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I have the above timer and having recently changed its settings to HW only, this morning it came on when programmed, but did not switch off when it should have. I have since tried other on/off times and the same happens - comes on but won't go off.

I also noticed, for those familiar with it, that when cycling through the settings of 'off/twice/once/on' it switches the HW on when 'once' is selected, despite the timer not being set for that time. You then have to press the large 'advance' button to turn the HW off manually in order to retain the 'once' setting required, without the HW staying on.

Do I have a faulty unit, is there anything I can do to remedy this, or am I missing something here?

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Simon is right there.
Off is obvious
Twice is , On Off On off
Once is On ( skip the on off in the middle ) Off
on is 24 hour !

If it doesn't go off once you've made sure the settings are correct.
You may be best to get a heating Engineer to check the wiring before it gets changed.
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