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  2. N

    What’s the difference between gas service and safety inspection

    Morning all, Currently studying to be a gas engineer. Could someone please advise me of the difference between a service and a safety inspection when it comes to appliances like fires, cookers and boilers? thanks in advance
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  6. M

    Landlord gas safety certs

    Morning all. Very new to this game after a 10 year hiatus. Any guidance would be much appreciated Sorry if this may seem like a silly question: when carrying out a gas safety cert in a property with a gas fire, do I need my HTR1 (which I dont have) to check integrity of the fire for the...
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  8. Q

    Unvented cylinder install - safety concerns. Appreciate advise.

    Evening all, At risk of blabbing on i'll try keep this short. I recently replaced an old vented hot water system with a unvented system We went for the Telford Tempest 300L installed by G3 qualified person. Functionally it works well. Pressure is great, heats well, no leaks. There's still...
  9. A

    Brass Sillcock Safety

    I'm replacing an old exterior sillcock and nipple with new ones made of brass and galvanized steel, respectively. I followed the source of the line in my basement and it is a branch off the same cold water line feeding the water heater. I plan to use it mainly for lawn watering and filling a...
  10. gmartine

    UK water quality and safety.

    Is there anything going new (youngish) neighbours shop for mineral water by the car load on a weekly basis, one of my best mates has invested in a rather pricey but basic coconut carbon water filtration system because he's worried about heavy metals and he can now apparently taste the...
  11. P

    One isolating valve on both loft tanks inputs?

    Hi, just after the mains stopcock under my kitchen sink I have a tee, one pipe to drinkable water+washing machine and the other to the loft cisterns (talking about an open vented pumped S-plan system, standard here in UK). I was wondering whether it is safe to add an isolating valve on the...
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    Protective Face Masks now available

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  15. K

    Flue Location Safety Concerns

    As a layman, I'm looking for some advice please. At the back of my 2 storey house is a narrow 2m wide alleyway separating it from a warehouse of a similar height. It's at least 15/20 metres long, so almost entirely enclosed. A few weeks ago, the new occupiers installed an outlet flue...
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    Face Masks - Your help is needed

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  17. B

    URGENT Learnatrade Core gas safety and CENWAT books

    Anyone giving away or selling used Learnatrade Core gas safety and CENWAT books or if any knows where to get it cheap as I'm a student can't afford to pay £55 for a new one
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  19. C

    Gas Safety - Cutting off gas

    Hi all If you have a gas safety inspection and the installation is not safe then it needs capping off with a certificate issued. Is the engineer allowed to charge more for capping off or is that part of the inspection fee? I've had some that charge and some that don't. If it's acceptable then...
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