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gas fire

  1. Steve weightman

    High output gas fire

    I'm looking to supply and fit an outset convector fire and need a decent looking LFE with a good output I've seen the Robinson willey firecharm at 4.4kw is there anything bigger. Thanks
  2. T

    Gas fire , chimney liner query. Minimum 125mm/5” ?

    hello, I have a question regarding the minimum size of a chimney for a gas fire. The builder doing the house refurbishment has apparently got fires included in his gas safe, so they are undertaking the work. They are building a chimney breast from new, there are 2 basket gas fires rated at...
  3. G

    Thorn Housewarmer S Gas Fire & Back Boiler

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could explain how the gas fire ignites and gets its gas supply on the Thorn Housewarmer S Back Boiler & Fire combination. I'm happy with lighting the back boiler pilot and firing it up, but not clear on the fire i.e. is it electric ignition or does it have its own pilot...
  4. J

    BS5440-1 preventing gas fire upgrade.. Help!!

    Hi - I would like to replace our existing Gas Fire, which is the original appliance fitted from new 20 years ago. The issue is that Gas Safe regulations have changed since and mean that our property (and many others could not be constructed this way!). Our gas fire (a balanced flue) vents...
  5. Super Mario

    Capping off gas fire old pipe

    what fitting would You use here?
  6. S

    Fitting a Gas Fire on an external wall.

    Hi all. My mother has a large lounge with central heating. Because the layout forces a sofa to block a rad she also uses a portable gas heater in the winter months. She now wants to replace this with a fitted unit. The lounge has a faux surround on an external wall with no obstructions outside...
  7. hary_j

    Help with identifying gas fire Make

    Evening guys, Can anyone help with the Make & Model of the gas fire shown? Excuse the blacked out image. Thanks
  8. B

    How to properly disconnect a gas fire

    Hi, I need the gas supply to my gas fire capped as I want to remove my gas fire. I attach a photo of the elbow restrictor, which has a shut off valve underneath it. I have been given a 'provisional estimate' of £150 for the job by one gas safe engineer (which makes me think that he doesn't...
  9. A

    cooker and gas fire installations

    Hello I'm doing a gas engineers course and I'm struggling to find any work experience for cooker and gas fire installations. Seems nobody wants new gas fire these days. I'm looking for someone to take me on a job just so I can complete my assignment. I'm based in London and I'm happy to pay if...
  10. Keefy

    Brand new gas fire for sale

    Selling an unopened one of these: Valor Blenheim Brass Inset Gas Fire | Departments | DIY at B&Q £100+Recorded postage.
  11. J

    Can anyone service my gas fire - no tools/info left left by seller - Gazco Eclipse type

    I have inherited what looks similar to the current Gazco Eclipse gas fire but the sellers left no instructions. I have had 3 gas engineers in the house but none are familiar with the model and specifically how it is opened/accessed to begin with. One did say it looks like an allen key...
  12. P

    Gas fire shut off valve

    Are there any gas 'floor shut off vales' available in the uk
  13. L

    Flue lining for gas fire

    Dear all, My wife and I are replacing a woodburner with a gas fire. It's a long story but the woodburner was a bad idea. We have used the woodburner for only 4-5 months (one winter). Now that we are having the gas fire fitted, the engineer says that we need a new chimney lining because it's...
  14. Tschaka

    Extractor fan vs gas fire

    Hello to all Gas Safe Engineers. Our kitchen extractor fan is affecting the updraft of our gas fire stove. Our engineer disconnected it and told us to clean the chimney and install extra ventilation in our lounge. We did this but it is still a problem. The engineer has suggested we contact...
  15. A

    Gas fire chimney cap too small

    Hi, our builder recently fitted some clay drop-in chimney covers for our dripping chimneys and one of them was for a gas fire. The first two are regular 205mm ventilated caps but the spigot for the clay drop-in GC5 he used for the gas, in my option, is too small at just 170mm externally and...
  16. T

    Can I box a back boiler/gas fire into a cupboard?

    Hello I've had a google around but haven't found anything that suits my situation. I have an old back boiler (complete with a typical lovely eyesore 80's gas fire) in the chimney breast in my kitchen that used to be a dining room. The gas fire part of it is never used. Obviously it's massively...
  17. E

    Help Identifying Gas Fire

    Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong place for this question - I couldn't find another forum relating to gas fires. I am currently training to become a Gas Safe Registered engineer and am out with a mentor building a portfolio of evidence (yesterday being my first day out). One of yeserday's...
  18. V

    Ways to cap a gas fire

    Good afternoon I wonder if someone could help? How many ways are there to cap a gas fire? My assumption was just 1 - To remove the pipe running to the fire. I recently been told there is actually a few ways. Is this right?
  19. T

    Gas fire with gap at the top

    Hi, Selling my house so got a chap round to do the gas safe certs on the boilers, all fine. He is a look at the fire but wasn't sure on the look of it. It passed all the tests he did but he said he didn't do enough fires to be able to sign it off with what he saw. I have the installation...
  20. R

    Kohlangaz fire spares

    does anyone know where i ca get spare parts for a Kohlangaz K2 gas fire? i cant find anything on the net at all.

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