1. B

    Replacing a toilet, but don't recognise this soil flange in the floor to join a pan connector?!

    Hope someone can identify what I need to connect my new toilet pan to the vertical soil pipe in the bathroom floor. The old toilet's pan drained vertically into the soil pipe. I now need to fit a new toilet + pan connector, but the flange in the floor doesn't appear to be catered-for when it...
  2. M

    Pan Connector

    Hi all, very quick question as going round the houses trying to find an answer to this: Will a standard UK pan collector fit a 100mm waste pipe (it's for France but with a toilet from here (UK) but the existing waste pipe in the bathroom is 100mm ??) I would buy a pan connector over there but...
  3. A

    toilet pan waste pipe

    I hear flexible waste pipe is better than non flexible one as the flexible one sits tightly into the soil pipe. Does one know whether one should apply glue onto the flexible waste pipe when inserting it into the soil pipe?
  4. Rob Foster

    Here us why cheap pan connectors eventually leak

    We put a temporary cheapo pan connector on to test some drains. Today we removed the pan to put in the new floor. Look at the water left in the void space no wonder the rubbers rot away and leak ...multikwick all day long. Centralheatking
  5. N

    Pan Waste Connector slightly up hill

    The old toilet has been changed for a vanity unit. There is a soil pipe adapter, very well fitted onto the old cast iron pipe which brings the diameter up to modern standards. This has a deep rubber connector aperture. The soil pipe attaches about 2cm higher than the toilet outflow which...
  6. Beyond the blue

    Best flexible WC pan connector opinions?

    I need to change my new (comfort height) WC back to a normal height one. I used a B&Q flexi connector as it seemed very good quality compared to others I have used in the past but really struggled with leaks to the WC spigot. So it's time for a re-think and a new connector, What do you guys...
  7. M

    Concertina toilet pan connector/soil stack leaking at joint.

    Did some repairs to upstairs cistern (using a lot of advice here - thanks). Decided to fit a new concertina toilet pan connector while everything was accessible. What we bought & how it was fitted is identical to existing. Lubricated with fairy liquid the concertina slid extremely easily into...
  8. M

    Pan Connector, Which One?

    I've recently bought a 70s house and I am currently doing a bit of DIY before I move in. There is a nasty smell coming from the under stairs toilet and when I looked I could see whatever it was sealing the pan connector isn't doing it's job any longer. I'm not sure what connector I need. I've...
  9. J murton

    Can I fit a pan connector from toilet to sani

    Hi all I’ve got a sani that is boxed in and can’t come forward anymore and the toilet can’t go back anymore due to the boxing in. I have a 20mm gap approx between sani and pan. Could I use a pan connector to connect them both ? Thanks
  10. A

    Dealing with a 5mm offset in a toilet pan connection.

    I need to connect the horizontal spigot of a close coupled open back toilet to a horizontal plastic soil pipe that comes through the wall. There is 180mm space between the end of the pan spigot and the start of the soil pipe. in which to put fittings. The toilet spigot is five millimetres...
  11. J

    Cistern overflows to pan when the shower is running.

    The toilet cistern overflows into the pan when the shower on the floor below is running. Why would this be? They say the shower seems low on pressure recently. Again why would this be and what is the connection between the problems if there is one?
  12. P

    Soil Pan Misaligned - Wall Hung Toilet

    Good morning, I'm looking for some advice please. I'm a DIYer. I'm fitting a wall hung toilet in our downstairs toilet but the frame is very close to the soil pipe, it has to be really for it to work. My issue is (other than not planning it well) the soil pipe alignment. Pics below: As...
  13. J

    HELP. Trouble pushing on flexible soup pipe into back of pan

    Hi. The title says it all really I'm trying to push the flexible soup pipe into the back of the pan, but it's really difficult. I've put silkicos spray on it, but I just can't get in wnoeno to apply sufficient pressure to pop it on. I was thinking of making a puller, but thought aid ask you...
  14. C

    Pan Connector problem

    Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for what pan connector arrangement would be best suited for a side entry soil pipe with 3” vertical offset? The pan is an ideal Standard Della and the deep side of the pan slightly obscures the soil pipe by about 5mm. I tried a straight flexi but it fouls...
  15. E

    Sealing Back to Wall Pan

    The Boss wants me to seal the sides and top of the pan against the WC cabinet. Obviously I will seal around the base but I think sides and top will look rubbish. What do others think?
  16. B

    Has wrong pan connector been used

    Good afternoon all. Some advice would be very much appreciated. I have a new build extension and have had a close coupled toilet fitted with the soil pipe exiting through the wall at 90' to the left of the pan. The cistern sits at an angle about 20mm away from the wall on the left and 10mm on...
  17. P

    WC branch pan connector

    Hi. I've got a situation where there is a soil pipe passing through a bathroom and turning 90 degrees through the wall to a pan in an adjacent en-suite shower room. The client wants to put a close coupled wc in the bathroom on the same wall that the soil runs along and connect it into the...
  18. J

    WC / toilet pan fixings

    Decided to remove content as not appropriate. Thank you 2 members who pointed this out to me.
  19. Leigh Florence

    New cistern leaking into pan

    I have replaced a whole new Grohe WC wall hung toilet integrated frame and cistern and still have the same problem, a small leak into the toilet pan. Going crazy as no one can tell me why this is happening. Grohe thought it was their problem even though had not experienced it before, but...
  20. P

    ID This wall hung pan .

    Hello lads its been a while, can anyone ID this wall hung pan made by twyfords . It has been fitted about 6 years and it needs a new seat. The pan is 570mm from the front edge to the wall, seat is 360mm x 480mm with 150mm centers.
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