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  1. B

    Hello.. Plumber, going back on the tools??

    Hello All My name is Bill and have been a plumber for 35years. I have just returned from Australia where I was working as a plumbing inspector for 12 years! I have returned to the UK ( Ireland actually) and am considering getting back on the tools (probably just maintenance) .. Interested to...
  2. G

    Popped in to say hello

    Hi, new on here today, thought I'd check in. I've posted a problem on the boilers forum, so won't double post here. Having looked around beforehand, I can see loads of friendly responses, appreciate any help anyone offers.
  3. M

    hello new on forum looking for advice

    hi homeowner looking for advice on quotes for central heating upgrade
  4. A

    Hello from a newbie with a project

    Evening All, Currently in the process of building an extension. At about 90m² it's a decent sized project and one that has causes me many sleepless nights - I always seem to do every job three times in my head before tackling the actual job itself. I'm doing all the plumbing and electrics...
  5. D

    Hello - Just joined for general advice

    Hi, just found this forum and looking for general advice, brought a doer upper and although I'd like to install boilers etc I really think that's best left to the experts so really just looking for advice on best practice so I know what to ask etc when I get a plumber round.
  6. R

    New member saying hello

    Hi all, just joined I'm a plumbing and heating engineer from Scotland. Came across the forum looking for advice on things I've not seen before. Hope to also help people out aswell. Cheers everyone
  7. GameForkStudio

    New member saying hello.

    Hi all, I am a novice DIYer. Recently bought a new property and I came across this forum while searching for information about solutions the best heating systems for the new property. Great forum. Look out for all my novice enquiries :)
  8. M

    Hello and advice needed, pushfit and shower mixer valve

    Hello all, I'm new here and hope you can help. I'm trying to install a new bathroom (first time). I'm using JG speedfit connectors and pipe. The mixer valve hot and cold inlets have small filters in them, which obstruct the connecter I'm trying to attach. Any ideas on how I solve this? The first...
  9. R

    Just saying hello to introduce myself

    Just a quick introduction as its polite to do so. Joined the forum for a bit of advice on an upcoming project regarding changing my cylinder to unvented. Once i work out the correct place to post it I will put my queries up. Thanks
  10. N

    Hello to every one I am a new member

    Hi, dropped in to get information on sizing low loss headers, first post googled sent me here and voila, the answer I was looking for.
  11. J

    Hello from down south

    Hi Guys. Hello from me. I’m a heating engineer based in the south. Hope I can help anyone here and there. I’m Gas Safe Registered and been in the trade 18 years now since an apprentice. Jim
  12. J

    Hello Everyone, newbie

    Hi Everyone, I am a newbie, be gentle. Looking forward to reading and joining in all the posts. Jase
  13. A

    Hello Everyone New Here In This Forum...

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I found this forum while surfing on Big G and found some interesting threads here so i joined this forum so that i can participate on those topics. I hope i will have a great time here :)
  14. G

    Hello all..

    Hi all. Not a plumber but I work as a Telephone and Broadband engineer. Currently renovating a old house so may need advise on all things plumbing. Thanks for everyone's help in advance.
  15. D

    A big hello from me to all members.

    Hello all. Plumber. 20 years experience still learning everyday. Mainly general plumbing including unvented and underfloor heating. Oil boiler technician registered with oftec. Eat far too many crisps.
  16. P

    Hello there small introduction thankyou

    Hi guy’s and gal’s, From south east of england newly passed plumber wanting some possible back up (knowledge) in future. thought this would be a great place to learn some tips and tricks from guys doing it not just out of a book. Thanks again.
  17. F

    Hello all from Derbados

    Hi, I would like to feel that I am a competent DIY'er and have browsed this forum in the past for little pieces of advice. Just thought I would say hello.
  18. I

    Hello, From The Isle of Skye

    Good Morning all. Hope you are all well. Just a short introduction from me. I am a plumbing & Heating engineer from the Isles of Skye, Scotland. Been self employed for 8 years, employing a couple of lads for around 6 years & recently took on an administrator part time to take calls, book in...
  19. A

    Hello from Lancaster UK

    Hello from Lancaster UK. Hello I’m Just looking for help with my ideal vouge. Hot water issue but I’ll post in the correct forum.
  20. R

    Hello from South Africa

    Good morning. Hi im Riaz from Durban, South Africa. Just saying hello.

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