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  1. M

    Worcester Greenstar 24RI - Burner Seal Replacment

    Got some quotes for a service, one person has said if I haven't had the burner seal replaced for past 5 years, it should be done (& service price goes up by £55). Boiler installed in 2015 - never had the 'seal' replaced? Is it a necessary requirement just as a matter of course?
  2. K

    NK Porcelanosa WC Syphon seal/washer replacement

    Hi. Water is slowly leaking into the toilet bowl from the cistern. I suspect that it's the rubber washer at the bottom of the tube that's the problem but I can't figure out how to get to it. I can feel it when I put my hand down to the bottom of the tube and it seems flexible but it's 16 years...
  3. U

    what type of seal is this?

    I am trying to create a water tight seal on this joint (in the attached photo) on the side entry fill valve. The copper pipe seems to have a flange and a copper coloured seal of some kind. I thought the "copper coloured seal" was a compressed olive but now I think it may be some kind of washer...
  4. D

    Leaking Macerator seal

    Hi Guys, Wonder if someone can help? It's a new installation, I turned the water on for the first time which was all good. Got kitchen taps working and drainage working.. When it came to the macerator pushing the water out it started to spray water at the seal. Just below jubilee clip Where...
  5. F

    Flush pipe seal leaking

    Hi all, New to this forum and new to plumbing. Only just passed Level One plumbing. I am having to go back and look at a leak from the back of a WC. The flush pipe is chrome and I have replaced the flush pipe concertina seal. The seal seems to being pushed out of the WC when flushing. The size...
  6. K

    Tap base ring leaks underneath - best way to seal it?

    I have fitted a new set of mono mixer taps to new bathroom basin pedestal and for some reason, I’m unable to get the tap hole/base ring watertight regardless how I adjust the supplied horseshoe tap fixing plate/washers. (tested this by pouring some water over the tap base ring area and it...
  7. johnnybaloney

    Toilet flush valve seals - unusual sizing

    Hello, Recently I received an unusually large water bill which led me to the discovery of leaking flush valves. I have two toilets and it turned out in both the valve seals were bubbling so I set out to replace them. For now I just flipped them over as the other side was smooth on both. The...
  8. S

    Window seal and gaps need filling too cold

    My house seems to be freezing and my double pvc glazing windows were installed over 20 years ago. The window seals have seen better days and there's gaps in between the window frames and window. Not really done anything like this before as I am not a plumber or carpenter. Does anyone which...
  9. J

    To Flexi seal or not to Flexi seal

    I've bought an MX Flexi seal to fit to my new shower tray, but after reading more reviews, Im thinking it may be a poor choice. Do you guys even fit them to your trays or do you not bother and simply silicone around the perimeter of the tray(the gap between the tray and the walls) If some of you...
  10. B

    Which way bath rubber seal?

    I’ve got a McAlpine bath waste & it’s come with the two rubber seals one for the plug (which is the bigger one out of the two in pics) & the overflow. Which way around do I put them as the plug one has one side with loads of lines compared to the other side which has a slight dip with one line...
  11. S

    Will this seal? or are there alternatives

    Just finished tiling and im fitting a wall hung geberit wc with a washlet which has its own water supply. The kit for the install comes with a 90 deg elbow which i believe from the instruction pictures, is designed to screw into a threaded adapter at the end of the water supply. Because i used...
  12. H

    Hinged Shower Screen Seal

    Evening. I purchased a house 1.5yrs ago and the hinged shower screen has started to leak. I’ve tried several new seals and none seem to work. As you see by the photos the original is a double seal and the end by the hinge is solid plastic piece which has a screw in. I’m not seeing any branding...
  13. J

    Where can I buy a gate valve seal?

    Is it possible to buy the seal that goes between the bonnet and the valve body? Not the packing nut but the seal/washer/gasket (PTFE maybe?) that goes into a recess in the valve body opening where the stem screws into.
  14. A

    Best way to seal up toilet hole?

    My husband has removed the toilet in our son's bathroom and we now have the hole in the floor to deal with. What is the best way to seal this up or cap it off? My husband just stuffed a plastic bag in it for now.
  15. C

    BSPP seal tap handle with threads too short for washer?

    I am trying to seal a tap (wall mount faucet for a lavatory/bathroom) my wife purchased from Morocco. We live in the US, and everything is NPT over here, but the thread on the moroccan piece is BSPP G 1/2. I got some G 1/2 dowty sealing washers (steel band with a neoprene gasket inside, and that...
  16. J

    Worcester grecnstar burner seal (servicing)

    Hi all, Just curious - how often do you all replace the burner seal on a Worcester Greenstar during servicing? Assuming all is well with combustion levels, pressure test, etc. (As without X-ray vision, one obviously can't see the state of it until you take it apart). Thanks everyone, Jennie
  17. S

    Shower trap water seal requirement

    I’ve just come across the matter of ‘water seal’, which i’d previously never heard of. I’m currently in the process of fitting a new shower and so I’m not sure whether I have an issue here or not. You will see from the attached picture that the trap pipework feeds into an internal soil pipe and...
  18. gerry2190

    URGENT Rats chewing rubber seal entering soil stack and then rest of the pipe

    Hi everyone, thank you for time reading this, I own a ground floor flat in a block in Bedford, the issue is that rats from the sewers chew the rubber seal entering the vertical block soil stack and then they keep on chewing the rest of the flexi pipe. Would you know how to stop this? Is there...
  19. P

    How to get thermostatic mixing valve to seal

    I fitted a thermostatic mixing valve under a bath (first time outside of training) but can’t seem to get the larger inner connector to seal. It’s got a rubber gasket that I’ve checked is lined up but am still getting a tiny seep of water when fully tightened. Is it ok to add Jet blue or LSX to...
  20. S

    Flexible Waterproof Upstand Bath/Shower Seals -What's the best?

    Flexible Waterproof Upstand Bath/Shower Seals -What's the best Classi-Seal, Sealux AquaStrap, MX Flexi-Seal Strip? They all look to do the job, although the adhesive part of MX Flexi-Seal Strip looks smaller........... Any thoughts, ease of use, what have others used?
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