1. J

    Can't remove quarter turn tap head

    I can't remove the tap head for the cold quarter turn tap. The hot one comes off easily as it is not used much. How can I remove the cold tap head?
  2. R

    Access to ceramic valve on quarter turn tap

    I'm baffled how to access a ceramic valve in order to replace it on this quarter turn sink tap. Here's the tap... I can remove the arm... ...and unscrew the collar to lift it up a little... ...and unscrew the fixing plate that secures the tap to the sink... ...but I can't get to the...
  3. D

    How do I remove this quarter turn ceramic valve?

    I cannot work out a way to actually remove the cartridge so I can replace it. Trying to fix a dripping tap! Help please….
  4. R

    Dripping Quarter Turn Cold Water Kitchen Sink Tap.

    I have a quarter turn cold water kitchen tap that has a slight drip and cannot see if the valve assembly is removed from the top? ---- there is a blue plastic cover in the top but does not seem to come off?.......... have photos of tap if anyone can help?.
  5. P

    One and a quarter BSP pipework

    Hi, Just joined the forum. I have a large log burner which has one and a quarter inch BSP fittings. I wish to change the layout of the pipes after removing an old oil boiler. The pipework is rock solid in the fittings and even using a Stilson with a length of scaffold pole attached won't...
  6. A

    quarter turn bath mixer

    Hi chaps, Can anybody identify this bath mixer ? Would any of the quarter turn bath revivers work - i.e. new cartridge and handle; many thanks dave
  7. T

    Very slow hot supply

    Hi I have taken over a job where a total incompetent fool was playing plumber but clearly did not have a clue. Has destroyed the poor home owners gaff, started at just a leaking Johnson fitting (back to front) the catalog of mess is endless. The pipe work he done looked like mario had been at...
  8. M

    Fitting quater turn taps

    Hey what are peoples thoughts on fitting quarter turn taps, as if they ever starting dripping in the future finding a replacement ceramic disc can be hard or if not able to source means a new tap. I have a kitchen tap to swap for a elderly women an feel a quarter turn tap would be easier to...
  9. W

    Underground pipe connection advice needed

    Hi all, I am currently doing a diy project to creat a downstairs wc. I have laid a 3m underground pipe(110mm) through the kitchen and connected to main waste pipe. My concern is that can I drill few 40mm holes on the “leveled” waste pipe to connect sink and dishwasher etc.? Is there any other...
  10. S

    replacing quarter turn bath valve insert.

    Hi I have a problem with one of the valves on my bath mixer.The hot tap insert has fractured around the thread.I have had a look online for a replacement but cant seem to find the same insert.The mixer taps are a good few years old now.My taps is the older type quarter turn with the rubber...
  11. S

    noisy mixer bath tap

    We have just put in a new bathroom, the sink now has a mixer tap which when turned on makes a hell of a din all over the house. Help? Its driving me potty.
  12. G

    Help finding 2 unusual ceramic disc valve replacements (for old quarter turn taps)

    I have two very leaky taps which I am struggling to find replacement cartridges for. I bought a couple of valves from my local plumbers merchants but they did not fit... I took them back and was advised unless I knew the manufacturer and model it would be an impossible task to find...
  13. C

    Quarter turn heads

    Where are people buying their quarter turn lever tap heads from online? I replace a fair few and need a decent supplier.
  14. D

    Please help. Hot water in bath only fills up one quarter of tub then goes off

    Hello all. Please if anyone can help... I moved into a social housing flat with my little boy last June, and we don't have a shower, only a bath tub, and the hot water always runs out at about a quarter full (the flow literally stops) and all you get is cold water from the other tap. I have...
  15. C

    quarter turn!

    anybody know if quarter turn cartridges fit most taps (1/2" mainly) ??? and where do you buy them cheapest from?thanks
  16. D

    My kitchen pipe is leaking

    hi, just wanna ask question here.. hope someone will help me.. my kitchen pipe is leaking.. donno why ?? it kept creating that horrible sound each night... any tips to cover it.....
  17. T

    quarter turn tap

    what is the best way to detemain, wich tap is causing a drip, when there is a combi installed, on a quarter turn ceramic type tap, hot or cold?
  18. G

    Bath Fitting Advice

    Hi all, I would be much obliged if someone could provide a little advise in fitting a bath. Firstly I am not a plumber as this would be straight forward for any professional. I have purchased a Carron Acrylic bath and the cradle has two W shaped legs that fit into black plastic toggles which...
  19. P

    Leaking combi boiler - help!

    Hi guys, over from the Sparks forum (no jokes please). The isolating valve on the return is leaking - it's one of the in-line, quarter turn types. It's ****ing out the seal of the valve (where you would put in a driver for the quarter turn). How best to release the pressure in the circuit...
  20. D


    internal stopcock will not shut off completely out side stopcock just keeps turning easily and does nothing

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