1. O

    Shower install advice

    After some advice please. Recently bought some shower panels to have installed. However the installers must have missed installing the waterproof trim I bought as didn't use it? How much of a problem is this? I was told by another installer that it should be used as external seals are no where...
  2. pufferfish91

    Smart Thermostat Install - Worcester Highflow 440

    We have recently moved into a property which has a Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440 Standalone Combi gas boiler. This appears to be a relatively old unit however, it is still in great working condition and has been serviced on a regular basis. I'd like to add a Nest Thermostat to control the...
  3. M

    Install Radiators Via Wall Using Speedfit

    Hi All, I'd like to install new radiators in my home which are currently fed by copper pipe via the floor boards. I live in a bungalow and access beneath floorboards is quite good access. I'd like to change the piping to come out the walls instead and therefore looking to use speedfit products...
  4. D

    Absent plumber help finish install asap please BH24

    Looking for a gas safe engineer to complete a boiler and cylinder install in Ringwood BH24. There was a delay of approx 8 months from the install to radiators being fitted and therefore able to comission the system. Our plumber is now employed elsewhere and unfortunately unable to complete this...
  5. T

    Emersion heater install

    I am fitting a 80 lt back up emersion, flat tank it's back up while I interview the existing gas boiler, mechanically not gas wise. I only have 14 mm pipes up stairs the run to shower is 2m for hot and cold pipes. There is no chance to fit a larger supply pipe. I am aware of press reduction...
  6. N

    Hive Heating & Hotwater install to Vaillant Thermocompact VU GB 242/1

    Hi, I am trying to link a Hive heating & hot water dual channel receiver to an old Vaillant THERMOcompact VU GB 242/1 E system boiler. It has an internal programmer that is similar to a time switch 120 (plug in seven day programmer) This programmer is connect to a terminal strip using 345 (three...
  7. A

    Combi Boiler Install in Devon, Exeter.

    Hi, I recently fitted a new central heating circuit and ran hot and cold to the bathroom and kitchen in my property (I was a CORGI registered central heating installer about 15 years ago, so I felt comfortable running the flow/return to rads). I am in need of a combi boiler install with a...
  8. L

    install mini tap pair and pressure limiting value

    Need supply and install of mini tap pair and pressure limiting value 350 KPA for dishwasher, I have got a quote for $1000, is this price justified ?
  9. N

    Combi boiler install doesn't seem quite right.

    I've just had a back boiler removed and combi boiler installed and have noticed that my radiators are heating up when using the hot water. I've been told this is due to the residual heat being moved around the system once the hot water is satisfied. But the radiators are heating up as soon as i...
  10. S

    Install new internal meter and remove external meter

    Hi all, I currently have an external water meter (which is a sub-meter) of my neighbours meter. The mains supply runs into their garden and then splits off into my sub-meter. We are planning on building an extension near to the existing external sub-meter and I have sought advice from Yorkshire...
  11. J

    How to install a Dudley concealed cistern toilet lever?

    Any advice as to how to install a Dudley concealed cistern toilet lever? The pack has three nuts but no instructions as to where they go.
  12. M

    Unvented cylinder install query??

    Hi guys. Is there any reason you can’t can’t downsize the hot water draw off from 22mm to 15mm straight away? Other than the flow rate being affected would there be any other concerns? Cheers
  13. M

    Heat pump unvented install balanced cold

    If changing a combi boiler system to a heat pump. What do they usually do with the balanced cold connection on the hot water cylinder? Cap it. And put a pressure reducer on the mains so they have equal hot and cold pressures? I can't see them repiping a balanced cold from the cylinder to each...
  14. A

    walk in shower install.

    morning everyone. Could someone please give me a ball park figure to have a bath removed and a walkin shower installed, wooden floor with joists, its a very small bathroom but can get a 750mm tray in, price to include tanking and full length polymer coated screen and tiling please. Job in York...
  15. J

    Mira digital shower install

    Hi guys , I want to install a Mira digital shower, Gravity fed system I have the correct shower, my cylinder is downstairs but I currently have an old type electric shower HOT and COLD fed from the loft on isolators . there's limited space in the attic to get to the tank but it looks like the...
  16. Ticking sound

    Central heating clicking noise. New install

    New install, under a year old. Boiler downstairs. Mega flow upstairs in airing cupboard. Undfloor downstairs. Rads upstairs. Whenever the heating comes on. I get a clicking ticking buzzing type sound. Please see videos. Coming I think from the metal boxes. Both upstairs and down. I believe...
  17. F

    got myself in a muddle! shower bar install

    hi all i got myself in a muddle. a friend of a friend came around at xmas to help me line up two copper pipes for shower bar install. the pipes were too short and no flex so he introduced me to Hep 2.0. he also did a dry fit and measured everything up to the mm. he left me with some patch work...
  18. R

    How long to install shower pump? Reality check required, please.

    Hi. I'm currently estimating on installing a new shower pump to feed an existing bath/shower diverter. Hot side: fit flange and spherical valve and Y strainer to old cylinder, reduce to 15 mm and to pump flexi and reconnect existing hot distributing pipe. Repair shelf in AC and fit twin...
  19. B

    Utility sink install in basement

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and would like to say hello and thanks for accepting me. I just purchased a home and I would like to install a utility sink in the basement. Below is a pictures of the location of the sink which would be under the window and a pic of a diagram of the plumbing...
  20. D

    install combi boiler and pressurised hot water cylinder

    Hello, looking for a heating engineer to recommend / install a pressurised cylinder and combi boiler system. There is ufh for a living space and two bathrooms, and radiators for the rest of the house. It's a 3 bed 2 bathroom property with solar panels on the roof, located in ringwood bh24. Any...
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