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  1. L

    Loo leak (from inlet)

    Hi all. I noticed today that some stains have appeared on my downstairs hall ceiling, just beneath the en-suite - there is a large sort of brownish or rust-coloured patch just about where the shower tray is and then a much paler patch over to the right, roughly below where the toilet pan sits...
  2. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    Good morning everyone, I have a big old vicarage which needs a new regular boiler. They also want fancy mixer taps in the kitchen . They have two hot water cylinders linked together, a shower pump and curved old radiators in the bay windows. I'm agonizing over what to do. The easiest option is...
  3. S

    Shower trap water seal

    Whilst looking at shower traps i noted reference to the water seal measurement. Having done a quick search to work out what it referred to, it seems that i may need a 75mm water seal trap (90mm size), due to the trap connecting to an internal soil stack!? Surely all traps eventually feed to an...
  4. D

    Suggestion to seal drain of vintage bath

    I am restoring a cast iron bath to use as an outdoor pond, I need to seal up the drain, there is a 40mm threaded pipe, I was hoping to find something that I can screw on to seal it. Can anyone recommend a product?
  5. S

    What is this shower seal?

    Does anyone know what type of shower seal this is? It sits separately to the glass shower screen which is concertina style. I can't seem to find one anywhere to replace it!
  6. Jamesgilchrist8

    How to seal a frameless shower screen

    Hi All, I've been grappling with this problem for a while now and figured I reach out for some advice. I have a shower screen that I'm struggling to figure out how to seal properly. It's a frameless 5mm glass screen that opens and shuts with 2 hinges. The problematic area is the the corner...
  7. M

    Ct1 miracle seal any good.

    Has anyone used this? Is it good or has it caused issues with clogging parts of the system up.
  8. A

    Brand new toilet leak - flexible connector seal - please help

    HI I am trying to connect the new toilet and it's leaking from underneath the flexible connector behind at the bottom of the seal (I'm in the UK). I tried 3 different flexible connectors (different brands) but small leak was always there. Removed the toilet bowl now and inspected the outlet...
  9. E

    How to seal shower dog legs

    How to seal shower dog legs?
  10. A

    Flushometer leaking on urinal.

    flushometer Have a Sloan Royal urinal at church. Just replaced vacuum breaker seal. After flushing water comes up and leaks through holes in flush pipe. Is this a problem with clogged lines or flushometer? Thanks
  11. A

    Mansfeild flush valve seal wont seal

    SO, I have done about 30 of these and they all have the same problem... the old seal had become so conformed and imbedded in the base that the seal was so great that you would break the handle trying to flush. So its time to replace, the new seal is straight and flat and not conformed at all and...
  12. M

    Help with mystery seal

    Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I knocked over a 110mm stand pipe for the septic tank in the garden, breaking the seal adaptor. I'm really struggling to work out where to get a replacement from, please help! I've been round a few merchants and googled all the text on the thing in various...
  13. A

    Gerberit flush pipe seal replacement - help

    Can anyone advise how this is fitted? Had a leak from here and decided to try replacing the washer with a new one - although leaks on both occasions seem to be coming from the gap left in the plastic clip on the bottom. Just want to ensure i have fitted the rubber seal correctly although from...
  14. Beyond the blue

    Shower arm seal

    Hi guys, I'm up to the stage where I am installing a shower arm into a 1/2 bsp wall socket. If I screw it in dry I get 6 1/4 turns before it bottoms out. Yesterday (18 hrs ago) I used Loctite 577 on the threads and screwed it in 6 turns in order to get the correct alignment, but this morning...
  15. S

    Shower trap, outer seal broken off.

    Hi everyone, Just new here and getting into plumbing. I have an issue with our shower trap outer seal broken off. Is there a quick fix for this issue? (See images) It seems that the seal has been sealed onto the shower tray. I am unsure how the crack formed and in the end the crack grew to the...
  16. Crooksy88

    Suggestions on how I should correctly seal this value

    What should be a straight forward connection is proving to be something annoyingly different. I have a 1/2 inch compression coupler which I am attaching to a new shower mixer valve (cold inlet). The photo doesn't show this but I have applied what I thought was adequate PTFE tape (10 rotations).
  17. S

    looking for a replacement seal for an old bottle trap

    Hi, I have a 1970s vintage bottle trap waste under the sink and had to unscrew the bottom cap to clean out a blockage. I noticed the rubber seal on this cap which appears to be a 50mm or 2 inch flat o-ring affair is starting to deteriorate. can anyone recommend a work around or replacement...
  18. O

    Can you seal a flue with expanding foam?

    Getting mixed answers about this. As far as i know expanding foam around a flue is an AR. Does any body have a concrete answer?
  19. J

    Which way does this seal go. Flush pipe seal

    Hi. A quick question if I may. Which is the correct way to install this seal. A or B Its the seal that seals the flush pipe to the cistern outlet. I hope that's clear Thanks D
  20. L

    Dribbling into the toilet

    No, not a medical problem - I mean there's a constant slow dribble of water from the cistern into the toilet bowl. There's a slight giveaway ripple, plus I tested it with one of those dye tablets from the water board and the colour came through quite quickly. The toilet is a close-coupled...

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