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  1. R

    First Underfloor heating install advice and tips

    Got an underfloor heating to install and Ive done a few repairs on manifolds etc but this is the first design and install for me. Advice and tip requested. The job is a kitchen extension with under floor heating this .will be added to the existing rad heated house. The new heated areas will be...
  2. L

    Is it more expensive to move a boiler than install a new one?

    Hi, We're having an extension done at the moment and our contract with our builder covers the cost to relocate our existing boiler in to our new utility room. After builder had boiler inspected, it turns out we can't move the boiler because it's "illegal" as too old to be made safe. As a...
  3. Golden

    URGENT Can I install a reversed P-trap in a run of pipe to sink? raise w-pipe

    Hi, I would appreciate any help on the below please. Can I install a reversed P-trap in a run of pipe from my sink to raise pipe? I have an existing waste pipe that disposes the washing machine waste, I am adding a sink to the configuration by connecting a T to the existing waste pipe and...
  4. B

    Bath waste pipe install?

    I’ve removed a shower tray & have installed a bath. I’ve got the trap ready to go on but how do I go about connecting pipework up to this? Obviously I will unscrew that old shower waste off.
  5. M

    How difficult would it be to install an outside tap?

    As the title suggests i'd like to install an outside tap. I've only got 1 location for it really but i just wanted to know how difficult it will be? Because it's the right weather to have one fitted and having a hose is easier for certain tasks instead of using a watering can all the time. I...
  6. S

    Hot tub boiler install

    Hi all. I have bought a cheap boiler to run my hot tub as others have on the interweb and have a question that you amazing plumbers will probably know the answer to straight away. I have the setup as pictured below and I am about to run some tests to get the best output all round. I am looking...
  7. A

    I have learned to streamline the install process

    Streamlining installs . Hi guys ,I’m a plumber who is on the autsm spectrum. This means that Unlike most plumbers out there ,I Love repetitive work. If anyone knows of a company who needs an installer on a large job that requires the installation of identical units in each plot can u let me...
  8. T

    Need to install utility sink drain in this corner

    Really need help with this. This is my neighbor's Michigan basement. He is a WW2 vet and a great guy and I want to help him. Washing machine has been dumping into the cleanout for many years. Need to add a utility sink for washing machine discharge. How and where do I tie into the 4" main shown...
  9. g3lo18

    RHS42 Water Softener Install Help

    Hi all, I was hoping someone can guide me to install the RHS42 water softener. I am specifically having difficulty understanding what to use for connecting the softener to my existing water lines that seem to be cpvc. I saw a YouTube video of where someone used 1” to water softener and the...
  10. W

    Install boiler piping outside

    Hi there what’s the recommendations( also the type of insulation) for laying pex boiler pipes outside underground. And how do account for expansion over the length of about 15 metres. Thank you.
  11. B

    Need to install kitchen sink in bathroom

    Hi. I need to install a kitchen sink in a bathroom. I’d like to use a standard bathroom sink drain/stopper but the hole in the sink is too large. Is there some sort of oversized flange or similar I can use to reduce the size of the hole to accept the smaller drain? Thanks!
  12. H

    Shower wall plate install

    Evening all, Concealed valve install coming up. A fixed head and a handheld, both of which have 1/2” threads of different lengths. How do I get the wall plates in exactly the right position behind the wall? Thanks in advance
  13. J

    To install pipe thermostat to prevent freezing?

    A few days ago the Bosch engineer came to house to check the built-in frost protection in my boiler, he said the built-in frost protection is only for boiler; I also should have installed a pipe frost protection or pipe thermostat, as the issue on the day was about built-in frost protection, now...
  14. D

    Oil boiler and central heating install Brecon

    Hi Guys Im doing a new build near Brecon, Powys. Its going to have oil boiler, heat store (big one) and radiators. No under floor heating. The raditors will fed via plastic, JG Speedfit. They will be connected to manifolds on 1st and loft floor. Each room to have its own thermostat. Dont...
  15. R

    Shower waste install

    Hi I'm fitting a shower tray and am just having a bit of trouble with the waste. I've included some pics. I understand I've made it with little room for maneuverability which I think is my problem. Anyway any tips appreciated. I cannot change the tray or change it's orientation.
  16. J

    Advice on Install a new Electric Shower (currently unvented cylinder)

    Advice on Install a new Electric Shower for shower cubicle and keep using the unvented cylinder water heater for bathtub I have an Unvented Cylinder Water heater 125 litre (MegaFlo) in an apartment of ( 15 years old) Currently it is not really capable of delivering enough hot water for more...
  17. T

    Can a Homeowner install His Own Gas Boiler?

    Interesting discussion ongoing on Pistonheads Forum, Home and DIY section. There are some muppets here but also some very knowledgeable people who have gone through the regs with a fine toothcomb and assert that provided you are not doing it for profit/reward or for someone else, then...
  18. O

    Install Grohe two hole tap, with the tap on the left

    Hello I bought a Grohe two hole tap like this one to install in a cloakroom, and got this concealed mixer for the tap. While all the pictures online show the tap on the right, the Grohe website clearly states the tap can be placed on the right or left. Due to space limitations, we need to have...
  19. S

    Shower tray orientation

    To make fitting of the trap pipework simpler, I’m considering turning the rectangular tray around such that the trap would be positioned behind the user i.e. the water would flow away from the shower. Is there any reason why I can’t do this / it’s unadvisable?
  20. J

    Approx price for tempering valve install for solar hotwater

    Just wanting advice on the average cost of installing a tempering valve on a solar hot water system located on the roof of single storey home. Ive been charged $445 inc gst, no extra parts needed and took plumber less than 30 minutes to install, it seems a bit steep Any advice appreciated