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2 port

  1. D

    Honeywell 2 port motorised valve screeches when shutting off

    Hi all, I have a 2 port motorised valve that screeches when CH shuts off, this has been ok for 6 months. System is a combo boiler operating 2 zones CH & underfloor heating with a safety PR valve. Both valves plumbed correct flow direction, is this classic water hammer from a defective...
  2. G

    2 port valve on manual

    is it ok to leave a 2 port valve on manual and turn boiler on and off as needed until valve replaced
  3. K

    2 port valve to seperate radiators from ufh zones

    Apologies if something like this already been covered. We have new underfloor heating and new radiators upstairs. Problem is the company who fitted the boiler didn't fit a valve to isolate the upstairs radiators, so I fear when we turn on the underfloor heating it will basically heat upstairs...
  4. I

    2 port sunvic diverter valve not activating

    I have a sunvic 2 port diverter valve on a tribune HE hot water tank, it's not activating when hot water needs heating. I've replaced the thermostat, but have to hit the diverter valve a few times to get it to activate. Any idea what may be causing the motor to stick as it is working just needs...
  5. D

    2 Port Zone Valve - Clicking

    Hi, Replaced a dead syncron motor in a Grasslin 2 port zone valve, however when connected back up & triggered by the thermostat it's now creating a constant clicking noise - caused by the actuator lever attempting to move towards the manual/open end. See this YouTube link for an example of the...
  6. L

    2 port valves __________

    Are 2 port valves necessary on the flow of heating if a underfloor heating manifold is used such as this one in the picture? As far as i was aware the manifold acted as a valve. Thanks
  7. C

    Should my 3 port valve be a 2 port valve?

    Hi, I bought a house last (built 1988) which had a 3 port valve (Honeywell V4073A), a vented cylinder and 2x tanks in the loft. I had a plumbing company remove the cylinder, 2x tanks and replace it with an pressurised cylinder and filling loop along with new radiators. They chose to keep the...
  8. I

    Megaflo CL170 2 port valve on primary circuit

    Anyone know it the overheat protection circuit 2 port valve on Megaflo CL170 is normally open or normally closed?
  9. G

    2 port valve sticking open

    Hi, It appears the 2 port valve for the heating is sticking/stuck open. The heating is turned right down on the thermostat but when the hot water is on (separate 2 port valve) the radiators are also getting warm. I'm hoping it doesn't need to be a new valve.... Thanks in advance!
  10. L

    Replacing a 2 port valve

    Can anyone tell me if the thread size on a Honeywell 3/4 imperial valve is compatible with a 22mm valve.
  11. D

    Honeywell 3 way valve

    I have a honeywell 3 way valve on my heating system that screams like a wild banshee when the heating comes on. The longer you leave it on, the louder the scream. Having removed the casing of the head, I can see a little wear/ damage to one of the cogs. How would I remove the valve, with out...
  12. T


    Is everyone up to speed on the new zoning regs for heating
  13. Z

    2 Port Zone Valve question

    Hi all, I have been to look at a job today where a 2 port zone valve has packe up but it does work manually. Am i able to only to change just part of this zone vale without taking the body from the pipes? Also the main cable that comes from the valve is onlt about 20cm long and goes into a...
  14. I

    Faulty 2 port valve

    In another thread doitmyself gave me helpful advice on how to check the wiring on my faulty Tower 2 port valve. All feeds seem fine but the valve doesn't fully close and it doesn't always switch the pump and boiler on. Doitmyself suggested taking the actuator off and checking that the valve...
  15. H

    HW 2 port not opening when calling for heat

    i have a 2 port honeywell valve that does not open or fire boiler when programmer is calling and stat is. the valve moves manually and ive changed the head of the valve could it be a programmer fault?
  16. A

    Hot radiator

    Hello all if anyone can help it would be appriciated.I Have just been to a large house,the central heating and hot water runs off a system boiler the hot water is then stored in a cylinder.The problem is that the heating for the house is controlled by two thermostats which are turned off at the...
  17. S

    fitting new 2 port valve

    I am about to replace a faulty(Siemens) 2 port motorized valve with a new (Honeywell) valve. Can any body give some advice regard the wiring of the new valve. Thanks sasi

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