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Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and plasma). A pure gas may be made up of individual atoms (e.g. a noble gas like neon), elemental molecules made from one type of atom (e.g. oxygen), or compound molecules made from a variety of atoms (e.g. carbon dioxide). A gas mixture, such as air, contains a variety of pure gases. What distinguishes a gas from liquids and solids is the vast separation of the individual gas particles. This separation usually makes a colorless gas invisible to the human observer. The interaction of gas particles in the presence of electric and gravitational fields are considered negligible, as indicated by the constant velocity vectors in the image.
The gaseous state of matter occurs between the liquid and plasma states, the latter of which provides the upper temperature boundary for gases. Bounding the lower end of the temperature scale lie degenerative quantum gases which are gaining increasing attention.
High-density atomic gases super-cooled to very low temperatures are classified by their statistical behavior as either Bose gases or Fermi gases. For a comprehensive listing of these exotic states of matter see list of states of matter.

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  1. O

    What a great web page!

    Hello all I became a gas engineer about three years ago, so still quite unexperienced but eager to learn. Many thanks for letting me join.
  2. R

    Currently training as a gas engineer at Clyde College

    Hi everyone! My name is Robert. I'm currently training at Clyde College in Domestic Gas Foundation. I'm a time served plumber, and have completed IGAS training in the past. I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions int he run up to my ACS exams and beyond! Thanks in advance
  3. G

    boiler install gas pipe size

    I need a new boiler and would prefer a 35KW combi boiler but wanted to know if my existing gas pipe will allow it. I wanted to check this first so i can look at my boiler options before getting somebody around. I don't have any other gas appliances and my existing pipe is 22mm. The gas meter is...
  4. CorgiDirect

    Gas Safety Week - 15% Off GID1 Gas Safety Manual and more

    VIEW HERE Gas Safety Week - 15% Off GID1 Gas Safety Manual and more
  5. W

    Broken coals bed on gas fire - Pass or fail?

    Hi, There are a total of four beds in my gas fire, to which all the individual coals then get located. The front bed is clean broken into almost two equal halves, which unless unbuilding the beds, you wouldn't actually know it is broken. I don't know who made the fire (there's no makers badges...
  6. V

    Can an existing open flame gas fire be serviced?

    We have an existing open flame gas fire ( installed years ago) we are now told it needs to be taken out because it is lit by hand and gas regulations say it is illegal, the engineer wouldn’t service it. Our previous Registered Gas Engineer has retired but he never mentioned any problems, they tell us...
  7. S

    What boiler advice, British Gas quote

    Just had quote from British gas to fit a new combi boiler. My old boiler is on its way out and is very old 25 years plus. Quote was for removing old boiler and copper tank and tank in loft. Move new boiler location to garage. Fit hive controls. Theres also already a waste pipe in garage to take...
  8. H

    Ideas to replace gas wall heater

    Hi all , my elderly parents have just had there gas wall heater in kitchen blanked off due to regs ( to close to open window) and I am looking for ideas what to replace with , something cheap to run would be nice thanks Howy
  9. R

    £1,000 for BPEC Domestic Gas Portfolio Mentor (South West Scotland / Cumbria)

    I've started a Domestic Gas Foundation Course at Clyde College. I need a mentor for the gas portfolio. I am an NVQ 2 qualified plumber, with 11 years experience predominantly in commercial and industrial settings. I have also completed some industrial gas training. I plan to complete training to...
  10. N

    What’s the difference between gas service and safety inspection

    Morning all, Currently studying to be a gas engineer. Could someone please advise me of the difference between a service and a safety inspection when it comes to appliances like fires, cookers and boilers? thanks in advance
  11. S

    What is the requirement for the control of the gas supply in a commercial plant room ?

    Hi, I'm a sparky. We are installing a couple of standard S plan control systems for a couple of new domestic sized system boilers in a residential care home. We also look after the fire alarm here. The client has just had a new tanked gas supply installed on site to supply these boilers which...
  12. B

    Hoval RS 400 Gas Boiler

    I am a Civilian so no knowledge of Boilers really. I'm currently doing a Freelance Building Surveying role for a Charity that runs Care Homes for The Elderly. They have a Hoval that's appx. about 30/35 years old. They have had quotes to remove and replace with Vaillant gas condensing boilers...
  13. C

    Fast track gas safe courses

    Hi all. I am a plumber with 6 years experience, I have my own business and have and NVQ level 2 plumbing qualification, I’m also OFTEC qualified and that has been the bulk of my work but I am now fitting a lot more gas boilers (under supervision) but I really need to get my gas safe...
  14. frittingles

    Gas Meter Installation

    Good morning all, I am currently building a house (standard, residential) in New South Wales, and the plumber installing the gas meter is trying to install the meter in the backyard instead of under the Electrical Cabinet in the front. The reason given was that it wouldn't achieve the...
  15. J

    Need help with gas portfolio

    Looking for a Registered Gas Engineer that would be willing to help me getting my portfolio finished, I work on new builds and struggle to get some of the work needed for the portfolio. I need to get 10x servicing/maintenance jobs with photos, analyser readings, serial numbers and I’d also need them...
  16. G

    gas safe: notification on unvented

    hi i'm gas safe registered i have my g3. i stopped fitting a few years ago when gas safe stopped notifications. i only ever did one maybe two a year so it was not joining yet another scheme in order to be able to notify. Due to covid, with work situations changing thinking i might need to...
  17. K

    Gas Training in Scotland

    I have just completed my training with Scots Gas Training based in Stirling so I thought I would leave a review for anyone who may be considering a career change of direction. I visited a couple of training centres in Scotland before signing up to the Scots Gas Training course, one centre I...
  18. R

    URGENT Can't get rid of the smell of gas sewerage leak, under my kitchen sink.

    There is no smell coming out of my sink plughole, never has been. There are no water leaks in the piping and U-bend under my sink. Have tried on several occasions using very strong drain un-blocker and odour remover, to remove smell, but has not worked. Sink plughole never blocks up and water...
  19. D

    Gas pipe work long run from Gas meter in large property

    I am new gas safe and met hard situation when I did gas safety check on large property with 3 acre site. The property is old and large size, installed two 30KW heat only gas boiler to supply CH and DHW, range cooker and gas hob. I was be told the meter is installed at the entrance of the...
  20. T

    black pipe gas elbow or 45

    don’t work. i need something in between to follow outside deck. any suggestions??

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