Worcester ( (listen) WUUS-tər) is a city in, and county seat of, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. Named after Worcester, Worcestershire, England, as of the 2020 Census the city's population was 206,518, making it the second-most populous city in New England after Boston. Worcester is approximately 40 miles (64 km) west of Boston, 50 miles (80 km) east of Springfield and 40 miles (64 km) north-northwest of Providence. Due to its location near the geographic center of Massachusetts, Worcester is known as the "Heart of the Commonwealth;" a heart is the official symbol of the city.
Worcester developed as an industrial city in the 19th century due to the Blackstone Canal and rail transport, producing machinery, textiles and wire. Large numbers of European immigrants made up the city's growing population. However, the city's manufacturing base waned following World War II. Long-term economic and population decline was not reversed until the 1990s, when higher education, medicine, biotechnology, and new immigrants started to make their mark. The city's population has grown by 28% since 1980, reaching a new all-time high in the 2020 census and experiencing urban renewal.
Modern Worcester is known for its diversity and large immigrant population, with significant communities of Vietnamese, Brazilians, Albanians, Puerto Ricans, Ghanaians, Dominicans, and others. 22% of Worcester's population was born outside the United States. A center of higher education, it is home to eight separate colleges and universities, including Holy Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and Clark University. Architecturally, Worcester is notable for its large number of 19th century triple-decker houses, Victorian-era mill architecture, and lunch car diners such as Miss Worcester.
Worcester is the principal city of Central Massachusetts, and is a regional government, employment and transportation hub. Since the 1970s, and especially after the construction of Route 146 and interstates 90, 495, 190, 290, and 395, both Worcester and its surrounding towns have become increasingly integrated with Boston's suburbs. The Worcester region now marks the western periphery of the Boston-Worcester-Providence (MA-RI-NH) U.S. Census Combined Statistical Area (CSA), or Greater Boston.

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  1. U

    Worcester greenstar 30 - wont start after bleeding radiators

    Ive just moved into a rented property and some of the radiators were very cold at the top so I bled the radiators. The boiler lost pressure and switched off. I've repressurised the boiler to 1.5 but the controller on the boiler is completely off and I have no idea how to turn the thing back on...
  2. S

    Getting a Remote Control RFWRT thermostat talking to a Worcester Boiler 28i

    Getting a Remote Control RFWRT thermostat talking to a Worcester Boiler 28i, changed the batteries, no heating, hot water working ?
  3. I

    Worcester 9.24 RSFE insulation

    If anyone has a front combustion chamber insulation panel in good condition knocking about part: 87161004710 I would be interested !
  4. J

    Worcester Bosch 37CDI Combi leaking

    Hi all, Our Worcester Bosch 37CDI has developed a leak from this part, located above the green casing, as you can see from the drip in the picture attached. Could you please tell me what this part is? Many thanks in advance John
  5. P

    Can anyone help with a worcester mt10 timer

    The clock function has stopped working. Heating and water are working fine but we can’t use the timer function as the clock has stopped turning. I’ve tried resetting, and switching between ‘on’, ‘off’ and timer at various stages. Does it have a separate battery or anything similar? Thanks
  6. R

    URGENT Worcester Bosch wires melting

    Hi about an hour ago all the lights in my house tripped out. I went to the fuseboard and one switch was down. Flicked it back and it tripped out immediately. few moments later theres and acrid smell and a little smoke in the room tracked the smell down to the boiler, took the cover off and...
  7. M

    Worcester fan replaced, pressure now dropped / air in pipes / constant need to top up

    Hi, We recently had a Worcester compact system boiler repaired under warranty where the fan had failed. Since this has happened, the top floor radiator has needed bleeding constantly and additional water added to the heating loop. There's no apparent leak. I'm guessing the boiler is releasing...
  8. D

