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Hello Everyone,
I've just joined and am trying to help a damsel in distress - in very remote area of West Scotland. I'm hoping someone can help me here.

Her 17 year old Ideal Mini 28 combi boiler has stopped working. She's had someone round to look and has been told she needs a new boiler (pump, fan & something else? has failed). Local companies are quoting 3-4 weeks due to CV-19. She has a corgi registered engineer who will come & fit it if she can get a suitable replacement.

I'm wondering if an Ideal i-mini 30 would be a direct replacement? Dimensions seem the same (or smaller).

Any thoughts/advice very much appreciated.


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Gas Engineer
Advent Win
Yes it would more or less fit obviously a few changes will be needed 😊 I fitted this one during lockdown cheap and cheerful but still has a 5 year warranty



Gas Engineer
Don’t forget all the extra bits.
Heating controls, flue, magnetic filter, chemicals, lime scale fighter, shock arrestor and of course a system flush.
Thanks so much. A few follow up questions if I may:

1) The existing boiler only has built-in controls on the drop-down panel. I'm assuming the new one would have similar?

2) Is it a given that a new flue kit will be required given the boiler dimensions seem the same?

3) Are the 'magnetic filter', & 'shock arrestor' essential. She's broke.

Cheers, Scott


Gas Engineer
A new flue is a must.
You should have boiler plus controls to meet building regs. You can get cheap ones for about £50.
Magnetic filter, lime scale fighter and shock arrestor are to protect the boiler and warranty.

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