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  1. J

    Can't remove quarter turn tap head

    I can't remove the tap head for the cold quarter turn tap. The hot one comes off easily as it is not used much. How can I remove the cold tap head?
  2. Jmiller7

    Cannot remove tap head

    Has anyone seen tap heads like these? Trawled the internet cannot find anything similar, after removing the grub screw I cannot for the life of me lift the tap head off tried prying with screwdriver but too scared to use excessive force and break the tap
  3. C

    Shower head connections

    Have a Grohe shower head and struggling to find connections from this to my hot and cold supply pipes…. They fit 15mm threads but the thread is deep and the surface is not flat so am worried about the seal
  4. P

    Constant head pump for old combi?

    Hello forum, 1st time here. The Grundfos 3-speed pump in a Worcester Heatslave 15/19 oil combi boiler is on its way out. The boiler is old but in v good nick. The network is trunk/branches. All rads (but one) have TRVs. Pump is set on max, which seems to be what it needs when supplying all...
  5. S

    Head scratcher of an issue with CH

    Hi there, I recently replaced a dead central heating pump in my home, so drained down the system completely, fitted new pump and filled up. What I'm experiencing now is a periodic bubbling noise, it starts in the hot water cylinder and makes its way to the boiler which in turn starts making...
  6. J

    Can't get my head around the best thing to do....

    The situation is as follows. I have a shower enclosure which is slightly too small for the new shower tray. In a way this works to my advantage. I think. Why, because I stupidly bought 3mm wet wall panels. I didn't forsee the issues this would cause. (The panels not being thick enough to overlap...
  7. B

    Rain/drench shower pressure

    I’ve been asked to install a rain/drench shower head. I know these can be issue with low pressure. Mains at garden tap is 1.5bar, combi boiler in loft about 5m up, then shower on second floor so below the combi. I’m thinking this is 1 bar at the outlet and should be a good pressure for a 250mm...
  8. D

    Tap head and screw stuck

    Hi, I am trying to replace my washers but on one tap the screw I can’t remove and the second. Removed screw but I can’t pull of the handle :/ Does anyone have Any ideas ? Kind regards
  9. D

    Fixed shower head off centre of bath

    Hi, I've recently ripped out a full bathroom and am replacing it with new everything. The old bath was P shaped with a fixed shower head coming from the wall. I've replaced the mixer shower but the dimensions of the new shower were identical to the old so the pipework was in the correct place...
  10. Robert Bell

    Lower the head height on a small village church.

    I’ve had a local church ask me to lower the cistern as it has no cold feed and no water on site to get it there. The boiler is a Powrmatic Sime and the old church warden is having to climb a 3m ladder with a watering can once a month. I went round and worked back from the tallest rad with a...
  11. B

    Diverter shower head not working - pls help :)

    Hi all Please can someone help me throw some light on a problem I have and how I can resolve it? I have changed my electric shower (Triton T80 GSI 10.5KW) from a standard handset to a Ibergrif diverter with handset and rain head. Please see pictures attached. However upon installation the...
  12. M

    Does anyone recognise this TRV head?

    Does anyone recognise this make of TRV head? Cheers Martin
  13. J

    Zone valve - replacement head?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if you can replacement heads for this zone valve? And if so, can you replace the head only (without having to drain the heating pipes)? Thanks Jennie
  14. Z

    Shower head change question

    Hi, New person here looking for some advice. Was wondering if someone could advise me if a elbow wall shower bit connected to a hose seperate shower head can be changed to a all in one hand shower (for example Mondella WELS 3 Star 9L/Min Chrome Concerto Function Hand Shower Sets)? This is the...
  15. K

    low water pressure shower head

    I purchased HIX 250mm Fixed Shower Head 1 month ago (here is the link to the product HIX 250mm Fixed Shower Head - Brushed Brass Finish, MP 0.5 [33250BBR] - https://tapron.co.uk/products/gold-shower-heads-33250bbr from Tapron) 1 month ago but the water pressure is very low, can someone help me...
  16. D

    I need to replace my old Danfoss head valve help appreciated

    Hi guys, my head valves of my radiators have broken teeth and need replacing. The diameter size is about 25/26 mm. The old ones are Danfoss BS6284 which are discontinued. I am aware that I could change the whole TVR cheaper but I just want to buy the heads please. Any help would be appreciated...
  17. P

    Mira electric dual head shower - Anyone know if they’re any good?

    I have a customer with an existing electric shower ask if they can have a dual head shower with a rainfall head as part of their bathroom upgrade. My initial thoughts were that electric showers aren’t powerful enough and we’d need to investigate what can be done from the gravity fed hot water...
  18. A

    Diverter head plant room

    Hello Can anyone help me identify this actuator head. It’s making noise, heat not passing through ?
  19. G

    Victorian Tap head removal

    Does anyone have any ideas how to get to the seat washer on this tap that is leaking badly at the spout. I'm assuming the gland part unscrews from the spout but I've tried this with condserable force but with no luck. I'm assuming the spindle is secured in and does not pull out. Any guidance...
  20. S

    shower head

    my shower works fine from the multi point the hot water comes from the hose and runs ok till i turn the shower off, however as soon as i fit the shower head to the hose the hot water cuts out after a minute or two then relights then cuts out again . new diaphram fitted but the problem still not...
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