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Boiler: Valiant Ecotec 832
UHF (new): 2 zone mixing manifold, Heatmiser Neo Air thermostats x2, Heatmiser UH8 RF (wireless) wiring centre
Central Heating (existing): Netatmo radiator valves connected to Netatmo thermostat and boiler relay
Other (new): Two Honeywell motorised valves - 1 for CH and one for UFH

We have had an underfloor heating system installed in a new extension with two zones - not yet fully commissioned. We also have standard radiators in the rest of the house.

The wiring centre for the UFH is wireless so does not accept wired input from thermostats. This is fine for the Neo Air Thermostats but it means we can not wire in our existing Netatmo thermostat and we can not connect it wirelessly. This means that the wiring centre can control the UFH motorised valve and the boiler but not the CH motorised valve.

My question is: to control the both motorised valves can we use a secondary wiring centre and could we wire the UH8 RF wiring centre to this one instead of wiring it to the boiler and motorised valves and have the secondary wiring centre control valves, boiler etc? If so is there a specific type of wiring centre we need?


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