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Sidesshow Bob

Just had quote from British gas to fit a new combi boiler.
My old boiler is on its way out and is very old 25 years plus. Quote was for removing old boiler and copper tank and tank in loft. Move new boiler location to garage. Fit hive controls. Theres also already a waste pipe in garage to take the condensate.
Change valves on all six rads.
3 bed house, 1 bathroom, 6 radiators.
Water flow measured at kitchen tap 12l/min, i think?
They recommended a Worcester Bosch 30i
Cost £5,700 !!

An independent plumber was over to give another quote. He measured the water flow at the outside tap as 16l/min. Said kitchen taps were not as accurate/correct due to how they are installed (flexi pipes e.t.c.) which I can understand.
He said I could perhaps go up to 32....although i can only find a WB 32CDi
So any thoughts 30i vs 32cdi

p.s. I dont have the other quote yet but im assuming its less than British Gas.



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30kw should do you more than good enough since you only have one bathroom

cdi are very good boilers the new version is the 8000


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What warranty are BG offering at the price?
Are they fitting a magnetic filter, shock arrestor, limescale fighter?
Any mention of system flushing?

Sidesshow Bob

BG guarantee was 5 years
EON 5 years.
local fitter 10 years and £1500 cheaper.
They all mentioned system flush and some kind of filter. I dont know about the limescale fighter and shock arrestor though. None mentioned those.

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