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  1. G

    Hello Everyone

    Good morning everyone. I am a new member, and am posting to Introduce myself. I have worked in various aspects construction for many years. I have just had planning approved on a bungalow to add large dormers and a complete remodel on the ground floor. This is going to be our family home...
  2. O

    Hello again all, one more question regarding a flexible pipe, Thanks in Advance (pictures attached)

    Good Morning again, I appreciate the advice some of you gave yesterday regarding a soil pipe fitting. I do however have one more question and it relates to the size of compression fittings. I have been given this flexible hose that came as part of a new toilet, there was a customer like...
  3. G

    Hello all.

    Hi there found this website via google and popped into say hello and get some tips on CH Boilers etc hope to catch-up with you all on the forum speak soon gmaule
  4. S

    Hello All

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, I joined to get some advice and tips on plumbing and central heating
  5. R

    New to the Forum. Hello all..

    Hello All. I'm new to the forum
  6. T

    Hello - thanks for your help already!

    Thanks All - really appreciate helpful answers so far since joining yesterday and it's a very friendly helpful site generally! You are doing a great job. 🙂👍
  7. N

    Hello – just a d.i.y.er needing some tips

    It's gone wrong so I'm googling & found you. I like to do things myself as far as poss. Best wishes.
  8. K

    Hello, new member just joined this forum

    I just joined this forum, and I am glad to be a part of it. I am joining with hopes to learn new things about plumbing, primarily about underfloor heating systems. Thank you.
  9. M

    Hello new member trainee plumber.

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum currently studying a level 2 plumbing diploma looking forward to getting involved. Many Thanks Matthew
  10. O

    What a great web page!

    Hello all I became a gas engineer about three years ago, so still quite unexperienced but eager to learn. Many thanks for letting me join.
  11. plumbingdoctor

    can we consider tradie a front liner?

    Hello all tradie hope all is well Anyone here work in this pandemic time? thanks for a warm welcome hope i can contribute and help P
  12. P

    Hello from keen DIYER

    Hello plumbers!, I am a keen DIYER, but I know my limits!. I would like to ask advice from knowledgable plumbers on occasion, I have posted a lengthy tome about a new potential boiler install I am looking at for starters. Thank you in advance!
  13. D

    Hello Everyone From A Beginning Plumber

    Hello everyone, I applied to be in the Plumber's Union back in the fall of 2019 and for six months I didn't hear anything so I figured they found other candidates. In the end of May beginning of June (around my birthday :p) I got the call to get put on the job. I...
  14. w0z

    Saying hello to PF's!

    hi all as long time member of electricians forum, I I thought it was time I really got my feet wet (remembering to let go of the live wire first). Looking forward to being here!
  15. Butiester

    Hello "Plumbers Forums" People

    I am a new member at this forum. Also, newly get married. We are taking a decision get a new house. I have some ideas about home plumbing. I came to learn more things here.
  16. T

    New Here, Hello Everyone!

    Hi there to you all :) I posted my first question over on the other area and think I'm still waiting for it to be approved? So I thought I'd come over here and say hello. Thank you for this wonderful forum!
  17. P

    Hello to all of you on here

    Hi Everyone thanks for having me on here, I’m Pete Gas safe registered, 20 years in the game, still learning and willing to learn, While I’m here anyone fitted a turner mains pump? Thoughts or advice please? Stay alert!
  18. X

    Newbie. Hello from West Yorkshire.

    Hello Quick intro....I’ve joined here because I’m planning a career change.... you guessed it, into plumbing. Im mid 30s and from a construction related background. Currently working in project management but sick of the corporate BS side of things. Wanted to trade train as a plumber when I...
  19. P

    A hello from a new member

    Hi New to the forum I have been plumbing (City and Guilds) for 25 years both in the UK and abroad also have a BTEC in construction, and City and Guilds in Tiling and contract flooring. I returned from abroad 2 years ago and I am now general plumbing and bathroom installing along with power...
  20. G

    Hello - question related to slow draining bath, and poor toilet flush

    Hi, a new member here, so first of all, hello to the forum! Posting because - I've got a couple of problems in a relatively new bathroom installation. First issue is - the bath drains very, very slowly (and backs up slightly when the shower is in use). The second is, the toilet flush is not...
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