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The Motorised Submersible Canoe (MSC), nicknamed Sleeping Beauty, was built by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II as an underwater vehicle for a single frogman to perform clandestine reconnaissance or attacks against enemy vessels.

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  1. A

    Urgent: drayton motorised valve z5 issue

    Hi, i am replacing a 2 port z5 drayton valve with a 3 port mid position drayton. Can anyone please tell me what changes i have to make to the wiring. Another post suggested: 'you have to connect both white and grey wires to where the brown wire of the old head was connected' I have cocked up...
  2. A

    Replacing motorised valve steps

    Hi Folks, Please advise as i wish to change a motorised valve connected to a heat only gas boiler: Turn off the boiler Turn off the mains water Find a draining point and drain system Replace motorised valve Make sure draining point is closed. Turn on mains...
  3. N

    Range Tribune HE, not heating hot water

    Range Tribune HE, not heating hot water. Motorised valve keeps closing and water luke warm. Is the dual temperature probe broken
  4. J

    Loud clunk from motorised valve

    When either of the 2 port motorised valves closes, I get a loud clunk. A Honeywell automatic bypass valve was fitted a year or so back to replace a gate valve bypass. I'm happy its in the correct position & orientation, Its set to 0.2 bar. I don't believe we had this clunk last year. I suspect...
  5. M

    Heating but no hot water

    Hi experts, i'm looking for some advice to get to the bottom of my boiler problem. The boiler is a Glowworm Ultimate 40FF so a traditional NOT combi boiler. The problem is i cant get hot water. Call for heating alone and boiler comes on and heats up the rads. Call for hot water alone and...
  6. tecnam2011

    Motorised valve - manual close

    Hi guys, our conventional oil boiler heating system has only ever heated our radiators and our hot water at the same time; we have no isolated hot water control, just a timer that does both. I'd love to be able to just heat our hot water from the boiler during the summer. I had a look in our...
  7. M

    Motorised valve clicking

    Just discovered a loud ticking noise coming from the boiler area and the zone valve seems to be causing it with a metal lever moving in one direction then resetting and trying again. It's only just started and system is new, less than 6m full CH replaced, pipes/rads/boiler/magnetic filter etc...
  8. H

    Drayton motorised valve

    I'm needing to replace a Drayton Mid Position valve Actuator, code MA1. The failed one is 3-wire (red, green, black) but all the new ones I've found advertised are 5-wire (yet the cover data plates are identical!). Question is - can I replace the 3-wire actuator with a 5-wire, and if so how...
  9. N

    Motorised valve on hot water

    So, I went to this job yesterday to change over a faulty motorised valve on the hot water side of an unvented system. I drained the system, wired the new one up and fitted the new valve, this system is fed from a communal boiler in the building which might be part of the reason for the issue I...
  10. P

    Honeywell three port motorised valve - replace the whole thing? And other questions...

    Hi again I'm on a roll with the plumbing questions today! So here's query #2... We've not used our hot water for quite some time, and it now doesn't work. From what I can gather based on what I've learnt in the last hour or two, I think the problem is with the 3 port motorised valve. When...
  11. B

    Honeywell motorised valve not working correctly?

    I have a Honeywell value (V4073A1039) which doesn't seem to be operating correctly, basically not opening when using heating and not closing when using water. The issues is shown in this video.....
  12. G

    Morning unvented megaflo motorised valve position

    Morning Is there a maximum distance from the megaflo that the hot water motorised valve connected to the cyl stat ? moving tank from cupboard to attic Cheers
  13. L

    Orkli 2 port motorised valve

    Hi has anyone ever come across a orkli 2 port motorised valve60520604(silver case) I only need actuator but finding it hard to source exact replacement, also do you know if the actuator can be replaced on this model without draining. Im only familier with honeywell and drayton. If not no...
  14. D

    Hot water issue / Motorised Valve

    Evening all, hoping someone can shed some light on this issue. Heating works fine, though as soon as you turn on the hot water, it shuts the boiler off. Turn it off and the boiler comes back on. The motorised valve body turns freely by hand with valve head taken off and if placed in hot water...
  15. B

    Can anyone identify this 3 way motorised valve?

    as you can see someone has previously removed the cover so I can't find a make or serial number to buy a replacement. Has anyone come across this valve before?? or if its a standard size and most valves should fit with the current pipe work TIA
  16. Reddwarf4ever

    Honeywell V4073A 3 Port Motorised Valve Wiring question

    Hi i checked the wiring colours are the same from the junction box to the current 3 port valve, as the new one. But although I could turn off the house mains, I would prefer not to, is it easy to tell if the wires are live, using a multimeter, ? Have an isolation switch, but not 100% sure if...
  17. C

    Wiring UFH and Radiators

    Boiler: Valiant Ecotec 832 UHF (new): 2 zone mixing manifold, Heatmiser Neo Air thermostats x2, Heatmiser UH8 RF (wireless) wiring centre Central Heating (existing): Netatmo radiator valves connected to Netatmo thermostat and boiler relay Other (new): Two Honeywell motorised valves - 1 for CH...
  18. D

    Honeywell 2 port motorised valve screeches when shutting off

    Hi all, I have a 2 port motorised valve that screeches when CH shuts off, this has been ok for 6 months. System is a combo boiler operating 2 zones CH & underfloor heating with a safety PR valve. Both valves plumbed correct flow direction, is this classic water hammer from a defective...
  19. D

    Motorised valve seems way too hot

    Bit of a puzzle with home heating - 18yr old 'Y' Plan system with 12 rads, one big and one small cold header tanks in loft and a hot cylinder with coil in first floor airing cupboard. Two weeks ago heating stopped working - but hot water production still OK. For a few days following, if I moved...
  20. TMHM

    “Ticking” motorised valve

    Getting a high pitched “ticking” noise ( I can’t hear it, but the wife can) from the motorised heating/water control valve. Is this normal? As I typed this, I realised I can check it by turning off the hot water / heating one at a time and see if the telltale moves. Answers would still be...
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