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Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and plasma).A pure gas may be made up of individual atoms (e.g. a noble gas like neon), elemental molecules made from one type of atom (e.g. oxygen), or compound molecules made from a variety of atoms (e.g. carbon dioxide). A gas mixture, such as air, contains a variety of pure gases. What distinguishes a gas from liquids and solids is the vast separation of the individual gas particles. This separation usually makes a colorless gas invisible to the human observer.
The gaseous state of matter occurs between the liquid and plasma states, the latter of which provides the upper temperature boundary for gases. Bounding the lower end of the temperature scale lie degenerative quantum gases which are gaining increasing attention.
High-density atomic gases super-cooled to very low temperatures are classified by their statistical behavior as either Bose gases or Fermi gases. For a comprehensive listing of these exotic states of matter see list of states of matter.

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  1. D

    Gas Appliance tube size

    Good afternoon. I got a new Mapress gas installation in my catering business. All end points are 1/2" the main tubing is 32mm. Some appliances have 3/4" hoses connected by previous owners /installers, although their inner tubing is 1/2" too - including the 6 burner/ 1 oven range cooker. Does...
  2. G

    Sudden increase in gas usage/consumption

    Hi. My gas usage suddenly increased massively overnight. I'm not talking about the cost, but the actual usage. Below shows how long I had the heating on and what the gas usage was in kWh: Date | heating duration | usage (kWh) 16/11/22 | 2h 18m | 15.64 kWh 17/11/22 | 2h 51m | 16.81 kWh 18/11/22...
  3. A

    Does anyone have experience with Training providers? Need help

    I want to start working on the gas side of plumbing and heating. I am a sole trader working with plumbing and heating and have the NVQ level 2.I would like to know what is (if there is)the best way of gaining gas training and qualification without causing too much disruption and time out of my...
  4. J

    DHW SETTINGS on Gas Boiler

    Why are there options for setting time periods for DHW? If set for 24hours, ie 24/7 won’t the boiler simply turn on .. on demand?…no need for time periods! What am I not seeing?
  5. J

    Is it worth adding a magnetic filter to an older gas boiler?

    I have an old (~2006) Potterton powermax boiler. It's a gas system boiler with a small unvented cylinder in one small package, in a flat. Because of the location in the flat it's going to be very difficult or maybe impossible to replace so I want to try to get it to last as long as possible. In...
  6. B

    British Gas 330 boiler modulating protocol

    Hi all, Just moved into a house with a British Gas 330 boiler and would like to fit a modulating smart thermostat. Does anyone know what modulation protocol it uses? I've googled, checked the manufacturer's website ( Glowworm ) but with no luck. Boiler ID GC 41-047-75 Thanks!
  7. P

    Gas Engineers - charge out rates - West Midlands

    Hi All My husband and I are re looking at the finances for the business and I wanted to ensure the company still remains competitive with prices charged. So I was wondering what roughly everyone charges as a day rate around Birmingham/West Midlands Experience over 15 years, gas and plumbing...
  8. aallgeyer

    Gas leak on non threaded side of flared propane fitting

    Hi there, I'm building a propane system inside a van and I used flared connections. I'm getting 2 leaks from the side of the nut where the copper tube comes out (not the threaded/flared side). What could be a reason for this? I assume I need to redo the flare... or is there something else I...
  9. exedon2

    2 gas fires in a divided room?

    Just had a call from my 94 year old aunt (lives on south coast) Today had a annual gas service. Many years ago very large room dividend in two plastered stud wall pair of doors in middle doors never opened (but could be) Gas fire in each room, engineer has disconnected one fire saying you...
  10. A

    Zone valve and gas bills

    Hi all I have been noticing that my gas bills have been excessively high even in the current climate …I did a little investigating and found my unvented heating system only has one 2 port zone valve controlling the hot water. My question is could this be what is causing the high bills as there...
  11. E

    Looking to work as a gas engineer SE London

    Hi. I have just qualified as a registered gas safe engineer I am keen to work with someone who is more experienced for the first year or so to learn more about identifying faults ect (ideally based in SE London). I can be available at short notice for ad hoc work (It doesn't need to be a...
  12. P

    Fun with inconsistent gas tests results

    Good'ay Wondering what I have been doing wrong or what I should be doing differently. Have had some jobs lately where I will carry out a gas test on residential work and it will fail, I will isolate stove, hwu and any bayonet connections and still fail, I can do up to 6 testes on one job and...
  13. H

    Replacing a motorized gas control valve with manual

    Replacing a remote gas control valve with its manual equivalent. My daughter has a gas coal effect fire. First, I know they're crap, she'll just use it for the occasional time that friends come round. OK, so it has a remote (broken), a remote receiver (broken) and a motorised gas control...
  14. R

    plumber becoming gas certified

    I’ve been a plumber in Scotland for over 20 years and have owned my own bathroom and kitchen business for the past 8 years. I am hoping to become gas certified and was just after some advice on the best way to go about it?
  15. N

    Need help with connecting a dryer (no gas line knowledge)

    Hi all, did a quick google search and came across here! I hope you can help me out with what seems like a very simple solution, I just don't have the proper knowledge of it. I'm just trying to connect a gas line to a dryer, looked up the simple video go-to guides. However, each time I install I...
  16. P

    Can I install a stove back boiler with a combi gas boiler?

    Hi all, I have a Logic Combi 30 gas boiler installed in my house. The wife and I would like to install a multi fuel stove with a back burner to give us another option for central heating and hot water (especially with the current price of gas). With the pressurised system, is it possible to do...
  17. R

    Volunteer gas training

    Hi I'm currently completing my training to become a gas boiler engineer. I need to complete my portfolio and want the opportunity to gain some practical experience. I am available afternoon and weekends and love in London. If you can offer me any support plse inbox me thank you
  18. S

    URGENT Upgrade gas supply line from galvenised steel to copper?

    I'm wondering if a failed gas line test indicates a gas leak. If so, is it a requirement to upgrade gas supply line from galvanised steel to copper? Would you replace all gas pipes? What would you be looking at in terms of cost in Victoria Australia?
  19. B

    Motorised gas valve for cooking gas bottle?

    Hi, We are designing and building cooking gas bottles with electronics controlled valves. These are for kids camping chalets. Its purely a safety feature because its kids. As you can tell, there is no big market for this product, its just to get these kids out camping. System description: So...
  20. P

    Up Coming Gas Safe Inspection

    Morning All. We have a gas safe inspection coming up. It's the first one we've had since I started working at the company and my predecessor didn't keep any info on what it involves IE what type of work they will look at, certs and tools to have on the engineers vans and the like. We are 90%...
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