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Central heating clicking noise. New install

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New install, under a year old. Boiler downstairs. Mega flow upstairs in airing cupboard. Undfloor downstairs. Rads upstairs.

Whenever the heating comes on. I get a clicking ticking buzzing type sound. Please see videos. Coming I think from the metal boxes. Both upstairs and down. I believe they are valves. I have already called someone in once who replaced a valve. But it's didn't make a difference. The noise is still happening whenever the heating is on.

Is it crud or something in the water. Does it need a chemical flush. Or could it maybe be a loose hot pipe banging. But I Dont feel like the sound is coming from the walls. Both areas up and down the sound seems to be coming from the square metal boxes???
can anyone help, thank you


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Did they replace the whole valve or just the silver box ?
Sounds like a problem with the valve actuator slipping, but easy way to have it tested is if the plumber disconnected the power to valve and test with valve open briefly
So it’s 4am and after the noise woke me up. I’ve realised if I make it so the underfloor can’t come on at night. (then the noise doesn’t happen) and the upstairs heating using the rads. can still work quietly with no noise (independent thermostats)

The plumber did return yesterday and it has had a new valve. But what he thinks it is was
The old pump/valve degrigated and dropped physical bits into the heating pipes. Which are now flowing around the system.

How can he locate these bits? Or is that not it?

When the underfloor comes on. The sound happens for about 10 seconds straight and the quiet for about 30 seconds and the back to the noise in a loop


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