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Radiators are heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating. The majority of radiators are constructed to function in cars, buildings, and electronics.A radiator is always a source of heat to its environment, although this may be for either the purpose of heating this environment, or for cooling the fluid or coolant supplied to it, as for automotive engine cooling and HVAC dry cooling towers. Despite the name, most radiators transfer the bulk of their heat via convection instead of thermal radiation.

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  1. urebaz78

    Using fire to heat radiators

    My current set up (images attached). I can heat my hot water tank (oldWood Fire.jpg) using the coal/wood fire , however how would I be able to use the fire to heat my radiators (7). I have recently moved into the house and I just cant see how its done. What would I need to buy to enable this...
  2. O

    Logic 24 - hot water only turns on radiators

    When I turn on water only on the logic 24 boiler the water heats up and so does the radiators. It’s a a single floor apartment with the boiler recently serviced and the safety valve and 12 litre vessel change. Using the hive heating system.
  3. L

    How do I fit Bosch thermostatic valves to old radiators .

    background: I have 15 radiators 20+ years old with no thermostatic valves and Bosch instructions depend on replacing the actuator part only of old thermostatic valves. Surely there is an option for new complete valve replacing? Tom
  4. I

    Electric Boiler or Rointe type stand alone radiators

    I am renovating a 2 bedroom flat that currently has no central heating and will rent out. Looking to the future I understand electric is best option but confused as to whether I should go with a combi boiler and hot water radiators or Rointe stand alone electric radiators? I cannot find an...
  5. J

    radiators cold at the bottom

    Our newly bought house doesnt have a filter on the combi and most of the radiators (microbore) dont heat up at the bottom which im putting down to sludge and other gunk i intend to fit a filter (not sure which 1 yet) and run some clearer through it (fernox f3 has been recommended) i am also...
  6. K

    Radiators won't heat up?

    We have a oil burner and recently got a back boiler stove plumber in. The pipes were already there for the stove but have been dormant for 8 years until I got the stove plumbed in. It created a massive air lock in the system. The radiators are ran on 2 loops (living area and bedrooms) I got the...
  7. J

    Major issues with New Boiler system and radiators

    Just had new Worcester Greenstar 8000 Lite Boiler and all radiators replaced. We upgraded to a combi Boiler. Had issues during and now after installation. Radiators are based over three floors with Four on the ground floor, Four on the First floor and three on the top floor. Issues...
  8. K

    What's the story - Kermi radiators?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find out if Kermi rads. are still being imported to the UK. Does anyone know? Asking them on their website was a total failure, so any info. would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. J

    All new radiators top half hot ?

    Hi, I had whole house radiators installed (and new boiler and unvented cylinder system), totally 11 radiators+3 towel rails in the bathrooms. The 11 radiators were installed by the boiler engineer, the 3 towel rails were installed by bathroom fitter. The 3 towel rails all are evenly hot from...
  10. B

    How many radiators off a 22mm flow

    Hi all I currently have 6 old radiators (downstairs) off what looks like 15mm pipework. It comes off the zone valve in 22mm and then goes under the suspended floor and is 15mm throughout. It takes forever to heat the rooms and as the radiators need replacing anyway I was looking to upgrade to...
  11. C

    3 Radiators Not Working

    Hello all, I'm hoping someone out there may be able to help as I'm gong around the bend trying to understand why only 3 radiators won't heat up! My story: Around September 2021, 2 of the 3 radiators were not working and since the cold weather was coming and since the boiler usually gets it's...
  12. Frankey

    Platic pipes near radiators

    Hi guys. I'm getting the radiators installed in my property now and I'm struggling between plastic and copper pipes to radiators. I've asked 2 plumbers and they said opposite opinions. The first one said only copper pipes is allowed into radiators, and the second plumber agreed to install...
  13. B

    Column radiators cost to heat house

    We have recently installed column radiators (stelrad regal) pretty much throughout our house during renovation/extension work. We choose steel radiators for the classic design. I knew they would contain more water than traditional radiators but that information isn’t really advertised and I just...
  14. Y

    Two cold radiators, rest fine, balancing doesn't seem to help

    Hi everyone, I have CH with a system boiler with a header tank and 8mm micro bore pipes to the radiators, fairly standard setup I guess. House is 1990s. My issue is that two of my radiators are cold, while the rest are perfectly fine. Both the problem radiators are downstairs and close...
  15. nick_a_louse

    Air getting into upstairs radiators. Possibly caused by kettling?

    I need some help from the internet before I waste any more time and money trying to fix air getting in to my central heating! Looking for advise on what to do next, as the 3 plumbers I've used so far haven't been much use. Down in East London, near Romford for what it's worth! Issue summary...
  16. B

    pressure very high. all radiators on even when trvs closed.

    hi all some advice combi boiler is heating water and heating comes on fine. its an ecotec plus - vaillant Issue - Pressure is way to high, sits at 3.3 and goes right up to 3.7 when on. im worried something bad will happen soon. im not sure when it started, but been like this for a month or...
  17. C

    URGENT Radiators with or without TRV's

    I have 2 vertical radiators , when the TRV is fitted the radiators fail to get hot. I have replaced both TRVs for new and check the operation of the valve to confirm is correct operation but still no heat If I removed the TRVs completely the radiators get hot, I would be grateful if someone...
  18. F

    Are these radiators odd/special sized?

    Hi everybody. I am currently renovating my house and it has come to the time to plaster the lounge. Therefore, I new to remove the old radiators that are in there. They are single skin radiators and look very old. Therefore, I want to replace them. So, I measured them both and promptly...
  19. A

    Radiators very slow to heat up

    Radiators very slow to warm up on ground floor. I live in a two storey house with unvented hot water cylinder and closed CH system. Boiler is on ground floor. The unvented hot water cylinder, water pump and expansion vessels are in the loft. Ground floor CH has two port valve and radio...
  20. F

    Loft Conversion Radiators

    I have recently added an extra floor to my 3 bed semi by converting my loft. I ran a dedicated circuit in 22mm to a towel rad and a single radiator. It is on its own zone valve. The boiler is a Worcester Junior combi. I have plumbed and wired this in myself. I a part P electrician. The pipes...