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Radiators are heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating. The majority of radiators are constructed to function in cars, buildings, and electronics.A radiator is always a source of heat to its environment, although this may be for either the purpose of heating this environment, or for cooling the fluid or coolant supplied to it, as for automotive engine cooling and HVAC dry cooling towers. Despite the name, most radiators transfer the bulk of their heat via convection instead of thermal radiation.

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  1. Lou

    Show us your fanciest radiators you have installed!!

    Show us your fanciest radiators you've installed! We would love to see them! I love this Milano vertical radiator in the kitchen space. What do you think?
  2. T

    I have a mixture of radiators range between 25 & 60 years old

    have a mixture of radiators range between 25 & 60 years old.Im having a new boiler fitted, do I change all the rads or just the old ones? Cheers
  3. J

    Radiators not heating as expected? previously were

    Hi All, In Dec 2023 I had my annual boiler service and asked the plumber to change 2 radiator valves as the radiator in the toilet downstairs was not working. He changed both valves and still the radiator was not working. He put some chemicals in and said it should break up anything that is...
  4. C

    Some radiators not hot

    Hi all, Looking for some advice please. Got a building, all one level with 7 radiators. 3 individual ones in separate rooms then 4 radiators all together in one large room. The issue is with the 4 radiators in the large room. Basically not getting hot, the first 10% of the radiator is...
  5. T

    Pricing rads for friends

    Could do with some advice, might be fitting some radiators for a family friend. I've done loads of freebies for friends and family and still currently in my apprenticeship, theres five radiators in total, i haven't looked at the job as of yet so not sure whether pipework will need altering or...
  6. B

    Radiators not heating.

    Hi. I hope some one can help. I have a condensing oil burner and it runs fine but the radiators don't heat. Heats the hot water fine. The pump runs and the thermostat turns the boiler on and off. Thinking it could be a thermistor. All help greatly appreciated.
  7. M

    Install Radiators Via Wall Using Speedfit

    Hi All, I'd like to install new radiators in my home which are currently fed by copper pipe via the floor boards. I live in a bungalow and access beneath floorboards is quite good access. I'd like to change the piping to come out the walls instead and therefore looking to use speedfit products...
  8. S

    Why are my radiators not all coming on, some barely heating up etc

    Hello, So we have a two year old boiler and have cleaned / flushed the system twice recently but not all radiators will heat at the same time. All radiators have the ability to heat when the others are isolated so not likely the TRV. have been attempting to balance but seems like maybe not...
  9. W

    Can anyone help me understand the difference between two radiators?

    I'm looking to put an extra column radiator in my living room and when doing my research found one secondhand on Facebook marketplace that I figured could help me save some money on what can be expensive radiators. Anyway, the advert had a link to the sale page for the radiator...
  10. D

    Downstairs radiators only get warm when i turn off upstairs radiators

    Hi. Turned my heating on for the 1st time today, i bled every radiator as haven't done it since last winter. upstairs worked fine but an hour or 2 later I noticed downstairs was still cold. I looked for some advice online and turned the trv's off and locksheilds for the upstairs only and...
  11. M

    Best radiator brands?

    Hi folks. I need to replace a few rads, about 30 years old. Any advice on best quality rads appreciated. I got a quote from City Plumbing for their Halcyon rads, made by Stelrad ... the guy told me they are the same as genuine Stelrad, but cheaper. A good bet? Thanks.
  12. G

    Radiators are hot with hot water

    I've just bought a 3-floor house with a gas boiler on the ground floor and hot water tank on the middle floor. When I switch on the hot water at the timer panel, it works but it also heats up all the radiators above ground floor. I have to close them individually to stop this. The rads aren't...
  13. M

    Flushing radiators unit Kamstrup 401

    At beginning I would like to say Hello to all members and I would like to introduce mysel as novice DIY plumber. I managed to change radiator, top-up water and bleed it, also I would like to flush -replacing water in radiators in whole house, as it's 6 years old and water is stinky and yellow...
  14. S

    Connecting radiators to UFH Manifold?

    Hi Everyone I wasn’t sure whether to post this in here or UFH but hopefully I’m posting this in the correct group. I’m in the throes of a full renovation and am currently designing the central heating system, I’m installing radiators (11 or 12 in total) and am going to run each rad from its...
  15. McDoosh

    Vaillant EcoTec - 10mm pipework to radiators?

    Hi, just about to bite the bulklet on a new boiler and radiators, Vaillant EcoTec Plus 32kW. Is 10mm pipework to the radiators sufficient? Thanks
  16. M

    Radiators Permantly on

    Hi Guys I could do with some help here. I have tried search but no found an answer. We have just had a new boiler fitted which is a Vailliant Eco TEC Sustain, along with a Neomitis Thermostat. The tempreture on the theremostate is set to 20C the thermostat is dsiplaying the room tempreture as...
  17. R

    Hot water turns on radiators

    When the hot water is set to on, the radiators also warm up. Two 2-port valve / cylinder/gas boiler system. Seemed possible likely that the valve to the heating was sticking open (partially?). This valve was replaced the problem remains. What could be other possible causes? When the heating...
  18. J

    Need (simple) help with boilermate boiler and radiators

    Hi we moved into our house last summer and it wasn’t until winter we started having problems. We couldn’t get the radiators to work until my dad came around and fiddled with loads of stuff on the boiler and the radiators. To his credit it worked but now we can’t get the radiators to go off and...
  19. L

    Change radiators for new ones ?

    This winter seemed colder than last so I am thinking of replacing my central heating radiators for new ones. The existing radiators are probably around 20 years old, they have TRV's fitted and most are double panel. they all get hot and the combi boiler is working fine. Would there be any...
  20. Lukman

    Advice regarding new radiators

    Hi. I currently have a house full of acova radiators from B and Q. They Dont heat up like other radiators. I am planning to change all my radiators this summer to type 22 radiators. I have looked but I’m after some good advice on which type 22 are the best. If you can please provide any...
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