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An oil is any nonpolar chemical substance that is composed primarily of hydrocarbons and is both hydrophobic (does not mix with water, literally "water fearing") and lipophilic (mixes with other oils, literally "fat loving"). Oils are usually flammable and surface active. Most oils are unsaturated lipids that are liquid at room temperature.
The general definition of oil includes classes of chemical compounds that may be otherwise unrelated in structure, properties, and uses. Oils may be animal, vegetable, or petrochemical in origin, and may be volatile or non-volatile. They are used for food (e.g., olive oil), fuel (e.g., heating oil), medical purposes (e.g., mineral oil), lubrication (e.g. motor oil), and the manufacture of many types of paints, plastics, and other materials. Specially prepared oils are used in some religious ceremonies and rituals as purifying agents.

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  1. P

    Oil fired central heating boiler issue ?

    Hi, Over the past few months, my wife and I have noticed a constant pulsing sound throughout the house which is particularly noisy at night (this could be as a result of us noticing the sound more when there is less environmental noise). Unfortunately, it is severely disrupting our sleep, so we...
  2. P

    Grant Vortex 50/90 oil boiler with open air tube spigot

    Grant Vortex 50/90 condensing oil boiler where the air tube spigot over the fan is not connected to the existing flue, should this be closed off with a Reillo cover plate to stop vermin getting into the open fan motor.If is blanked over will need a further combustion test to confirm adequate...
  3. J

    Trianco Eurostar 50 - 60 (S) oil burner riello motor problem

    I'm looking for some advice on a frustrating problem I'm having with my old Eurostar 50-60s oil boiler please? Although it's old, most parts needed to operate it are now new. The symptoms indicated a broken/seized burner motor or oil pump. I wrongly assumed the motor so I ordered a new one only...
  4. R

    Grant oil boiler problem

    Any advice welcome as plumber stumped Had 36-46 grant vortex utility boiler 7 years no problem recently oil tank move and tigerloop install (tank about 1m lower). 10 days later and boiler either doesn't fire or fires stops, fires runs splutters stops. Most it runs now is 10 mins, but that's...
  5. Ant0912

    Flow & Return firebird C26 combi oil boiler

    Hi, can anyone tell me which pipes are flow and return please. I removed old leaking 2008 C26 firebird oil boiler in June . We have now completed damp proofing works & I need to extend these 4 pipes to go through the wall and into a new boiler room. This area will then be stud wall and...
  6. H

    Worcester Bosch Oil Heatslave Switch On Problem

    Help Please We have a 2005 Worcester Bosch Oil Heatslave 26/32 that is fitted with the optional timer. Recently we have a problem. To get either the heating or hot water to switch on the timer has first to be set for both to be ON but this just prepares the unit as neither will switch on at...
  7. T

    Oil Boiler and System upgrade

    Hi All, We have finally decided after a bit of a persuasion to have installed a utility room in our garage that currently houses our oil boiler. Initially we thought the boiler may stay in place but after discussions with the builder we would have to move the boiler to replace the floor and...
  8. F

    Oil regulators on suspended oil heaters

    Im working on 6 suspended air blowers running old riello G5s.Oil tank is 100m away on ground level so 5m lower than the burners.So each unit has a Tigerloop which are all supplied with half inch iron pipework. Each unit has isolating valve 3\8 regulator oil filter then tigerloop. Can anyone...
  9. F

    Oil Combi Boiler Hot/Cold/Hot

    Hello. I have an oil fuelled combi boiler and the hot water starts hot, then goes cold for a few seconds and then back to hot... Is this right? Thank you.
  10. R

    Advice for replacement pool oil boiler

    I've a client with a rusty 20yr+ old Certikin 180 (44kw) oil pool boiler that needs changing. Certikins replacement looks like it is the exact same boiler. It has a riello r40 burner and non condensing 85% efficient boiler... Oftec say it wouldn't be compliant and would have to contact Building...
  11. A

    Does Grant Vortex 15/26 suck oil?

    My oil boiler is 2009 vintage. Just been serviced. Had a new tank fitted by approved fitter. I notice that the bottom of the tank is roughly on the level of the boiler feed pipe. Then I notice in the Grant instal manual for a single pipe feed the tank should be 300mm min above the boiler feed...
  12. W

    Firebird oil boiler hot water

    My firebird oil boiler hw supply is luke warm, but does heat up slightly when run if the ch is on at the same time. Is this a faulty diverter valve? If so could I replace this myself as I've heard they're expensive to fix. Tia
  13. S

    Worcester Oil Heatslave 20/25 Thumping / Knocking Noise

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have a Worcester Oil Heatlslave 20/25 that has started making a fairly loud knocking noise and the the pressure gauge flicks a little when the noise thumps. The hot water still works, I've turned off the heating for the time being. Any ideas on what the...
  14. C

    what is this part called ? reillo g3b oil pump

    got new oil and tried to start my reillo g3b oil burner ,when it idnt fire and went to lockout i bleed the pump and check the nozzle ,and eventually took apart the pump to find lots of black oil slug around the oil pump.so i cleaned all the stuff of and cleaned through the pump and the only...
  15. D

    Heatslave greenstar II 18/25 duel oil feed

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I just picked up a 2015 greenstar 2 heatslave 18/25 oil boiler to replace my relic from the 80's (still a greenstar bit not up to the flow requirements and it's not a condensing boiler so not efficient). Obviously a used item, it has 2 oil feeds. My current boiler...
  16. R

    Locked out & smelling of oil

    Hi, we have Worcester Bosch heatslave external oil boiler 18/25 Boiler locked out. Pressure was below 0.5 so brought pressure back up. When lock out is reset the burner attempts to light but sounds like a bag of spanners and cuts out again smelling strongly of oil. We have plenty of oil & the...
  17. Nicjones

    Riello 2.2 rgb oil burner won’t start

    Hello all Our riello burner intermittently won’t ignite. However for some reason when you tap gently the oil pump it lights every time. Any help appreciated. Thank you
  18. C

    Oil fired boiler and additives?

    I'm new to oil fired boilers. The first time I topped up my oil tank, I had the supplier organise the additive. From now on, I will buy my own additives. Is there any particular type the oil engineers on the forum would recommend? Heating only, no aga ect.
  19. E

    new grants external oil fired combi

    Hi, is it ok to turn on and use new grants external oil combi boiler, before it gets commisioned next week ? or can this cause any damage at all, ? many thanks.
  20. D

    oil boiler overflow dripping

    Hi, We have a Grant oil combi boiler. Only 3 years old. Been a right pain. Already had expansion vessel replaced and the 3 bar PRV and another thing that I have forgotten name of, but it has a load of copper mini pipes is a square loop. Then when it was really cold the overflow started chucking...
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