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  1. P

    Lower pressure rainshower head vs. Handset attachment

    Hi, just had new mains pressurised heating system and boiler put in and new bathrooms. Old loft tanks gone. New floor piping in bathrooms, but older piping left in kitchen. The water coming from the rainshower heads is weaker than the handsets attached to the wall, which are at really good...
  2. C

    Shower Head Holder still on market?

    Good afternoon! Is there any chance I can still find this model of bracket slider somewhere or is it way too old? I broke it today and I don't want to change everything just yet. Thank you.
  3. T

    Looking for adjust shower wand bar with no diverter or shower head

    I'm trying to use the standard shower pipe and a shower wand without having to install a diverter since the tile work is already done. Is there anything available like in the sketch?
  4. S

    Salamander CT60BU negative head shower pump - intermittently coming on after use

    I have just had a Salamander CT60BU negative head shower pump reinstalled after the previous same pump failed. The old pump initially after installation, would intermittently come on after use. This would occur every 10mins or so and then after time there was a period of an hour. after a week or...
  5. J

    Changing shower head

    My shower head hole seems to be stuck some lime buildup after 2 years of use. And I have come across this shower head that has antimicrobial and anti-clog from Amazon, and the link is below. Is it true there are shower head that has anti clog features? Appreciate kind advice the experience...
  6. K

    what shower head is fast flow

    so long story short... old shower going hot and cold new shower installed new shower going and cold heat exchanger plate replaced shower still hot and cold kitchen hot tap (not a mixer staying hot) just removed the shower head on the new shower to test the water coming directly through...
  7. W

    Apron shower head for 1980s arm. Not G1/2 nor G3/4 threaded

    I need to find an apron shower head which fits an 1980s arm. The thread on the arm is either 7/8th inch or possibly 15/16th inch. It is unfortunately neither g1/2 not g3/4 thread. Can anybody give me a link to an apron shower head (my current one is 5 inch diameter) which will screw onto my...
  8. CorgiDirect

    New Product Just In - Fluxuator Dual head for 15mm/22mm pipes

    This is a very popular product listed for sale on corgi direct today Best Price Online, Only £12.49 ex VAT Introducing the dual head. This version can be used to apply flux to both 15mm and 22mm copper pipe. 1 x 15mm/22mm bristle head 1 x removable brush and 1 x e75g tube of flux paste...
  9. hammers4spanner

    Scratching my head here with this.

    HAve hot water cylinder that have changed the immersion. However have changed it over still not working. Have 240v going through the element and all seems correct but still no hot water
  10. D

    Yet another 'how to remove this tap head?'

    Hi all, Bathroom basin hot water tap has slow drip. Want to replace the washer (if possible) but have no idea how to remove the knob head to get at the gubbins. It has no obvious grub screws 'round the back. Both knobs have always wobbled a bit and it only requires quarter-turn to go fully...
  11. M

    Do i have a positive or negative head?

    Hello All, I should already know the answer to this after doing some reading online, however for one reason or another im still not entirely convinced i fully understand. I just replaced my shower pump in the loft with a positive head pump, there is a ~1m drop between the water tank and the...
  12. O

    Solution for low head pressure.

    As title says I'm looking for a solution for low head pressure. I live in a townhouse, it has 3 bathrooms. The 2 bathrooms on the top floor have always suffered from low pressure when showering. Just had to replace one of the shower valves and searching around I found a suitable low pressure...
  13. M

    Scratching my head (open vent)

    I need to tap in to the central heating due to an extension with underfloor heating that’s gone in. I want to be more than sure before tapping into the system due to its complexity and being an open vent I’m going to freeze the pipes I need to, so I can work on them. I was hoping to double check...
  14. T

    Snapped off shower head in wall

    Does anyone know how i solve this problem. I broke my shower head the other night while cleaning it. The metal has sheared off at the elbow joint in the wall which connects to the copper water feed from the valve. So i have the elbow joint still in place and secure, but it has the threaded bit...
  15. R

    Water pouring out cold tap, washers fine but bottom of tap head gear loose

    Hello, Last night my cold tap would not stop, it was pouring out and the tap was just going around and round. I switched off the water at the stopcock and opened the tap up to see if the washers were gone. The washers seem perfectly smooth and the tap is only about two years old, I tried to...
  16. J

    Pressure to shower head

    See pics. They want more pressure to the shower head but want the cheapest option. Any suggestions? Water pressure to the bathroom is good it's just the shower head that's a bit tame. My suggestion would be to fit a new bar shower and a pump. What else could be done?
  17. B

    Help with old motorised valve head replacement

    Hello all,is there anyone who could help,I have a very elderly back boiler system circa 1980 with a couple mo mo satchwell motorised valves one of which sounds like it's on it's last legs.Idealy I would prefer to just replace the head unit if poss as I don't really want to have to drain the...
  18. M

    Water taking long time to start coming through shower head.

    Hi I have a shower which is fed from the cold water tank in the loft and has a pump attached in the loft as well. The cold water tank however is right over the other side of the loft and there is a long pipe run to the bathroom. The shower is a rain shower but also has the option of switching to...
  19. Crooksy88

    How would I mount this concealed shower head?

    Hi, After being enticed by beautiful photos on Pinterest o_O I decided to renovate my bathroom into a wet room which will include a fully tiled shower area with a stud wall at one end to house a concealed shower. Looking at the very basic instructions that came with the shower head it seems...
  20. M

    Finding valve head replacement for filling loop?

    Hello, One of the black levers on my filling loop under the boiler has stopped working (when I turn it it's not opening the valve and no sound of water coming through). I think I just need to unscrew the black lever and fit a new one, but I can't seem to find one when I search online. I've...