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We're clearly going through some clearing up at the moment and it's easy to get caught up in that. I've just unbanned somebody I banned assuming they were in the same posting pattern as a troll I banned. Turns out they weren't. And just perhaps clicked like on a couple of their posts as they're liking a lot at the mo. Fair enough.

So just a quick reminder to be careful of who you're liking.

If we get a thread posted, and the same couple of people are the first to reply with something that isn't helping the OP out at all, it was probably intentionally created to send the thread off, or to attract my attention and get me take bait, maybe. We'll never know.

There are half a dozen clicking like on each others posts when they do this, so I assume they're giggling in a facebook group while they're doing it 'try say this now to this one'. Just need get a life and move out their mums or whatever I think. :)

Either way - have a good think about who it is you're liking when it is in fact off-topic. You could be encouraging the troll, and then we'll never get rid of the plonkers. :D

I tend to find even somebody who trolls a lot can help the OP out in the odd post. So if you clock them do that, then fair enough click like, we're encouraging them to post better. But when they're just responding to get attention, and then you click like, you're reinforcing their weird obsessions over posting in such a way. And that's bad news for us all. And them in the end.

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Not really noticed it Dan if I am honest but I tend to avoid topics which have been covered over and over again or seem not quite right I don't encourage theses type of posters by answering, if anything I have noticed we are getting less likes clicked for our efforts even Harvest is putting please press the like button if his information has been helpful and we are on everyday . Regards kop


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Yesterday I put up some information to a poster who clearly found my advice helpful but I didn't get a like. So, I replied with something along the lines of "Can I be cheeky and ask for a like if you found my post helpful" but then I thought I looked a bit pathetic doing that so edited that out again.

I'd like to ask if new members when signing up to ask for advice are informed of the system here and told they should or could give a "Like" if they receive helpful responses? It hasn't happened much but I've had a couple of positive responses from homeowners but they've not bothered to upvote my post and it feels a little deflating when we are being judged on our ratios. Maybe I'm just a bit sensitive or a saddo? I don't know...
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It’s all getting very complicated now, it seems gone are the days when forums were a simple place where, if one had a problem could ask for a little help maybe get a few different angles on a solution...
I guess that’s progress.
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