Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and plasma).A pure gas may be made up of individual atoms (e.g. a noble gas like neon), elemental molecules made from one type of atom (e.g. oxygen), or compound molecules made from a variety of atoms (e.g. carbon dioxide). A gas mixture, such as air, contains a variety of pure gases. What distinguishes a gas from liquids and solids is the vast separation of the individual gas particles. This separation usually makes a colorless gas invisible to the human observer.
The gaseous state of matter occurs between the liquid and plasma states, the latter of which provides the upper temperature boundary for gases. Bounding the lower end of the temperature scale lie degenerative quantum gases which are gaining increasing attention.
High-density atomic gases super-cooled to very low temperatures are classified by their statistical behavior as either Bose gases or Fermi gases. For a comprehensive listing of these exotic states of matter see list of states of matter.

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  1. 1

    Common duct for gas and electric

    Just a quick question on common ducts for gas laundry appliances. I have recently looked at a gas ironer which shared a common duct with 2 electric dryers. I believe this isn't allowed but the manufacturer sais it's up to a risk assessment. Any ideas anyone.
  2. T

    Anyone know if this is a gas supply?

    Hi everyone, I’m just DIYing a bathroom refurb and came across this blanked off pipe in the wall that protrudes out about 2cm. The previous owners tiled round it and left it exposed which makes me think that it was left in situ on purpose. We don’t actually use gas in the house and don’t have a...
  3. T

    Gas safe course portfolio advice

    Hi, I’m looking to retrain as a gas engineer and do a new entrants gas course. I’m a bit concerned by the ‘on-job’ work experience/shadowing, as some course want to charge £1500 to pair you up with a qualified engineer. Some courses don’t offer pairing and suggest you find your own engineer to...
  4. J

    Gas valve on fire?

    Hi everyone, My customer has a gas fire (Gazco Logic HE fire, about 10 years old). It's a slide control fire. The fire has become difficult to light. One has to push a lot more firmly down on the control slide to get it to light. At which point, all is fine. The pilot is good, new battery...
  5. B

    Mess left by Ideal Heating Gas Engineer

    I was sent an engineer by Ideal Heating to fix a problem with my system. When he left he drove over a pot of sealing compound (which must have dropped out of his van) on my shared drive. My neighbour pointed it out to me since he was parked in her space. I tried to remove it with water and...
  6. N

    gas service pipe under slab

    I have decided to remove the timber floor boards and joists as they are effected by damp and rotting. Was hoping to infill and have slab and screed floor. There is a gas servile pipe under the floor which enters the property below the joists at the front of the house and comes up under the...
  7. I

    Old gas pipe - what material is this?

    We have an old gas pipe in the understairs cupboard. The previous occupants had the gas meter moved, but this old pipe remained. This pipe goes behind the electrical CU which I'm due to have replaced soon. We are looking to cut the old pipe out, but trying to working out what material it's...
  8. M

    Gas pressure drop with flow to a larger pipe from a smaller one?

    Hi, Non-professional / knowledgeable person here. I'm a Brit in Romania who volunteers for a charity building an old peoples home for needy old people. Out here competence and integrity is harder to come by in a worker, in fact it's hard to find workers at all where we are in the countryside...
  9. G

    Kane 958 gas analyser

    I'm looking at the above, hoping it will be a good all-purpose tool for repairing our 2 megawatt furnaces. I'm a bit unsure if I need any of the options on it, I don't want to overcomplicate things, but don't want to miss anything out I want to use it for pressure testing and leak testing too...
  10. H

    URGENT Gas Cooker Ventilation Requirements

    Hello, I have recently had a conservatory installed, covering the full length of the kitchen. I have just failed my gas safety inspection due to lack of ventilation. I have a ventless extractor fan, thinking that would do that job… but apparently not. Is there any other solutions to it? and why...
  11. J

    At Risk gas meter box after new combi boiler fixed

    Had conventional boiler and tanks removed last year and new combi fitted and just recently had it serviced but the guy who did it has given me a gas warning notice for at risk as the outside wall meter box has been drilled through for the gas pipe to go horizontal straight to the boiler. The...
  12. gmartine

    Britain’s gas network still using engines from 1960s RAF fighter jets

    Why am I not surprised? Britain’s gas network still using engines from 1960s RAF fighter jets Ageing aircraft turbines will cost millions to replace, says National Gas chief Jonathan Leake14 January 2024 • 5:49pm Mr Butterworth, chief executive of National Gas, says the network is powered by...
  13. K

    Gas appliances manuals

    Am I the only one struggling to find appliances' manuals online? I know it's hard enough with cookers and old gas fires but I've just been unable to find the manual for an Ideal Exclusive. I thought I had found it but it turns out the GC number was different. Given the law says "refer to MI"...
  14. JustOldMe

    Are the Gas regs applied retrospectively?

    Full disclosure, I am an Electrician. One of my older clients has just had her fire capped off because it doesn't comply with today's regs and was told the regs are now retrospectively applied. This is the opposite of what I am used to. For example, if I do an electrical inspection and find a...
  15. B

    dials on tankless gas geyser

    Hi everyone, What does the summer/winter dial do on a tank less gas geyser? Should you adjust it or leave it on one mode or adjust it according to seasons? Any info would be great thanks.
  16. C

    Flavel Firenza Gas Fire

    My 2yr old grand-daughter decided to post her Christmas Card through the gap at the top of the fire I cannot see any screws to release the cover enough to retrieve this card Loathe to use the fire incase the Card/envelope with catch fire Any help locating the cover release screws
  17. T

    Tify to Gas Engineer, what will it take?

    Just an update to anyone who was following the thread on this site: Tify to gas engineer, what will it take? I got a DM from a user asking for an update, he like myself was gobsmaked at the level of abuse I got from asking a basic question. Thanks Tom for the DM, I managed to pass in 2019...
  18. M

    Looking to gain experience with a gas engineer

    Hi I am looking to gain practical experience with a certified gas engineer. I was in search of an engineer to work with accompanying them to jobs. I would be happy to observe and support where possible. I am now working towards completing and submitting my portfolio. I understand that this...
  19. E

    Why so little information about b/f gas convector room heaters?

    I reckon if I did a survey of 100 heating engineers, asking what would they recommend for heating a granny annexe being built onto the side of my house, in place of the garage, most would give me a suggestion to put in a) an extension to the existing boiler rad circuit & electric water heaters...
  20. C

    Gas bottle fire: Pilot light lifts and trips thermocouple

    I have a portable gas fire which keeps switching off. The pilot light lifts for 10 seconds, critically above the thermocouple and then the gas cuts out. It i smore noticeable when I walk past it and stir a slight breeze. I have blown out the pilot light assembly and it worked for an entire day...
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