1. M

    Unvented discharge at high level current regs

    Hi they used to say as a last resort you could discharge the D2 pipework at high level and turn it back to the wall. Similar to a combi boiler. I have just looked back through the regs this seems to have changed and it isn't mentioned now. It now mentions if at high level it should be discharged...
  2. B

    High chlorine content with too many flats

    Hi everyone, Is it possible for chlorine content in mains water to be increase when everyone has been connected to the mains supply after being disconnected from water tanks. I feel that the water quality smells more of bleach and the cold water is a a lot drier on skin ever since the other...
  3. S

    Valliant EcoTech High Pressure

    Hello. I am a homeowner and have a Valliant EcoTech 835 (2017). Serviced every year and worked like a treat until about a few months ago when I notified the pressure reading was too high (> 3 bar). My plumber came and did a regular service and told me the boiler is in tip top condition. The...
  4. J

    UFH with high Output and high dT

    Two loop UFH system heating 24M2 with lots of glass. Loop lenghts 90M each X 16MM OD piping UFH output 9.52kw. flow/return 55C/34C, dT 21C fowrates, 3.0LPM & 3.5LPM = 6.5LPM total Boiler Vaillant Ecotec plus 438. flow/return 65C/59C due to high recirc rate required to get the boiler away at...
  5. R

    Radiator is heating up only to 1/3 of high

    Hi to all, I have bought a new radiator as replacement for old one. After installation by plumber, the new radiator is heating up only to 1/3 of high. The rest remain cold. Also, radiator is making quite loud noise when heating up. The system/radiator is free of air. My plumber was...
  6. O

    can i find a toilet to fit a flange that is too high?

    im a DIYer remodeling my master bath. long story short, after tiling my toilet flange is too high. im aware of all of the options to repair, but we could use a new toilet anyway..so my question is, is there a toilet made that will fit a high flange? or do I need to just suck it up and repair it?
  7. MichaelO

    Water supply line pressure: one too low, one too high

    Two connected houses in our 70s condo development, everyone served by one water meter at the road. 833 has 40 lbs of pressure while attached house 835 has over 100 lbs. -- no problems in either house or immediately outside -- and no pressure relief valves or shutoffs. Plumber traced the...
  8. J

    Very high water consumption

    Hi everyone, I moved into a new build three bedroom, two bathroom bungalow about 2.5 years ago. Ever since we moved in there has been an issue with the water pressure. Toward the end of last year the pressure had got worse. For instance, you could not run another tap in the house if a...
  9. P

    Loss of pressure & High Pitch Whistle in bathroom

    Equipment The shower (a cold feed electric unit) and the Kingspan tank are on the top floor of a 3 storey building. The Ideal Boiler Logic Heat 15 boiler is on the ground floor. The house is 9 years old in May. Both the boiler and Kingspan tank have been serviced in the last month. The shower...
  10. H

    Very high 75,000kw gas consumption - advice?

    Hi there, thanks for your time to look at this record long post!! I work on the operational management side or a small building contracting firm. This question is for my own house setup. We are really fortunate to have a large house, about 5,000sqft in total over 3 floors. It was built around...
  11. H

    Gas consumption too high 75,000kw per annum!

    Hi there, thanks for your time to look at this record long post!! I work on the operational management side or a small building contracting firm. This question is for my own house setup. We are really fortunate to have a large house, about 5,000sqft in total over 3 floors. It was built around...
  12. R

    "High" stat temperature on Thorn Apollo 30/50B?

    Hi, Am trying to understand my mother's Apollo boiler. It has an intermittent fault. In the last couple of years, it has had a new thermocouple, a new "low" stat, and a new pump over-run switch. The RGI was not throwing parts at it, and the replacement of these has solved some problems: I...
  13. P

    E133 Baxi Megaflo System - But works fine in High Rate Mode!!

    As per the title. We have a property where the boiler has worked fine in the 10 months since it’s last service. Now throws up this error code randomly, and doesn’t reset. Our man has checked all the usual culprits. Condensate is fine, not backing up. He can put the boiler in High Rate mode and...
  14. J

    High meter operating pressure and low gas rate

    Hi just been to check a family members boiler and I’m getting just over 25mbar working pressure at the meter and 22mbar inlet pressure at the boiler. Standing pressure is 29mbar and done a tightness test and that is all fine. Also did a gas rate and it’s only only showing as 22kw and the boiler...
  15. W

    Boiler pressure too high can't lower it.

    Hi folks my partner has a Greenstar 30Si boiler, the pressure is just below 3 bar but for the past year or so water has been slowly dripping out of the overflow pipe. I've bled the radiator upstairs and downstairs drained about 2l out but the pressure doesn't drop at all. Any ideas? Thanks.
  16. L

    Oxypic causing high pressure?

    Hi all! We had low pressure in our Potterton boiler (gas) and the guy who serviced it recommended to try Oxypic. We did that last weekend and re-filled the water making sure it was turned off. However the water has started to increase and now it’s in the red (too high pressure). Any idea what’s...
  17. M

    High gas rate on SIME Format HE. Possible cause?

    Anyone familiar with servicing SIME Format 30HE? I had to shut down a boiler today as it was using far too much gas and I was unable to identify the fault. The CO readings were totally fine but the gas rate was coming in at around 38kW. Has anyone come across this before or have any idea what...
  18. M

    Flow high or flow low?

    Hello I have a new double panel tall column radiator to fit = 325 wide x 1500 high. Looked inside both the header and footer tubes and no sign of baffle plates. What is the best configuration for flow and return? 1. Flow and return opposite sides low down 2. Flow low down return opposite...
  19. P

    Hot water high pressure problem

    Hi. I have a hot water high pressure problem that my heating engineer (and other engineers that he has spoken to) cannot fix. I’m hoping someone on the forum can explain what is happening and how to resolve it. My hot water system uses an air bubble at the top of the hot water tank for...
  20. M

    Water Bill too high! - Is my water meter broken?

    Hi All, I've recently submitted a meter reading to Thames Water and received a bill of 223 pounds! For the period between 25 May 2022 – 10 October 2022, saying my daily usage is of 1.61 pounds. I find this very hard to believe as we are a house of two people and are quite conscious of water...

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