Drayton is a rural locality in the Toowoomba Region, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Drayton had a population of 1,710 people.Drayton is at the outer southwestern edge of Toowoomba. It was first substantial settlement on the Darling Downs, initially being established in 1842. The nearby township of Toowoomba expanded more rapidly than Drayton, and in the 1860s the centre of population shifted to Toowoomba, leaving Drayton as a southwestern suburb.

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  1. S

    Drayton Digistat 2RF - Heating & Hot Water not working

    Heating and hot water is not working. Plenty of heating oil. I have replaced batteries in thermostat and it seems to be working ok, showing flame to call for heat, and the receiver seems to be working ok with green light, but heating is just not firing. I really am not sure what the problem is...
  2. B

    Help with Drayton Wiser hub and TRVs

    Would like some help please as my Drayton Wiser system is a mess. I had 2 TRVs in the lounge, one in the main bedroom, the rest of the house - 6 other radiators and 2 bathroom towel radiators are just normal valve s. We live in a 4-bed, 3 storey house, as converted loft. Common problems were...
  3. S

    Change Drayton LP522 Controller

    Look as though the battery is dead on the LP522 which is in eccess of 10 years of age Can I just do a straight swap with a Flowmaster 3439G which I have spareI I presume the backplate may be the same
  4. B

    Drayton smart heating controller/programmer help

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and just looking for some advice if someone could please help. I'm trying to fit a Drayton smart heating system and I'm unsure how to wire one of the components which I believe is known as the programmer or controller. There is one that was originally fitted with the...
  5. S

    Drayton LWC1 wiring centre advice please

    Good morning all I hope you are all well? I am after a bit of advice please, I am looking to fit a Drayton LWC1 wiring centre into my boiler circuit as the wiring is incorrect, someone has linked the Neutral and HW off wires in the programmer circuit for some reason. Looking at the wiring...
  6. L

    Drayton LP522 CH weekend timer not changing

    Hi I have managed to set our Drayton LP522 CH M to F, using 2 of the 3 ON/OFF settings. But when trying to set the weekend times, the timer won't work, so we have managed to set ON1/OFF1 but the - or + won't work to set ON2/OFF2 or ON3/OFF3. we re read the manual and watched a number of video...
  7. H

    Drayton motorised valve

    I'm needing to replace a Drayton Mid Position valve Actuator, code MA1. The failed one is 3-wire (red, green, black) but all the new ones I've found advertised are 5-wire (yet the cover data plates are identical!). Question is - can I replace the 3-wire actuator with a 5-wire, and if so how...
  8. P

    Drayton LP722 Controller Question

    Hi Ive recently changed an old UP1 controller for a new Drayton LP722. All working fine but the old white plastic extension back box with the wiring connection plate has had to be re-used as the programmer came without this. My question is can you still get these as the old extension box is...
  9. M

    Drayton Wiser Single Zone Wet UFH

    I can't see why this wouldn't work but thought best to ask encase anyone has tried it before or is using it and would care to comment. So the plan is to install wet UFH in a soon to be built kitchen extension. The ufh will be installed in the whole kitchen area which will be of block and beam...
  10. ecm200

    Installing a Drayton Wiser 3 kit with an S plan 2 zone CH + HW system

    Objective: I have an existing s-plan plus (see below for details) heating and hot water system, with 2 independent heating zones. There is a separate programmer and a simple room thermostat for zone 1 and programmable thermostat for zone 2. I have purchased the Drayton Wiser 3 zone kit and...
  11. T

    Drayton MA1 mid position actuator intermittent fault.

    Can anyone advise what could be the cause and how to overcome an actuator intermittently not responding when boiler is calling for heat. Possibly slightly loose fitting to valve, as actuator re-activates with hand pressure movement when boiler is calling for heat. This is an intermittent fault...
  12. P

    URGENT Drayton Digistat No Working! No Heating Upstairs!

    Morning All I have a Valliant Ecotec Plus boiler which runs our under floor heating at ground floor and rads on the first and second floors. Both systems are controlled via a Drayton Digistat SCR with a receiver on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. All has been working well...
  13. D

    Drayton Wiser locking ring and collar

    I have just bought a new Drayton Wiser Kit 1 off the internet one of the TRVs has the collar and locking ring missing - does anyone know if it is possible to buy these? See attached photo the black and silver ring/collar are missing for the other TRV
  14. D

    Replacing Drayton SM1 with LP711

    Hello I'm new here so I hope this is in the correct section. I'm looking to replace my very old Drayton SM1 mech timer with a Drayton LP711. Would anyone know is the back plate wiring exactly the same is it a straight swap or do I need to change anything.?? Thanks.
  15. J

    drayton rf902 dual channel rf - hot water control

    I'm looking to reduce my bills in a rented property, which has an ancient boiler, standard old-style hot water tank with thermostat, and an LP722, no room thermostat. So I want a programmer with a wireless thermostat, which is a drop in replacement for an LP722, as I can't fiddle with the wiring...
  16. B

    URGENT How can I fix a banging noise in CH system- 14 years new drayton and sunvic valves -sealed system?

    This started last night at 11.25 and has me completely flummoxed. A banging noise that is hard to track down. When I'm in Bathrooom that has airing cupboard it seems to come from hallway when in hallway it seems for come from cupboard. The system is a grant boiler in an outside house, purpose...
  17. S

    Broken Drayton TRV4C head

    I updated an old TRV3 many years ago by using the TRV4C conversion kit including replacing the black plastic locating ring fitted in the top of the body with the support ring in the pack. As the head has broken can this be replaced with a TRV4 head or do I need to buy another TRV4C conversion...
  18. S

    Drayton TRV4C broken head

    I have already updated this from a TRV3 using TRV4C conversion kit, including swapping over the black plastic locating ring fitted on the top of the body with the support ring included in the kit. Now the head has broken do I need to buy another TRV4C conversion head or will a normal TRV4 head...
  19. T

    Noisy Drayton Wiser Radiator Thermostat

    I have 4 Drayton Wiser Radiator Thermostats but one makes a lot of noise at times. The valve is very well tightened but it makes this noise. (Please see video. Turn volume on) I have screwed and unscrewed it several times but nothing changes. Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix...
  20. H

    Mid position actuator newly installed issue

    Hi, I had a Drayton ma1 mid position actuator recently installed as central heating had stopped working. Now my heating and hot water will not come on at the same time (with timed settings) and I have been advised that my thermostat is not working which is causing the problem (from the emergency...
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