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  1. J

    Looking for advice on gas stove

    Hi guys, I am a gas engineer and doing a gas stove. Dont usually do fires but kinda got pushed into it! Any way to cut a long story short the connection off the stove is 150mm ish and the flue pipe is 127mm with a collar. In the gap do I just put fire cement or is there another way of sealing...
  2. K

    Gas supply pipe to boiler

    Hi all - is the gas supply pipe between the gas meter and boiler covered by British Gas Homecare 2 ? I am sure I saw a useful diagram at one time that showed what pipe work was covered as part of HC cover levels ( and confirmed feed from meter to boiler was covered in HC 2) but can’t find it now
  3. C

    Air in gas main

    Hi guys, running out of ideas for a site I'm currently working on. In brief, got a 4 year old school with air in the gas main in the science labs. For 4 years the teachers have been purging the gas in the science labs for about 10mins before they can use the bunsun burners. The next day they...
  4. S

    Gas safe registration

    Evening all Could someone tell me please if there is a deadline between passing the acs and getting registered on gas safe? I passed my acsin June and just want to make sure I'm not running out of time to register Thanks in advance
  5. A

    Gas engineer mentor needed in manchester

    Hi I’m Andrew 33 years old. I’m looking to enrol onto a foundation gas course next month, it’s a 37 week course. I also need to build my portfolio up then sit my ACS assessments. I really need someone to be my mentor is anyone willing to be my mentor? I will work for free in order to build...
  6. C

    Landlord's gas safety check reminder software or app

    Hello! I would like to send out annual gas safety check reminders to my customers and wondered if there is a better way than using an excel spreadsheet and manually sending emails. Any ideas welcome. Thank you
  7. R

    Ideal Logic + Combi "Flame loss post Stabilisation" error after Smart Meter installation

    Hi all, First off, I'm just a homeowner looking for advice, I'm not a gas engineer. On Friday I had smart meters installed and 5 times since then (never previously), the 3-year-old Ideal Logic + Combi boiler has made a fairly loud humming/vibrating noise while running hot water for a few...
  8. Steve weightman

    High output gas fire

    I'm looking to supply and fit an outset convector fire and need a decent looking LFE with a good output I've seen the Robinson willey firecharm at 4.4kw is there anything bigger. Thanks
  9. O

    Best flue gas analyser?

    Just starting out.. giving the self employed world a crack. Anyone recommend a decent analyser? Used a anton sprint with my last employer which seemed decent enough. Was looking at the Kane 255 .. Seems reasonably priced compared to the rest!! Are they any good though? Already got a seperate...
  10. J

    Landlord Gas safety check. Operating pressure

    So I was doing a gas safety landlord check on a vaillant ecotec 835 and the meter was so far away from the flat that by the time I got there the boiler got to temp and would momentarily shut off and I couldn’t get a full reading for a gas rate. I tried numerous times. In the end I got the...
  11. M

    Looking for reccomendation/advice regarding doing gas safe/plumbing course

    Hi there looking for some advice or direction on what to do. I have seen this on internet Its a gas safe course but im not sure if its legitimate. I am 21 years helping family business and have now decided wanting to do something practical.
  12. O

    Domestic gas pressure

    I’m curious why gas is regulated to such low pressures when it enters a dwelling. My gut instinct says this is for safety but then there is an argument smaller pipes could be made from stronger materials, have smaller leak paths and are less likely to be damaged. Given this seems to cause...
  13. M

    gas portfolio for my ASC,nottinghamshire,derbyshire

    Hello guys , Im looking for help if possible ,Im first time poster Last week I finished 8 weeks theory (using LOGIC) (Health & Safety,History of Gas Industry,Gas Pipework,Pipe Sizing,Combustion,Principles of Gas Flues,Chimney Standards,Ventilation,Gas Controls,Y' Pland and 'S' Plan...
  14. A

    burying gas supply pipe

    The gas meter is outside the house on the side wall, we want a gas stove at the opposite end of the house so our plumber will run a new supply from the gas meter area along the front wall of the house to the opposite end, it will need to be buried. What depth should it be as we could dig the...
  15. L

    UK Compliant Gas Hob Connection

    I purchased a 2nd hand kitchen from Europe and would like the gas hob connected so it is UK compliant. My Plumber had a look and doesn't know where to start. Is there a product available which would make the connection UK compliant. I've attached a picture of the connection. Any help...
  16. gort

    Problem with a instantaneous gas water heater running a thermostatic shower

    Hi Guys. just fitted a thermostatic shower to a Vaillant MAG-sine 250/7 ATZFW H multipoint boiler. And it doesn't seem that warm enough, in between the 38% (default setting) and the MAX setting the difference is only 2%. Any idea's how I can more heat out of it? thanks in advance.
  17. townfanjon

    Gas flow rate table. .

    Guys , do any of you fine chaps have the figures for 35 mm copper tube flow rates ( 3 , 6 , 9 meters etc etc ) only one I have goes up to 28 mm . Cheers in advance
  18. S

    Kitchen draw hitting gas stopcock

    Hi, I have just had a Magnet kitchen installed and a new hob fitted on the 18th of May. It came to my attention shortly after, that the back of middle draw in the unit under the hob is just hitting the gas stopcock, I would say that the draw is not closing fully by about 0.5 to 1 mm. After...
  19. T

    Will pay someone to help me complete my gas portfolio!

    Hey guys, I am looking to do my gas course at carshalton collge, im finding it very hard to find someone to take me on, so Ican complete my gas portfolio. Ive been looking around and there are companies who you can pay, and they help you finish it, I have an idea now of how much they are...
  20. Rob Foster

    Bogus Gas Fitter Jailed Recently

    The attatched speaks for itself

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