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  1. B

    URGENT Learnatrade Core gas safety and CENWAT books

    Anyone giving away or selling used Learnatrade Core gas safety and CENWAT books or if any knows where to get it cheap as I'm a student can't afford to pay £55 for a new one
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  3. C

    Gas Safety - Cutting off gas

    Hi all If you have a gas safety inspection and the installation is not safe then it needs capping off with a certificate issued. Is the engineer allowed to charge more for capping off or is that part of the inspection fee? I've had some that charge and some that don't. If it's acceptable then...
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  10. C

    Landlord's gas safety check reminder software or app

    Hello! I would like to send out annual gas safety check reminders to my customers and wondered if there is a better way than using an excel spreadsheet and manually sending emails. Any ideas welcome. Thank you
  11. Jamie Leask

    Landlord Gas safety check. Operating pressure

    So I was doing a gas safety landlord check on a vaillant ecotec 835 and the meter was so far away from the flat that by the time I got there the boiler got to temp and would momentarily shut off and I couldn’t get a full reading for a gas rate. I tried numerous times. In the end I got the...
  12. scott_d

    Safety trainers / work trainers

    any recommendations? Something light and comfy would be good Fed up with boots
  13. S

    Condenser boiler install looks to be unsafe.

    Hello everybody I am new to this group and I am not a gas engineer but have some basic plumbing experience. Anyway, I have recently bought a house and the previous owner had a worcester 28i greenstar boiler fitted in 2011 by British Gas. There is paperwork to suggest it has been serviced on a...
  14. D

    Gas safety certificate

    First post so apologies if its in the wrong place. If a gas grill on a gas cooker doesn't light due to no gas is it classed as AR as flame picture cannot be determined.
  15. G

    Annual Gas Safety Boiler Inspection Check

    Is this check just to turn on the hot water tap in the bathroom, keep the water running for a few minutes in order to see that the boiler is working, verbally say everything is fine and leave the customer's property after 20 minutes getting paid £ 90 to do so. No kind of tests were undertaken...
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  17. M

    Gas appliance safety

    Is a gas appliance deemed safe it is not installed to manufacturers instructions? Such as flue termination being too close to down pipe.