1. J

    Tankless oil boiler/water heater - not enough

    We are a family of 5, we are not getting enough hot water from our relatively new tankless heater (it fluctuates in heat all the Time and won’t fill up a bath consistently with hot water - can’t support 5 people) . We want to add a water tank to increase amount of hot water available but have...
  2. Gordon

    Oil Central Heating Quote

    Plumber has quoted me £9,000 to install 1300Lt Oil Tank, Grant 36e External Combi Boiler, 5 small radiators and 2 large radiators. No VAT. Plus another £100 to sign off. Electrician quoted £370 to supply Nest Thermostat and conect to boiler. Builder wants £500 to lay the slab for the oil tank...
  3. kris

    Worcester heatslave problems any oil engineers here

    Any oil folks in the here today. I dont hardly do oil as all gas here except country side etc . anyway I've one customer I had problems with this boiler earlier in the year I changed oil pump and capacitor and that fixed that. Now I'm back again and when calling for heat it runs and runs...
  4. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...
  5. I

    Oil fired Rayburn persistent fumes after service.

    I've been servicing my own oil fired Rayburn for years without any problems. Immediately after my last service, a few days ago, it smelt really fumey, stank the whole house out. It also would have regular (what I call mini-explosions - it's not that dramatic, but I can't think of a better word...
  6. B

    Accidentally fixed toilet - advice

    Hey guys So I got back to my flat last night and noticed my toilet kept overflowing from the cistern into the bowl. So a constant very slow trickle of water flowing into the funnel circled in blue (photo attached) Anyway - I took the top off my cistern and started fiddling around with...
  7. KenLM

    Low water pressure. Non-standard boiler.

    Hey folks, I’m moving into a 2 storey house built in 1970s, and water pressure upstairs is really bad. The current system: cold water supplied from mains, good pressure. Cold water is stored in a tank in the attic. Downstairs there’s a boiler, however it’s the first time I see one like that...
  8. N

    toilet leaking

    Hi, My toilet is leaking. After flushing there is water flowing. It is clean water so I wonder what that is. Please, can you advise further? thanks, Naveen
  9. B

    Replacing a toilet, but don't recognise this soil flange in the floor to join a pan connector?!

    Hope someone can identify what I need to connect my new toilet pan to the vertical soil pipe in the bathroom floor. The old toilet's pan drained vertically into the soil pipe. I now need to fit a new toilet + pan connector, but the flange in the floor doesn't appear to be catered-for when it...
  10. S

    Struggling to dismantle top fixing toilet seat

    I’m trying to replace a top fixing toilet seat but can’t figure how to dismantle the existing one. There’s no brand name found anywhere including for the main toilet. Photo attached. It’s not the easy push in/pull out type and not soft closing. The tiny screws (circled) won’t turn - knackered. I...
  11. P

    Oil Tank filter

    I went to check the filter on my oil tank (plastic, bunded, 1300l)which I fitted two years ago. 5000l of oil had been used with no problems to date but I thought I'd check since the tank was filled last week. I thought when I fitted the filter supplied with the tank that it was a poor design of...
  12. A

    Grant euroflame condensing oil boiler losing pressure

    Hi all, Hope you might be able to help. Last year I installed a new boiler as per title. Since then the pressure is always very low to none and I have to constantly top it up. The system was fed from a tank in the attic and had very low pressure, at best 0.4. I had it swapped it to be fed...
  13. Blinkinhek

    Having problems with Remeha Combi-Boiler

    For a couple of months now the CH side of the boiler has been leaking water. It would leak for a couple of days and stop. Very intermittent, but very annoying when we get water dripping everywhere (so the system would depressure quite significantly). I have isolated the behaviour to a valve on...
  14. J

    If your boiler broke down, you don’t need a boiler service...

    ...you need a breakdown repair! No better way to rub up a plumber the wrong way folks ;)
  15. B

    Boiler replacement

    Hi all. We have at present a Biasi M96.24 which has been with us since jesus was born and it's now time to replace it. We have been told that the one fitted now is no longer made so will have to have a different model. We want another Biasi as we have had no problem with it until now. My...
  16. M

    Question about bath, sink, toilet distances

    Hello all, I have a question about the distances between and around sanitary appliances, namely bath, toilet and sink I am replacing a bathroom with the position of the appliances not changing. I have been looking at BS 6465-2:2017 and cannot understand the distances between appliances and...
  17. C

    Help identifying a toilet brand/model

    Hello, I have a toilet with a broken flush button and the toilet has no brand name on it anywhere. Could anyone identify this by the photos provided?
  18. O

    Push toilet flush not working

    The push button on the wall for my toilet no longer works. It pushes in but does not flush the toilet. I can flush manually by pushing down in the cistern - photo attached. I have checked the tube from the button leading to this and there does not appear to be holes. Anyone know what the fix may...
  19. L

    Toilet doesn’t fill up

    Hi, over the past few weeks my toilet has a constant running water sound. No water running into the pan just the tank. After flushing the toilet tonight the water is now hardly coming through like it was before. It’s taking about half an hour to fill up why could this be?
  20. N

    Will a combi boiler be adequate for my house?

    We recently moved into a new home that currently has a Super Hot MG-100 Hydronic Boiler (installed in 1986, when the house was built). Clearly, the boiler is way past its life expectancy and in need of replacement. We had a couple of boiler companies come give us a quote and one of them...
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