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  1. Julia123

    Hello from Miami Florida. Plumbing

    Hello. Hopefully someone give ideas about different types of plumbing. Have a great one!
  2. A

    Just a quick first post to say hello.

    Hi, Hoping some of you folks can steer me in the right direction. I have been self employed for the last 15years supplying services to the industrial gas market. That ranges from installing cryogenic storage tanks, pumps and pipework to high pressure Hydrogen systems and bulk LNG. My work has...
  3. Robooo

    Hello folks newbie here:)

    I'm studying renewable energy engineering. I'm in an early stage getting familiar with plumbing so far. I hope, I can broaden my knowledge and help others. Peace
  4. D

    Hello! Great to meet you all

    Hello all, just a quick "hi" as I've just joined the forum. I'm based in the UK and am product manager for a company that provides caulking tools (the MK and Cox dispenser range). Feel free to reach out if you have any questions related to applying silicone and other materials. I look forward...
  5. PlumberJohnTarn

    Hello from the United Kingdom

    Hello, I want to learn to plumb. My dad and uncles did lots of plumbing by learning from trial and error.
  6. OscarSmith

    I'm new and a newbie.

    Hello. I'm new here, and also a newbie when it comes to plumbing. I hope to learn a lot and also contribute as much as I can.
  7. N

    Hello from Romania. Young old person intrested in the past.

    Hello. My name is Ştefan (or Steven, if you like). I'm from Bucharest, capital of Romania. Borned here, raised here. My passion for some old plumbing cames from the fact that I have a certain fascination for pre-1949 bigger apartament buildings in Bucharest (Bucharest is only one city in...
  8. D

    Morning everyone, I'm new to this and would like some advice please

    Good morning everyone. Just joined the forum and was hoping for some advice please. I have a small leak coming from my towel radiator. It doesn't seem to be from the actual valve (I've tightened this up as far as it can go), but appears to be coming from the join (see image attached). Has anyone...
  9. G

    Hello from sunny Surrey

    Hello, I am certainly not a plumber but kinda handy Created an account to resolve an issue Fingers crossed all will be good!
  10. H

    Hello from a DIYer in Shropshire

    My toilet cistern has a black box inside hiding all the components. How do I sort out the problem I have with my toilet constantly running/emptying?
  11. A

    Hello from near Oxford

    Just popped in to say "Hi". Found this forum when looking for a solution to our stiff shower bar tap. Have got some ideas which I'll try. Had a new cartridge a few months back but it's a stupid design of tap with very little to grip, and when wet it's almost impossible to move. Well done...
  12. B

    Hello all tradesman and DIY here

    Just wanted to say hello, as its first time on the forum, and Lou thanks for the warm email welcome, but when I tried to reply it came up as spam I probably misspelt something. having a look around the forum looks like there are some friendly people, hope to become part of the forum and give...
  13. Stiltz

    Hello all, by way of an introduction…

    Hello everyone! I’m Paul. An ex gas safe registered heating engineer & plumber. Was never much cop at wiring heating systems or fault finding electrical issues, always used a close friend who is a (busy) electrician. Was self employed (non sub contractor) for 32 years. My career ended a few...
  14. M

    Saying Hello from Durham

    I used to use the forum many years ago and so pleased it is still going strong.
  15. F

    Hi 👋 newbee here . Saying hello and introducing myself to you all.

    Hi my names Frank. I've not long completed my level 2 diploma and I'm now an apprentice doing site work. Just completed my 1st month and really enjoying the challenge . Previously worked as a comercial lobster fisherman and still do some weekends. Green as grass so may ask a few silly questions...
  16. S

    Hi, thank you for allowing me to join, a bit of background....

    I am a reluctant LL of a single property, with a boiler on the second floor that needed an internally fitted flue terminal due to height restrictions, the internal exposed horizontal flue run is 4m with two 90 degree bends totalling just under 6m, I now know more about flue installations than I...
  17. P

    PMT Stress free would like to say hello and introduce myself

    Hello All and thanks Lou i did write a reply but it would not let me send it? i am not sure what I am meant to write and I do not want to come over the wrong way so please keep in mind I am 57 and at school in the 70s back then was kicked out the lessons and put in remedial classes (before...
  18. R

    Hello all nice to be here

    Hi - I'm new here though I have found many useful bits of advice in previous threads. I'm a keen (hopefully competent) DIYer and will generally give most jobs a go unless there's a safety consideration. I do like to get it right first time so prefer to research first, then act (or decide it's...
  19. D


    Hi Everyone, I have just joined the forum (at long last) after having dipped in and out a few times in the past. It's good to be here. I am a homeowner and DIY-er and have very little knowledge of plumbing in fact, it scares me to death!!! I'm hoping to get a wee bit of professional advice...
  20. P

    Hello all - eyes firmly set on the future

    Long-time lurker, keen to learn about all the clever new stuff, even if only for small domestic - OpenTherm, better solutions than Sundial plans &c &c
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