT Polymarble basin scratch removal and shine help

    We've just had a new bathroom fitted but noticed a few annoying scratches on the polymarble top, central on top at the front of the basin. Plumber has tried 'Bar Keepers Friend' to remove it but it's unfortunately taken the gloss/shine off the area and we're left with just a dullness where the...
  2. C

    Basin Waste and Piping and Not Aligned - Causing Weeping of Connectors

    In my last posting, I requested assistance in exchanging a waste that had been fitted using silicone, without actually removing the basin. Mission accomplished. However, I now have a further issue for which I would welcome any suggestions or advice. I decided to replace the McAlpine Pedestal...
  3. C

    Removal of Basin Waste - Secured with Silicone

    My bathroom Basin was installed some years ago by a professional plumber. For whatever reason, the waste was fitted using silicone rather than plumber’s mate. The floor was originally tiled, but I replaced it with high quality vinyl, when fractures began to appear in the grout. As part of this...
  4. A

    Rejuvenating an old double basin wash sink

    Hi guys first post. I am in the process of rejuvenating a double wash sink. It was needing the waste below looked at for a washing machine and dryer, as it had a sunken elbow and unbeknownst it was a mix of 1 1/4 and 1 1/2, including the sink wastes themselves. I bought new matching 1 1/2...
  5. B

    Wash Basin Plug (options)

    HI, I'd very much appreciate advice on what I can do with this . . . The wash basin in the bathroom has a plug which sits on a piece which is opened and closed by pressing down or pulling up a lever behind the tap and that had consistently failed as the adjustment gets misaligned so I would...
  6. W

    Mono mixer tap cartridge removal recessed nut

    I am trying to replace the cartridge for a waterfall tap (mixer mono) for the bathroom sink, I have run into a problem whereby I cannot remove the cartridge as the usual 32mm nut is recessed and I cannot get to it. The tap is from screwfix ( NIAGARA WATERFALL BASIN MONO MIXER TAP) I have...
  7. B

    Anyone fitted an Ideal Standard i.life S Basin & Full Pedestal?

    Has anyone fitted an Ideal Standard i.life S 50cm compact washbasin with a matching i.life S & B full pedestal? The basin is T518501 and pedestal is T519901. I have a problem with the pedestal boxed and packaged as the T519901 (but marked T2839 inside as below) - it does not fit and from the...
  8. N

    Basin bottle trap corrosion

    The Basin bottle trap is in bad condition and begin to loose water due to corrosion (I believe it is lead). May I use pattex putty paste or collak as an emergency solution? How can I loosen the bottle trap nuts? They are so rusty and calcified I am afraid they may break if try to unscrew them...
  9. J

    Unable to remove lever on Grohe basin mixer tap

    I’m trying to replace a cartridge on a Grohe mixer tap but I can’t get beyond second stage! I have removed the grub screw,but cannot lift off the lever.I have applied some wd40 into the grub screw hole,..but the lever won’t budge. is there any other method for removing the tap lever?…help...
  10. S

    Macerator - for toilet, basin, sink and washing machine?

    Hi, does anybody know any specific models that can deal with the toilet, basin, sink and washing machine? I've read contrasting things online, so more confused than ever now.
  11. D

    Basin removed but I want to use the pipes….can this be done

    I had a basin removed and my builder capped the pipes and plastered them into the cavity wall. If I want to resurrect them can I do that to plumb a washing machine into a new ‘utility’ area next to the pipes? My assumption is there will be a cold water pipe, hot water pipe and a waste pipe in...
  12. F

    Dripping single lever basin tap only when shower mixer is turned off

    Hi everyone, I recently had a Hansgrohe wall mounted single lever basin tap and a Hansgrohe thermostatic concealed bath/shower valve installed (full bathroom renovation). The basin tap started dripping a few days after installation. But it stops dripping only when shower is turned on. Any...
  13. C

    Isolator valves on basin taps

    Hi I have always had a poor water delivery to my bathroom and en-suit basins. The cold is just about acceptable but the hot is pathetic coming from the tank on the same floor. Both rooms have isolator valves fitted in the correct direction and then to flexi tails that just reduce the flow...
  14. J

    32mm basin trap, but 40mm bath trap

    Hi all. I'm just curious...why do bath traps use 40mm connections and pipework and yet basin traps use 32mm? I have a very short length (1.25m) of 40mm pipe leading from the bath into the soil pipe. Half way along this run, I have a 40mm 't' connector, from which the pipework from the basin...
  15. J

    Basin - convert current (2) taps to a mixer

    Hi, I'm new here. I have a basin with two individual taps, I want to change it to a mixer - the taps measure (centre to centre) 200mm. I have looked high and low to no avail, any ideas where to get one from? I don't want to make more holes or get a new basin if I can avoid it, I just want to...
  16. A

    Help with connection for Grohe Basin Tap

    Purchased a Grohe Basin Tap with has 3/8" flexi tails., but i notice the flexi's have no internal washer. I have purchased 2 Compression 15mm x 3/8" tap connectors from screwfix.... Part No.: 6089R and will fit these into two 15mm isolating valves. The question i have is that will i need to...
  17. D

    Waste pipe connection from basin

    I have a bathroom basin that had a flexible waste pipe leading from the sink into a fixed waste water pipe. The Flexi-pipe had perished away and I can not find a replacement to fix onto the basin to the waste pipe. I have tried numerous flex pipes but none fit onto both.
Im probably being stupid...
  18. P

    Wall hung basin pulling away from wall

    I went in to fit a small wall hung basin today and had a devil of a job trying to keep it tight to the wall along the top edge. I’ve done a couple of wall hung basins before but never had one where the fixing points were right at the bottom. It was supplied with 2 wall anchors which I installed...
  19. B

    Clogged bathroom hand basin

    ExPat Brit living in the Philippines. I have an American standard hand basin installed in the bathroom - Single cold feed, with a popup plug - Problem the first part of the P trap clogs with a black mass from time to time easily cleaned via the clean out port. - Question is, considering the only...
  20. O

    Basin tap 3 tap hole mixer

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these or even know what there called typed in every flexi tap connector I can think of but nothing’s like this mixer style
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