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  1. CorgiDirect

    CORGI direct - The home of professional paperwork for engineers

    Technical Manuals & Professional Pads from CORGI direct. The home of professional paperwork. We carry a wide range of gas and heating books, forms & pads both domestic & non domestic for all gas engineers 👍👨‍🔧👩‍🔧 VIEW HERE
  2. OffshoreGas

    Boiler installation/service manuals

    Most manufacturers seem quite good at providing information on their systems but it’s a bit of a pain having to get an internet connection every time you want to access a manual. Do any manufacturers allow you to bulk download big chunks of their manuals to save to your laptop/iPad...
  3. CorgiDirect

    10% off all Printed Material (Technical Pads & Manuals) until 18th June 2018

    Enjoy 10% off our printed material! Enter the code 'CORGIPRO' during checkout to redeem by 18th June Pads - Corgi Forms and Pads - CorgiDirect Manuals - Corgi Books and Manuals - CorgiDirect Popular Paperwork Landlord Pads Essential Gas Safety Record Service Checklist Gas Safety Record...
  4. Worcester

    HDG K-26 Manuals needed

    Hope you guys can help, we've just installed an HDG K26 pellet boiler, sourced from Euroheat (they close their doors in a few hours) however we are short of all the documentation! And Euroheat seem to have mislaid it and don't have any copies as pdf's. We are used to fully commissioning systems...
  5. J

    oil boiler manuals

    Hi all, does anyone know if there is a bank of boiler service manuals you can get? New installer and service technician just trying to be prepared!
  6. S

    how to connect my boiler to a nest or a hive

    Hi all, I have a vaillant ecoTect 832 (combi boiler) with a vaillant RF 350 thermostat and I am looking into replacing it with a smart thermostat either the nest or the hive. I am guessing I will have to remove the RF 350 panel from the boiler for this to work, right? I did not keep the...
  7. E

    Gas installer work mate app

    Does anybody else have this software? Downloaded it today and looks good but it's so slow and buggy, keeps crashing. I'm having to sync manuals to my phone so that I can view them if I don't have internet on site. Anybody else have issues? Quite steep too at £32.99.
  8. M

    Help with old boiler instructions / diagrams etc

    Hello All Second try! I only joined yesterday, but have seen some very informative info in the past, I'm not a Plumber or Heating Eng just someone who likes to understand how my own system should operate properly. I did put a post on but for some reason it has a "lock" icon and no one can...
  9. H

    Gas Installers Workmate...

    ..GIW Version 5 - USB Edition, anyone know anything, I've been trying to access recently on my windows 10 tablet with no joy, nor can I find a internet site (that's accessible) for them. It worked fine before on windows 8.1 but now looks like its dead, bloody annoying for 50 quid.
  10. M

    Boiler manuals or any information on boilers

    Hi i am looking for a boiler manuals in a pdf format, i am building an information achieve, ive got water regs and a load of bristish standard i would like some boiler manuals and any other information i can put on there. if you have any boiler sequencing, boiler manuals or any trouble...
  11. T

    Boiler Manuals

    I think I may be going mad but has the link for the boiler manuals gone from here? I had the link on my old phone but got a new phone and didnt keep the link etc Thanks
  12. L

    Service manuals

    Hi all can anyone recommend a a link/cd/dvd that has a comprehensive list of boiler manuals so I can download it to my computer/phone have seen a few on ebay- are they any good? cheers
  13. M

    anyone got a book or a link to the trianco wm 20/30 rs

    as title says - would be much appreciated :)
  14. B

    manuals on tablet

    hi just bought a kindle fire hoping to put manuals on it.if i go onto boiler manufacturers site i can down load manuals and they open but if i go on to a.ratedmanual site they download but wont open from there can any one advise i am ok on laptop but this thing is testing my patience ant
  15. W

    Biasi part No.

    Can anyone give me a part No. for a diaphragm for a Biasi series MV mod 8/20 for the Giannoni flow switch that is part No BI1061102 I don't want to buy the full thing. yes I have advised for it to go in the skip Thanks
  16. S

    break down software (boiler manuals , break down guides)

    hi im looking to buy a tablet and wanted to know if the was any decent apps/ software to download for boiler MI or break downs guides. cheers
  17. V

    how can i review my old posts?

    Hi guys, sorry if this is out of place but i want to review my old posts because one of you kind gentlemen gave me the link for boiler manuals which is somewhere within this website... also there is another website called parts arena which i use every now and again...does any one have the link...
  18. A

    glow worm fuels saver mk11 40b

    anyone got a manual for this boiler?
  19. M

    landlord cert

    hi guys, am doing a landlord cert tomorrow, ive done a few in the past, am only a year qualified and also like to do things properly, however tomorrow, the fire is a gazco log burner. ive never done one on a log burner, are the test the same? does the smoke bomb just go in the fire as the flue...
  20. B

    potterton ff60

    has anyone got mi for the potterton ff60