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hi i'm gas safe registered i have my g3. i stopped fitting a few years ago when gas safe stopped notifications. i only ever did one maybe two a year so it was not joining yet another scheme in order to be able to notify.
Due to covid, with work situations changing thinking i might need to broaden my scope again.
i believe i can now notify indirect un vented via gas safe,.
my question is what about direct and thermal stores. lots of flats locally so opportunity for replacements but do i need to join another scheme or are they notifiable via gas safe.???
if i have to join yet another scheme what do recommend.


Advent Win
You’d need to speak to gas safe about it, but as far as I’m aware you need to be gas safe to register anything through them which includes unvented (direct or indirect it makes no difference) and as your membership has lapsed you cannot do this.

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