Understanding is a psychological process related to an abstract or physical object, such as a person, situation, or message whereby one is able to use concepts to model that object.
Understanding is a relation between the knower and an object of understanding. Understanding implies abilities and dispositions with respect to an object of knowledge that are sufficient to support intelligent behavior.Understanding is often, though not always, related to learning concepts, and sometimes also the theory or theories associated with those concepts. However, a person may have a good ability to predict the behavior of an object, animal or system—and therefore may, in some sense, understand it—without necessarily being familiar with the concepts or theories associated with that object, animal, or system in their culture. They may have developed their own distinct concepts and theories, which may be equivalent, better or worse than the recognized standard concepts and theories of their culture. Thus, understanding is correlated with the ability to make inferences.

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  1. vertexape

    Would like to understand how my Grant Oil Combi boiler is hooked up to the pipes in the house

    Hello, bit of a noob question but would someone be able to help me to understand the pipes coming off our boiler. It's a Grant oil combi boiler, and where the pipes come in is in a room at the front of the house. I am about to box them in but I really wanted to understand what the various pipes...
  2. J

    Help understand my hot water system, and is efficient for my needs?

    We have moved into a large, old house and the bills are very high. I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to manage the hot water. In the cellar is an Indirect Hot Water cylinder, controlled by a Honeywell Smart thermostat, and powered by a relatively new 48kw Worcester boiler. The...
  3. S

    We have been told we can’t change the orientation of our toilet due to the plumbing - want to understand if this is really the case

    Hi, we are building a new bathroom and have been advised by our plumber that it’s impossible to change the orientation of the toilet because there isn’t enough fall from the toilet to the soil stack. We are just surprised that it can be impossible to change the toilet position and want some...
  4. whatsthenews

    Help us understand how this UFH system works please!

    Hi folks. Sorry this is a long one. I'll try and keep it organised. Son has just moved into a purpose built (2013 ish) 4th floor apartment as a tenant. No gas in the building. Triple glazing. 1. The letting agent led him to believe that the electricity supply was on an Eco 7 meter. He didn't...
  5. P

    Help me understand my Vaillant boiler!

    Hi All, The house we moved in to a year ago has a Vaillant Ecotec 428 fitted and I'm trying to get my head around how it works. This is my first time as a home owner and never lived in a property in which I've had access to the boiler until now, so trying to get my knowledge to where it should...
  6. J

    Help me understand the specifications of an UFH mixing group

    Hello everyone, I have installed in my house an UFH system that consists of: Condensing boiler Hydraulic separator 4.5m3/hr UFH mixing group - TECEfloor – 7745 00 00 Manifold TECEfloor – 7731 00 xx The circuits are laid as follows: Zone 1 3 circuits 80m each 10 cm spacing Zone 2 1 circuit...
  7. R

    Redshark1 joined to understand water heaters

    Hi I have a small semi-detached and it is heated with a Baxi Baroque in the lounge (nice and hot) and a Baxi Brazillia on the staircase (OK, just takes the chill off). My water is heated by a Main multipoint gas water heater which has worked superbly. It is probably over ten years old and is...
  8. M

    Understanding the breakdown procedure

    Hi guys, I’m After some advice please, I don’t usually do breakdowns, but with the cold weather coming I’ve started getting some calls. I’m just wondering how you guys charge for parts etc, just as an example. If you turned upto a HW fault, replaced the plate to plate. Charged the customer...
  9. S

    No vent pipe to F&E tank but is a vented system - need help to understand this

    While cleaning the airing cupboard I noticed the F&E vent pipe was not connected. The F&E tank water supply pipe connects direct to an air separator by the boiler. I assume air gets out of the system through this pipe via the bottom of the F&E tank. I have a vent pipe into the cold cistern from...
  10. P

    Still Trying To Understand How Old System Works (Or Doesn't)

    Still trying to plan how best to tackle my old ch system. I posted a thread recently on here to identify the motorised valve - turned out to be Satchwell Minival (momo?) Please Identify Ancient Motorised Valve The Thorn Olympic boiler works fine and so does the pump and new Drayton...
  11. P

    help me understand this heating system

    My mother just moved and I'm trying to figure out her boiler/etc. We have some kind of boiler in the kitchen, and below it there's a controller with individual on/off settings for hot water and central heating. There are no controls on the boiler itself. There's a thermostat in the hall...
  12. R

    Gas and Electricity Regs Thoughts - Poorly installed hob/Socket

    Hi all, I was asked to quote to fit a cooker hood and splash back due to complaints from the tenants of grease. Apart from the obvious wrong paint being used on the walls hence the grease marks, there is the hob/socket issue. I understand the Electrical Regs is a recommended 300mm from...
  13. S

    Unvented HW Cylinder - 'static' pressure gradually dropping

    We've had our unvented cylinder installed for just under a year, and I've noticed that the 'static' pressure (all taps off) has been very gradually dropping over the year. When first installed, the pressure gauge read spot on 3.5bar (the nominal operating pressure), but is now at about 2.6bar...
  14. D

    Un answered questions looking for help to understand

    Hello all My boiler has been looked at and tested over the past week and now have been told its time for a new one. I wanted to change it eventually as its poor but money isnt a luxury i have at the moment. Heres the details. Ideal isar he30 loosing pressure - engineer filled system to...
  15. T

    how can I understand if my boiler is a combi boiler?

    hi, We are moving to a new house and we would like to replace the old system with a combi boiler but it looks like the boiler is quite new and I would like to find out if this is a combi boiler. The system has a tank and a pool at the loft but the boiler looks like a combi, just can't find...
  16. N

    Glwoworm CX30 max. gas rate test - pass or fail?

    I've been shaddowing my Gas Safe buddy while waiting for the start date of own training. He was testing a CX30 which showed xxMb at the test point with the boiler running on the Hi (max) setting for xx mins. Though not ideal, but the MI appears to say down to xxMb is acceptable (confusingly...
  17. R

    Anyone understand Approved Document H - length of WC branch?

    I'm just trying to get my head around this one. I need to understand this stuff for my NVQ. Table 2, page 9, 'Common branch discharge pipes (unventilated)' tells us: The WC outlet can have a maximum 15m unventilated branch and that a maximum of one WC can connect if the outlet is less than...
  18. K

    Please help me understand my airing cupboard!

    Good afternoon all Would anyone be able to help a novice (me!) identify what all the plumbing in my airing cupboard is doing?! I have a fair idea and have edited the photos below to try and help me understand. A - Cold water feed to the water tank in the loft - 15mm B - Vent for hot water -...
  19. R

    wash basin and bath waste combined

    Hi, I live on a houseboat and am currently putting in a new bathroom. I was going to run my was bathroom basin waste into the bath waste but I understand I could have syphoning issues when the basin empties. The reason for this is simply to cut down the amount of waste pipes on the...
  20. V

    dont understand boiler

    Hi all I'm new on this, i had an ideal 30 boiler fitted on Saturday i set the salus thermostat model rt500rf to come on at 0700 and go of at 1800 at only 19 degrees at the moment it is 22 in the room where the thermos sits but the heating came on at 1730 when i thought it had to reach the...
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