    Worcester boiler with wireless thermostat

    son has had Worcester style installed and has Easy Control RF thermostat, table tennis stand and Worcester Bosch easy control wireless key for bottom of boiler. Does he need internet connection in house to work thermostat or should it pick up wireless key? I'm h
  9. C

    URGENT Boiler broken Worcester 24cdi

    Hi All Boiler does this morning. Made some fairly major clanking noises then started letting steam out of the vent at the top. About 30 seconds later it stopped and all the lights on the boiler started flashing. Tried resetting it, and after 3 seconds of it starting up again it died entirely...
  10. C

    New Worcester green Star 24ri noise

    Hi all just joined 😃 Last month I had a Worcester Bosch 24ri fitted on my own place it's all registered now and commissioned by a friend of mine (gas Safe) Was all ok until I removed the towel rail in upstairs bathroom which is on the flow and return. This was off for a few weeks while fitting...
  11. J

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Combi Anti Cycling

    Acquaintance has problem with a 5 radiator zoned system which takes ages to heat up. The boiler (don't know output) fires up normally and after ~ 20 minutes reaches its setpoint of 65C, over the next few minutes it will creep up to 70C and then cut out, again fairly normal if min boiler output...
  12. J

    Worcester Bosch combi - HW suddenly runs cold for a few seconds

    Hi - I've searched the existing threads but not found an answer... I've just had a new W-B combi installed and it's excellent. But the question is about what's "normal". My wife and I both take a shower each morning, one after the other, and the shower is turned off for 10-15 seconds while...
  13. R

    Nest wiring for a new Worcester heatslave 11 combi 18-25 3amp nest 5amp boiler

    Replacing a clients old standard boiler with new oil heatslave 11 combi 18-25. It has a nest wired in and looking on the instructions it says 3amp max to nest but the boiler requests 5amp. Anyone with suggestion around this. Im sure there are plenty nests wired in to oil boilers. Thanks...
  14. D

    Salus to Worcester wiring

    Hi all. I have just purchased a wireless room thermostat for my central heating. I've come to wire in the receiver to the boiler and found the boiler manual (Worcester 28i jr) calls for three wires, as I expected but the receiver (salus rxrt510) depicts four terminals. I'm not 100% sure which...
  15. hammers4spanner

    Fitting a worcester 2000 boiler

    Fitted one of these today and was a bit flumoxed on the valve set up where they connect onto the boiler. In a nutshell i couldnt fit a spanner in to tighten them up enough and the prv connection seemed utter pita. They electric supply isnt long enough either for what i needed and you cant...
  16. H

    Kerosene Boiler Worcester 12/18 Heatslave "hot water expansion" !

    This heating system is new to me, in reality about 8 years old and in good condition. In the tail end of last winter's heating season, I think I shot myself in the foot. With more bedrooms than occupants and a water cost of about £4/tonne, I had a water meter installed. It might have been a...
  17. G

    Worcester bosch 42cdi

    HUMING through pipes when boiler not on programed to be on 42cdi switched to eco runs heating and hot water all day ok at night after heating switches off we can hear the HUM through the pipes iv looked at boiler with no burner light on but I think pump is still running any help
  18. H

    Worcester heatslave intermittent lockout

    Boilers been running fine since its last service in March but it went to lockout so I removed the front panel and found that the water pressure was just about zero. I filled it up to 1bar and pressed the reset button and she fired up OK but I noticed that the water pressure was rising a lot more...
  19. kris

    Worcester heatslave problems any oil engineers here

    Any oil folks in the here today. I dont hardly do oil as all gas here except country side etc ... anyway I've one customer I had problems with this boiler earlier in the year I changed oil pump and capacitor and that fixed that. Now I'm back again and when calling for heat it runs and runs...
  20. Inverness

    Recommendation for a Worcester combi

    Hi guys, which combi from the Worcester models that give the best flow rate on the hot water? The boiler will be installed in the loft. What's your views on the Worcester 30si? 3 bedroom bungalow and 1 bathroom property. Any recommendations are welcomed.
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