The V6 PRV engine is an automobile petrol V6 engine that was developed jointly by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo Cars – and sold from 1974 to 1998. It was gradually replaced after 1994 by another joint PSA-Renault design, known as the ES engine at PSA and the L engine at Renault. It was designed and manufactured by the company "Française de Mécanique" for PSA, Renault and Volvo.

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  1. T

    Green Verdigris on PRV

    Hi, I have a PRV located in a heated plant room that is between a pair of stop cocks. It was installed to keep pressure under 3 Bar a couple of years ago but I have noticed an area of verdigris on the piece from the main body to the gauge. I wondered if this might be sign of a leak / trouble or...
  2. N

    Zurn PRV what is the torque of bell housing screwed to valve body.

    Hi, I am not a plumber but want some help finding at what torque at which the PRV's bell housing screwed to the valve body. can the plastic bell housing pop off the main valve body due to pressure or unscrew itself due to prolonged water hammer effect? PRV: Wilkins Zurn NR30 40mm 500kpa
  3. DiyMarkJones

    Telfords Thermal Store Drop tight PRv

    Hi - I have a Telford's Tristar Thermal store with a Caleffi 533..h PRV set to 3 bar. The PRV doesn't appear to be drop tight, so static rises from 3 bar to 5.6 bar when no flow. When I had the thermostat replaced on the cylinder recently the plumber doing the job suggested I should...
  4. B

    PRV Correct setting and cons advice

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some confirmation regarding a PRV fitted to the mains supply in my building. All 6 flats in the building are now connected to the mains water feed supply and the water tanks in the attic have been disconnected (each flat has a combi gas boiler). My question is the...
  5. Andrew Garrett

    Worcester Bosch i30 Greenstar PRV and Expansion Chamber replacement

    Hi all What kind of time is required to replace the Pressure Relief Valve and the expansion chamber in a 6 year old Worcester Bosch i30 Greenstar? Is this a 3 hour job? Also what kind of price would be reasonable? I am using a new gas engineer and I want to verify that his bill is fair. I am...
  6. A

    Intergas boiler , vessel and PRV fault

    hello After an engineer serviced our intergas boiler, the pressure was going down continuously. He told us that the prv was faulty and quoted us £200 to have it replaced, so we asked around and the last engineer told us that the pressure vessel, PRv are both faulty and the filling loop is...
  7. C

    Humming vibrating pipes near mains inlet valve

    Not on the hot but whenever a cold tap is ran in the bathrooms or toilet flushed the two cold water pipes reverberate round the house. The cold mains and the balanced cold. We changed the water inlet valve with PRV last week but the problem has come back quickly. Is the street pressure too...
  8. H

    PRV pipe termination

    I've been asked to install a replacement combi boiler in the same location as an existing one (kitchen larder cupboard) . Only problem is the PRV. Current unit has PRV pipe terminating just under floorboards..(it's a ground floor flat with no dwellings below it). I'm loathe to follow this...
  9. T

    How to correctly set a PRV

    I have a PRV between the meter and stopcock in our home. This was fitted sometime ago and I have noticed the gauge does show some fluctuations. Sometimes (without any taps on) the pressure can be 1.5 bar and others it can be nearly 4 bar. Today it was just under 4 bar. I have adjusted the...
  10. L

    PRV Multibloc Valve Strange Noise

    Having a problem with a recent installation. Fitted new unvented cylinder and boiler. Everything fine for 6 months Then I get a call from my customer reporting a water hammer issue. I attend site and fit a shock arrestor. 2 days later he phones me back... still doing it. He says when you open a...
  11. A

    Megaflo plumbing problem.

    Hello all, I odd problem. The 8 bar prv keeps discharging at full bore whenever I use the garden tap at the same time as the shower and washing machine are in use. Originally thought the valve may be faulty but the Megaflo cylinder and all the inlet control valves have been replaced very...
  12. Elraoak

    Pressure Loss (new EV, PRV and dosed with F4)

    Have a large CH system, not sure the volume but a mix of column radiators and UFH means it's probably 250L or more. Runs on a Vaillant Ecotec 630 that's been OK for 7 years, but recently started losing pressure (needs topping up weekly). Had a new EV (old one was full of water apparently)...
  13. O

    Where's my leak? They say not the boiler, but I am not so sure.

    Hello, Can anybody please advise. For months now our old Ideal Mini HE C24 (combi boiler) has had pressure problems. It won't stay above 1 bar. Occasionally I top it up, to above one bar, twice in a day, other times if I am happy to leave it about a 1/3 of a bar it won't complain for a week...
  14. S

    Correct installation of PRV, and requirement for NRV?

    Hi Guys, Dyno have fitted a PRV under the kitchen sink in an attempt to resolve a H/W cylinder popping noise and issues with mixer taps, which unfortunately hasn’t cured the issue. I am concerned with the installation of the PRV (and the removal of the NRV) and would like to hear your comments...
  15. D

    Dripping 3 bar prv but pressure below 3

    Hi, I have a dripping 3 bar prv despite pressure never going above 2 bar when heating is on. I’ve replaced the prv and the problem persists. I’ve also repressurised the expansion vessel each time to 1 bar and there doesn’t appear to be any water in the vessel. I even tried putting a very small...
  16. M

    Boiler prv fitted separate

    Is it acceptable to tee the boilers prv in to the central heating flow or return under the boiler. If say fit in a cellar and no drain. And fit an 3 bar prv on the C/H pipework higher up where the pipe can be exited above ground level outside. Thanks.
  17. Z

    Why would a pressure relief valve fail like this ?

    Hello im a new member and hoping for some experienced advise Im a plumber with 12 years experianced and have recently started working in a super luxury 35 story tower block in london all very expensive Anyway a prv on the hot water exploded the other day inside a riser cupboard and flooded...
  18. D

    Noisy PRV with washing machine and dishwasher

    Morning all, Wonder if someone can help me at all. Got a high pressure system with a PRV fitted in the loft just before the tank feed, also providing the balanced cold. Now when the washing machine is filling (typically early hours in the morning on a timer) or when the dishwasher is filling...
  19. M

    PRV on sealed heating

    Just wondering if I can put the sealed heating pressure relief valve on the hot water return? As I can’t get relief pipe out where boiler and controls are 1604061267 just to add is an open vented conversion
  20. B

    URGENT Pressure Relief Valve Overflowing & Grundfos MQ Pump pressure

    I have a Grundfos MQ series domestic pump and it has started cycling on and off. The pressure at the outlet reaches approx 2 bar of pressure and the pump shuts off. The pressure then immediately drops as it overflows out of the Pressure Relief valve. Once the pressure gets to 1.5 bar the pump...
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