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Radiators are heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating. The majority of radiators are constructed to function in cars, buildings, and electronics.A radiator is always a source of heat to its environment, although this may be for either the purpose of heating this environment, or for cooling the fluid or coolant supplied to it, as for automotive engine cooling and HVAC dry cooling towers. Despite the name, most radiators transfer the bulk of their heat via convection instead of thermal radiation.

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  1. G

    Radiators are hot with hot water

    I've just bought a 3-floor house with a gas boiler on the ground floor and hot water tank on the middle floor. When I switch on the hot water at the timer panel, it works but it also heats up all the radiators above ground floor. I have to close them individually to stop this. The rads aren't...
  2. M

    Flushing radiators unit Kamstrup 401

    At beginning I would like to say Hello to all members and I would like to introduce mysel as novice DIY plumber. I managed to change radiator, top-up water and bleed it, also I would like to flush -replacing water in radiators in whole house, as it's 6 years old and water is stinky and yellow...
  3. S

    Connecting radiators to UFH Manifold?

    Hi Everyone I wasn’t sure whether to post this in here or UFH but hopefully I’m posting this in the correct group. I’m in the throes of a full renovation and am currently designing the central heating system, I’m installing radiators (11 or 12 in total) and am going to run each rad from its...
  4. McDoosh

    Vaillant EcoTec - 10mm pipework to radiators?

    Hi, just about to bite the bulklet on a new boiler and radiators, Vaillant EcoTec Plus 32kW. Is 10mm pipework to the radiators sufficient? Thanks
  5. M

    Radiators Permantly on

    Hi Guys I could do with some help here. I have tried search but no found an answer. We have just had a new boiler fitted which is a Vailliant Eco TEC Sustain, along with a Neomitis Thermostat. The tempreture on the theremostate is set to 20C the thermostat is dsiplaying the room tempreture as...
  6. R

    Hot water turns on radiators

    When the hot water is set to on, the radiators also warm up. Two 2-port valve / cylinder/gas boiler system. Seemed possible likely that the valve to the heating was sticking open (partially?). This valve was replaced the problem remains. What could be other possible causes? When the heating...
  7. L

    Change radiators for new ones ?

    This winter seemed colder than last so I am thinking of replacing my central heating radiators for new ones. The existing radiators are probably around 20 years old, they have TRV's fitted and most are double panel. they all get hot and the combi boiler is working fine. Would there be any...
  8. Lukman

    Advice regarding new radiators

    Hi. I currently have a house full of acova radiators from B and Q. They Dont heat up like other radiators. I am planning to change all my radiators this summer to type 22 radiators. I have looked but I’m after some good advice on which type 22 are the best. If you can please provide any...
  9. J

    bang noise in radiators

    My radiators make a bang noise every now and then. Doesn't seem to be a particular radiator instead it will be 1 radiator and then some time later another radiator and then some time later another. Only 1 at a time I think. At least I think this is what's going on. By way of background; I have...
  10. K

    Two radiators not getting hot

    Hi, I have a sealed system with 18 Rads/towel rads which is run by a greenstar boiler with a sealed hot water tank. I'm using a tado thermostat and the Pump is a 15/50 Groundfos. The issue is there are two radiators that are cold. So I closed down every radiator except for these two, apart...
  11. N

    Noisy designer radiators

    Hi - we have had new radiators fitted about 6 months ago ("DuraTherm Horizontal Double Flat Panel Designer Radiator" from plumbworld - sorry, this site won't allow me to include a link to the site). Every radiator in the house was swapped for one of these apart from an older one in the...
  12. M

    Balancing Radiators!

    Hi I recently moved into my first home and after spending the winter here, I wasn’t particularly happy with the performance of the heating. Shortly after we moved in we installed a Hive thermostat as the old one was broken. To save a bit of money I also invested in the hive TRVs. After using the...
  13. T

    How much would it cost to relocate radiators?

    Hi folks, I'm weighing up the cost of relocating 5 radiators in a 3 bed semi-detached house. Presently, for each room, the radiators are on walls that are either adjacent or opposite to the window. The house does have double-glazing, but even so, conventional placement would have these...
  14. D

    Efficient way to heat radiators and unvented cylinder

    I have a gas boiler heating radiators and also heating an unvented cylinder. I have a Honeywell programmer which has the water heating up 1.5 hours early morning 30 mins midday and 2 hours evening The heating is on a couple of times a day. With the energy prices I am wanted to ask if hearing...
  15. J

    UFH vs radiators manifolds

    I am doing heavy house renovation and want to have ufh (multizone) at the ground floor and radiators on upper floors. I want to have consistent controls, with manifolds feeding both the ufh loops and radiators, and the same type thermostats controlling both (depending on the room, the...
  16. J

    Radiators releasing heat when valve shut off

    Hi all, Today I noticed when the boiler is on, those radiators in the rooms I don't want heating are releasing heat even when the Drayton TRV4 valves fitted onto each of them are turned off all the way to the star symbol. Does anyone know why this is happening? Could it be due to the extra...
  17. Crossfingers

    Same 3 radiators need regular bleeding

    Hi Can anyone shed some light on why the three same radiators need constant bleeding? There's about 13 radiators in my house and it's a close vented system. Two of the rads are upstairs and one is downstairs. It's a old house and the rads have also been there for a while, my guesses are either...
  18. J

    Radiators vs Underfloor heating large space

    Is underfloor heating much better than radiators for a largish open plan space? The room is 46 m sq, L shape open plan space with 4.6m of bifolds and another 2m and 3m run of bifold on the L, pitched roof on 3m of the space meaning a bit more than standard ceiling height there, total volume of...
  19. K

    Hi, I have an Victorian period one bedroom

    Hi, I have an Victorian period one bedroom flat, looking to have back boiler replaced with modern GCH, is it worth replacing all 5 radiators and 15mm aswell? Different companies say different things? Thanks for any help advice given 👍
  20. S

    multiple radiators not warming

    hi i have 11 radiators in my house and currently only 4 are working. i have bleed them all and the trv is working ok on them. the circulator pump appears to be working - pipes to and from it are warm as is yhe return pipe to the boiler any thoughts or suggestions?
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