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  1. N

    Advice - Gas Cooker

    My mother in law purchased a free standing New World gas cooker 25 years ago when she was 71 years old and it was used for a couple of months. We then we moved her to a new property and defying all the odds she has just died aged 96! The cooker has stood in a dry garage and looks like new. The...
  2. J

    Why is my cooker going out after a few minutes on my country duo 75

    Why is my cooker going out after a few minutes on my country duo 75 thanks
  3. G

    Cooker igniter at risk or if?

    Freestanding cooker with 4 gas rings has had the fuse taken from the plug so no electronic ignition for the gas rings. Is the sparker a safety control?does the lack of spark make this at risk or ID?
  4. A

    LPG to nat gas conversion on 2003 Falcon range cooker

    I have a Falcon 90 range cooker set up for LPG and need to convert to Nat Gas. I have rung numerous suppliers of parts who tell me the cooker is too old and parts obsolete. I am convinced there will someone out there that will have a tool box with replaced nozzles whist doing a conversion to...
  5. scott_d

    Gas cooker lid help?

    I’m doing a cp12 There is a gas cooker which should have a Glass lid. There is no lid or mechanism present and the safety device has a Metal plate holing it open so the hob works? Is this AR or NCS?
  6. M

    Boiler service, quote for new and gas cooker fitting

    Hi, we have just moved in to a new house and the boiler seems questionable so we would like it servicing and a quote for a replacement. I have also bought a second hand (12 month old) gas cooker to see us through until we get the kitchen done so we need this fitting and checking over as well...
  7. A

    1940’s-50’s Newhome Gas cooker Servicing, conversion and Installation

    Hello everyone, As per my recent post regarding my vintage 1940’s-50’s Newhome Gas Cooker, I have finished the partial restoration (photo attached). I contacted someone and they have informed me that it is against regulations to install a cooker that does not have a flame failure device (FFD).
  8. A

    Late 1940’s/Early 1950’s New Home (Not New World) Gas cooker

    Hello everyone, I am currently restoring a vintage 1940’s-1950’s New Home Gas Cooker before I get a Registered Gas Engineer to come and install it and check it for me. I have noticed while restoring it, that there seems to be something missing and I cannot put my finger on it and I was wondering...
  9. C

    Built in gas cooker and hob connections

    Hi .Hoping someone can help .Is there such a thing as a double micro-point self sealing valve to plumb in hob and oven without having to use T pieces and ad another micro-point . Also the hob is over the cooker .Would a metal braided hose be safe too use or does it have to be fixed pipe work .
  10. A

    Moving a Cooker Gas Pipe

    Hi all, I’ll try and be brief but also bare in mind I am trying to be as clear as possible to explain what I am asking. So, moving into a house. Want to fit a dishwasher into the space shown. It’s fine it measures 60 wide, no problem. But it isn’t deep enough. The sole reason is there is a...
  11. G

    Gas cooker connection unusual

    Hi all. I've bought this candy gas oven second hand but unused. The problem is It won't connect with the usual gas hose to the mains. I have shown this to a relative who's a heating engineer and he hasn't seen this before. I also contacted candy and they were worse than useless. On first glance...
  12. M

    Unsafe situation concerning a cooker

    Hi guys This is my 1st time here, I am training a gas engineer and I am a bit confused with one situation, I had different opinions and need the correct answer. Basically a house with a gas cooker which has 2 missing knobs (broken), no leaks and they need to be pushed down and held to be lit, if...
  13. L

    flue terminal too close to cooker vent

    some advice needed, I could do with some input on a fanned flue outlet being 200 mm away from a cooker hood vent, the vent has flaps which close when not under positive pressure from hood. would this be classed as safe due to the flaps closing when cooker hood not in operation. I respect the...
  14. N

    Cooker hood/chimney outlet

    A plumber attended to work on my boiler. The same evening, or the day after, there was a strong smell of urine in my kitchen which came from water dripping through the cooker hood onto my hob. I called another plumber & went with him up to the loft, and found that someone had sealed with tape...
  15. R

    Gas cooker missing part? Help

    Hi, I have got a gas cooker for cheap (just got my own place) I have a friend that is registered and can fit it. But when he went to fit it he was unable to. He doesn’t specialise in cookers but he said the connection on the back of the cooker is nothing like he has done in the past. His...
  16. J

    Gas cooker installation

    Hi could anybody tell me whether a flueless gas cooker install should be notified to gas safe? I was under the impression that you didn’t need to unless it provided Heating is this the case as other people have told me different
  17. K

    help gas cooker connection issue

    HI is this self sealing end. Thanks
  18. A

    cooker and gas fire installations

    Hello I'm doing a gas engineers course and I'm struggling to find any work experience for cooker and gas fire installations. Seems nobody wants new gas fire these days. I'm looking for someone to take me on a job just so I can complete my assignment. I'm based in London and I'm happy to pay if...
  19. J

    Cooker hood extraction up Rayburn flue

    I've posted the same question on the electricians forum too. I'm a general all-rounder. Renovating a 150-year-old cottage. I've just removed an old Rayburn and want to vent the fan-assist cooker hood up the flue which is cast iron and looks to go all the way up to the chimney from ground floor...
  20. M

    Adding cooker to gas ticket

    Hi I am recently gas safe qualified. But my course nvq level 3 in plumbing doesn't give you cookers on your gas registration. Though we did the training on them. Been quoted about £200 to be assed on cookers to add to my card. Does this seem about the going rate? Thanks