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Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and plasma).A pure gas may be made up of individual atoms (e.g. a noble gas like neon), elemental molecules made from one type of atom (e.g. oxygen), or compound molecules made from a variety of atoms (e.g. carbon dioxide). A gas mixture, such as air, contains a variety of pure gases. What distinguishes a gas from liquids and solids is the vast separation of the individual gas particles. This separation usually makes a colorless gas invisible to the human observer.
The gaseous state of matter occurs between the liquid and plasma states, the latter of which provides the upper temperature boundary for gases. Bounding the lower end of the temperature scale lie degenerative quantum gases which are gaining increasing attention.
High-density atomic gases super-cooled to very low temperatures are classified by their statistical behavior as either Bose gases or Fermi gases. For a comprehensive listing of these exotic states of matter see list of states of matter.

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  1. Anonymous99

    Looking for a gas engineer

    Hi, I'm looking for a gas engineer who I can work with so I can complete my portfolio. I have done level 2 and 3 tech cert along with bpec gas foundation and in order to progress to ACS, I have to finish my portfolio. I also want to learn plumbing along with gas so I can learn more things. I...
  2. N

    Should a new gas supply feed be included in a whole house replumb job?

    I am undergoing a whole house refurb including new plumbing, boiler, rads etc. I specifically asked for new copper pipes throughout the property which they charged extra for (didn't want push fit piping). I have now been told in the middle of the job that they recommend a replacing the...
  3. D

    URGENT Gas Boiler Leaking Yellow Water

    2 of my properties tenants have notified me that their boilers are leaking yellow water, i need someone ASAP since that Rubbish is disgusting and i cant let them live off like that. Water heating is fine tho, i am prepared to pay anything just get here asap post code is TA5
  4. K

    One burner on gas hob not working

    How would you classify this for a LL cert?
  5. T

    Sewer gas smell from shower 10am daily.

    For about a year, my shower on a third floor is giving an on off gas smell sometimes after a shower and particularly in the morning not long after the sun rises enough to hit our roof. I usually run some water into my p-trap and the smell goes away after a few minutes. There is a tub right...
  6. irishwildman

    Outdoor Gas Meter Pipework

    hi i am currently moving home and i have been told by a plumber that the enc pipework into/out of this gas box would not pass a gas safety test. I have also been given a safety certificate to say that there is nothing wrong with the pipework. Can anyone advise thanks
  7. C

    Domestic gas appliance in commercial property

    If a domestic boiler/gas appliance is in a commercial property, does this mean a gas engineer would need commercial tickets/qualifications?
  8. B

    Plumber did not commission boiler

    Not sure what my options are here. Basically a friend of mine recommended his father in law to do our plumbing/gas work for our renovation. First job was to install a new boiler, and later install radiators, bathroom, kitchen, etc. The boiler was installed last September but not switched on as...
  9. dilligaf

    Glow Worm Micron 30FF Flue?

    The flue for a glow worm micron 30ff is apparently obsolete but there must be other flues that would fit it surely, it's just a standard 100mm horizontal flue right? I mean when a bg gas engineer tells you that you'll have to change the whole boiler as well because you can apparently no longer...
  10. ian.

    Filter in gas line, is it needed?

    I saw on a plumerparts posts comments that the gas engineer always used an inline filter on the gas line to the boiler due to debris. I’ve just had a new boiler fitted, is it a good idea to ask my installer back and pay for a filter to be installed or a waste of money as the gas isn’t that...
  11. S

    Unvented extractor fan for gas cooker

    Hi guys I'm moving to a flat but where the cooker is situated. I can't get a vented extractor fan as it's the same wall as the next door flat. Are the none vented ones any good ? Which one should I be looking out for ? Or avoid ? Any tips will be helpful
  12. M

    Looking for a commercial gas engineer

    I run a small plumbing and heating company. I am looking for a commercial gas engineer to help out with a few call outs, servicing, safety checks etc. Most work around London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex area. Ideally looking for someone self employed or another small business who could work...
  13. O

    Training to become a gas engineer in my own time?

    Hi everyone I currently work in oil and gas industry working in North Sea and further afield operating on high pressure oil and gas plants. This line of work means I have on average 6+ months off a year, im thinking of training to become a domestic gas engineer in my time off to earn a bit extra...
  14. F

    repair a opalia C 16 gas hot water heater

    looking for a plumber who can repair a opalia C 16 gas hot water heater or advise local plumber.
  15. P

    Need a Plumber to help find and repair sewer gas smell

    Hello, We live in an 18 year old town house on three floors and have lived here from new. We changed the downstairs cloakroom and the family bathroom on the middle floor. Since then there has been a terrible smell of sewer gas in the house. This is not localised to the bathroom alone, it...
  16. Jamro91

    Gas pressure dropping to zero when demand kicks in?!

    I have an Ariston combi e on lpg, the gas pressure drops from a lovely 37mb to 0 the second gas valve opens and fan starts to run, usually would drop to around 35mb on comparable systems. Any ideas what could cause that? I suspected a blockage in the regulator so changed that and attached the...
  17. F

    New Career - Gas Safe

    Hi, need your honest views if you would be so kind. I’m 48 and work for the NHS (office based) and earn 44k a year. Ive been do fustrated and fed up in my work for so long that I’ve enrolled to do my gas safe and become an engineer. I know it’s hard work but I’m really excited and I’d love to...
  18. G

    Commercial Gas Engineers Required - Various locations - South England

    We are looking for Commercial Gas Engineers to join a Major company on various projects around South of England primarily working on Gas Service / Mains replacement activities. Excellent Salary and Benefits, permanent position. Relocation payment can be discussed. Please get in touch if...
  19. I

    Recent gas engineer wanting to gain lpg lav qualification?

    Please can anyone help or point me in the right direcrion. I have recently completed a 18 month bpec management learning programme (apprenticeship) I am now qualified in CCN1, CENWAT, MET1, Unvented, CONGLP1PD. I need to get my CONGLP1-LAV as that is the work I am hoping to predominately do...
  20. J

    looking for a self employed gas engineer london/kent

    I'm looking for a commercial gas engineer to assist with servicing, callouts etc. work is mostly london based but also have sites in kent/essex. I am a ltd company thats been running for 12 years and am now looking to expand. Ideally im looking for someone who is self employed (or another ltd...
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