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  1. M

    Saying Hello from Durham

    I used to use the forum many years ago and so pleased it is still going strong.
  2. F

    Hi 👋 newbee here . Saying hello and introducing myself to you all.

    Hi my names Frank. I've not long completed my level 2 diploma and I'm now an apprentice doing site work. Just completed my 1st month and really enjoying the challenge . Previously worked as a comercial lobster fisherman and still do some weekends. Green as grass so may ask a few silly questions...
  3. S

    Hi, thank you for allowing me to join, a bit of background....

    I am a reluctant LL of a single property, with a boiler on the second floor that needed an internally fitted flue terminal due to height restrictions, the internal exposed horizontal flue run is 4m with two 90 degree bends totalling just under 6m, I now know more about flue installations than I...
  4. P

    PMT Stress free would like to say hello and introduce myself

    Hello All and thanks Lou i did write a reply but it would not let me send it? i am not sure what I am meant to write and I do not want to come over the wrong way so please keep in mind I am 57 and at school in the 70s back then was kicked out the lessons and put in remedial classes (before...
  5. R

    Hello all nice to be here

    Hi - I'm new here though I have found many useful bits of advice in previous threads. I'm a keen (hopefully competent) DIYer and will generally give most jobs a go unless there's a safety consideration. I do like to get it right first time so prefer to research first, then act (or decide it's...
  6. D


    Hi Everyone, I have just joined the forum (at long last) after having dipped in and out a few times in the past. It's good to be here. I am a homeowner and DIY-er and have very little knowledge of plumbing in fact, it scares me to death!!! I'm hoping to get a wee bit of professional advice...
  7. P

    Hello all - eyes firmly set on the future

    Long-time lurker, keen to learn about all the clever new stuff, even if only for small domestic - OpenTherm, better solutions than Sundial plans &c &c
  8. B

    Hello all New member

    Just a quick introduction, I’m not a plumber/heating engineer only a lowly ale truck am I’m afraid 😳 (please be kind 🤣) My main reason for joking forum is for my own home DIY projects all though I do very minor plumbing work with my electrical work, replacing showers basically. Thanks I’m...
  9. P

    A quick introduction & hello

    A dreaded DIY,er here for a pointer every now & again....Happy Xmas all
  10. M

    Hello I’m new here ……

    Hello, just joined. I’m just a Diyer, done a fair bit to the rest of the house and now looking at the bathroom, it’s worked(sort of!) so we’ve left it till last. Wish me luck!?
  11. B

    Hello - DIYer introduced

    Hi just a quick hello. Just had a nasty case of covid, which floored me, never been so ill in all my life. Stay safe.
  12. E

    Saying hello, and keep it up.

    35 years in Thermoprocessing, electrical & control engineering, combustion control and oil, but still learning, and finding the site a useful resource, keep it up.
  13. R

    Hello to everyone……..

    Hi everyone, I work in a well known DIY store and I’m often asked questions about plumbing problems by customers so I’m always interested in improving my knowledge.
  14. A

    Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone, have abit of knowledge on plumbing ( basic diy) but want to keep learning and learning so I have bought these two books Collins complete plumbing and heating and Haynes home plumbing also signed up too this forum :).
  15. hebt

    Saying Hello to keep my account

    Another DIY'er keeping my account alive. I've always found useful help by searching so thanks for all the past chats :)
  16. T

    Hello to everyone here

    Hi all. Posting to keep my account live but having just moved to a house from the 70s I'll be posting for advice soon enough about the oil heating system!
  17. M

    Hello everybody on the forum

    Another DIYer here, living in North West London not far from two Screwfixes. Handy. Prepared to have a bash at anything plumbing. Only made a mess of it… a few times.
  18. R

    Hello all. Aspiring plumber here

    Hello all. Thanks for letting me join the forum. I am looking to train as a plumber. I currently work as a site supervisor erecting and commissioning large mining machinery, but this work has become very sporadic of late, so i need something to infill the quiet periods and think plumbing would...
  19. V

    Hello - DIY homeowner

    Hi everyone just wanted to say hello. I am a UK based homeowner trying to get better at DIY jobs.
  20. P

    Hello Everyone - have a great day

    Hi Everyone, just ended up on the forum while searching information after home-buyer survey. It is rich of information and I got many useful advice from Here, thank you everyone for all what you put in here. I am not use to the UK building and regulation as I am European but fortunately there...