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A filling factory was a manufacturing plant that specialised in filling various munitions, such as bombs, shells, cartridges, pyrotechnics, and screening smokes. In the United Kingdom, during both world wars of the 20th century, the majority of the employees were women.
In World War I, a filling factory belonging to the Ministry of Munitions was known as a National Filling Factory.
In World War II, a filling factory belonging to the Ministry of Supply was known as a Royal Filling Factory (RFF), or a Royal Ordnance Factory (ROF). These were all part of the Royal Ordnance Factory organisation, owned by the MoS.
The filling of smoke screen canisters and other pyrotechnic devices was also carried out by fireworks manufacturers, particularly in World War II, but these are not specifically covered by this article.

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  1. S

    Slow filling toilet problem

    Hi I’ve got a very slow filling toilet which upon opening the cistern is due to the water coming very slowly out of the pipe and into the cistern. In the attached picture the cream plastic spout is where the water comes out and into the cistern but it’s just a trickle. I’ve checked that the...
  2. M

    Cistern not filling?

    Hi new to the plumbing industry, can anyone advise me on why the cistern is not filling with water but can hear the sound of water running? Would it be the side filling valve and maybe replace for a newer one? Also should the symphony i am holding have a washer at the bottom as this doesn’t...
  3. M

    Water tank constantly filling up

    Hello all, I think I've suddenly become an accidental plumber although do have a professional Unvented engineer coming to my property. but not till next week Does anyone know why a heated water tank would take on water 24/7 ? is this normal for an unvented tank (Range HE Tribune) no one is...
  4. L

    Greenstar Ri No filling loop

    Hi Everyone, hopeing someone can help We have a Greenstar Ri Boiler and its lost pressure, pressure gauge on top of the boiler reads 0.6 bar and i know this should be around 1.5bar, there is no external filling loop near the boiler or in the hotpress, there is a pipe in the hotpress with a red...
  5. T

    Any suggestions as to why my sink is filling up quickly?

    I’ve recently fitted a new toilet/basin unit which seems to not allow the water from the basin to drain quick enough without it filling up even with no plug in. I have checked the waste pipe work which is clear of blockages, I’ve changed the trap in case the flow rate wasn’t enough but it still...
  6. balders99

    Plumbing or Appliance Fault?

    Had a new Kitchen fitted just before Xmas with integrated Washing Machine and Dishwasher (never again!) Appliances are located around 3.5m away from the sink, in a corner, sink one side, appliances on the other. All hose lengths within manufacturers recommendations btw. Washing Machine drum...
  7. P

    Hissing pipes filling loop not working

    I hope you can give me some advice. The day after a pump replacement last week, on my Halstead ace, the boiler and pipes made a hissing noise when the hot water taps were used - a noise like when the pressure is too low- this continued when the taps were turned off and until the boiler stopped...
  8. T

    Greenstar 30i drips when filling.

    Hi all , went to a small top up on 30i yesterday at daughters house. Turned key , opened white valve gently , then water started to drip from right of filling key. Appeared to be coming from a small black knob to right of key. This seem a little loose so gave a gentle tighten. Any ideas what...
  9. R

    Flomasta Bottom Entry Fill Valve won't stop filling

    Hi all. I'm having issues with the Flomasta bottom-entry fill valve in a toilet; the 'float' comes up but doesn't have any effect, it simply won't stop filling, leading to water constantly flowing down the overflow. The cistern is in a sealed unit so without ripping the whole thing apart is only...
  10. D

    Filling UFH via boiler filling loop

    Just wondering if there are any issues with adding water to a UFH via the boiler filling loop… reason being wanting to flush out some gunk from a loop and ventilate but don’t have access at the moment to proper hose connection adapter so I can plug mains water at the manifold. Was thinking to...
  11. R

    How to re-presurize boiler with no filling loop). Photo attached

    How to re-presurize Ideal Independent C24 (no boiler filling loop). Photo attached
  12. J

    F.22 Vaillant EcoTec Plus 630 - can't locate filling loop

    Hello - I have an f.22 error on this system boiler, 0.4 bars. Just moved into this house so not certain on how everything works. There are no taps under the boiler to add more water. There is a hot water cylinder in the cellar so thankfully it's just heating that we have lost. With this...
  13. MancAnt

    SiamP interal wall Flush not filling

    Help..... So we have an internal filled SiamP toilet push panel flush toilet system. My Son has just used the toilet and flushed it fine and then went and washed his hands. When I went to flush it after him it flushes fine but wont fill!! If you however turn on the sink or bathroom cold water...
  14. T

    My double flush toilet has developed a fault. It won't stop filling eve when I pull the float arm right up. I have replaced the inlet valve diaphragm

    My double flush toilet has developed a fault. It won't stop filling eve when I pull the float arm right up. I have replaced the inlet valve diaphragm but this has made no difference What else can i try?
  15. H

    Hot Water tank filling too slowly

    Hi, looking for some advice about a hotter tank that is filling too slowly from the header. The tank drains when the shower is used. Do I need a bigger tan or can I fit something to stop the tank draining totally ? Thanks in advance . . . Taylor
  16. G

    Valiant Ecotech Pro 28 Combi A - Error F22 - Filling Loop Trouble

    Hey! I'm having a bit of trouble with my boiler. I was hoping that someone could help! Error F22 is displaying and I need to increase the pressure. I've tried this but I'm having a bit of trouble. My understanding is that I need to move both valves in a direction that results in water flowing...
  17. P

    Replacing entire filling loop on Vaillant EcoTec Pro 28

    Hi all, I think has been discussed before but I don't think I've seen a clear answer. We have the Vaillant boiler as above and the filling loop has started to leak from around the olive joint on the cold water side. I would like to replace the whole loop, flexi, taps and the valves etc. I can...
  18. H

    Filling loop issue?

    So our filling loop only seems to allow water to flow when you open it for about 3-5 seconds and then nothing. Trying to top up boiler pressure as it's about 0.7 bar. If you wait 5 minutes you can open filling loop and you get another 3-5 seconds of water through it before nothing happens again...
  19. T

    Slow filling cistern, lot of air

    The cistern has been filling fine for nearly a year, then in the last week or so it has been taking ages to full. Taking thr cover off the symphonic release is working and sealing fine upon completion. The float on the fill is working, but when it's filling their is a trickle and a fine spray...
  20. moonlight

    r&t toilet fill valve A1250 not filling properly

    I have a friend that has fitted a toilet from Island bathrooms. The customer bought the toilet their self. There seems to be a problem with filling. I went and looked myself yesterday evening. first flush fills as quick as you would expect when the water is turn back on. Flush again and very...
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