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Really odd problem with my cold water supply stopping abruptly with flow suddenly halting with a water hammer.

I've been doing loads of work on upstairs bathroom and have been switching the water off and on a number of times over the last month to plumb in new toilet, sinks, shower, bath etc. The new pipework has been extensive - its not a straightforward swap-out.

I switched the water back on at the stop cock most recently (with a tap running) and the supply just seem to shut down. The only way I could get it to come back was to switch the stopcock off completely and then very slowly turn it back on. Too fast and it would shutdown again.

The setup is all in 22mm copper: Stop Cock > Water Meter (new 32mm model) > Check Valve > PRV (part of a OSO Super S) > Taps

Any ideas? It feels like the meter but I think that's unlikely. Faulty check vale or stop cock? The switch-off is really abrupt.


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