Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In is a best-selling 1981 non-fiction book by Roger Fisher and William Ury. Subsequent editions in 1991 and 2011 added Bruce Patton as co-author. All of the authors were members of the Harvard Negotiation Project. The book made appearances for years on the Business Week bestseller list. The book suggests a method called principled negotiation.

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  1. E

    URGENT Bath tub drain smells - Getting blow back from drain?

    Hello All, I have an issue and hoping someone could shed some light on the problem. We have been getting a smell coming up in the bathroom, initially thought it was the toilet, but after smelling the bath tub plug hole it appears to be coming from here. I removed the P trap and very little...
  2. M

    preventing rodents from getting into pipes/drain

    Hi, a couple simple questions. 1. I have two pipes like seen on a attached photo in my back yard. One is for the waste from kitchen, the other one is for the waste from toilet/bathroom. Obviously rodents can easily get into them pipes.. is the any ways to prevent that? 2. And a second question...
  3. PtrJack

    Getting a 1/2"pvc pipe to fit a 1/2"pvc coupling

    I have seen people speaking of this and others not understanding. I have a leak in my pipe coming from the main. Attaching a new 1/2" coupling to the 1/2" pipe (blue pipe) is a problem as the coupling is larger than the pipe although both are 1/2". Most people do not realize that there are...
  4. Robooo

    Getting into plumbing

    Hi there, I'm sniffing around what to expect of getting a job in plumbing. My job makes me redundant at the end of September. The whole warehouse moves to the Midlands from Bridgewater. Meanwhile I'm doing my NVQ level 2 in plumbing. The goal of the course is Renewable Energy Engineer. I'll...
  5. K

    Two radiators not getting hot

    Hi, I have a sealed system with 18 Rads/towel rads which is run by a greenstar boiler with a sealed hot water tank. I'm using a tado thermostat and the Pump is a 15/50 Groundfos. The issue is there are two radiators that are cold. So I closed down every radiator except for these two, apart...
  6. H

    Adverts getting in the way of a supposed forum

    Its hard to read anything and navigate what is supposed to be a plumbers forum , you end up going ad blind
  7. H

    Shower Not Getting Hot (gets warm, but unlike the taps in the room)

    Ive troubleshooted it being the anti scold needs adjusting, however I have taken everything off the faucet to as much as I can. I have no idea how I get past where ive got to, any ideas?
  8. PineGuy

    Wye strainer keeps getting blocked on boiler

    I have an 18 month old boiler that was installed with a forced hot water heat loop and a HW storage tank. About 4 times a year I need to clean the strainer. It becomes so blocked that the HW loop starts banging and the water temp at the taps goes way up so you can’t hold your hand in it. I...
  9. B

    All radiators are getting hot when we've only got HW on.

    We've been the house for just over 2 years. We've only just got around to figuring out this 'Y' plan system as we've never had one before. We've been using the immersion tank for hot water (using the electrical backup ££££) since we moved in, but with costs rising, I need to figure out where the...
  10. E

    Rad not geting warm but no air in rad

    Hi I have conected a small rad with 15mm pipe fed from 10mm system there is no air in the read water is coming out no bubbles but rad don't get warm the rad its conected to dos get hot the 15mm pipes have to go up and over a small door and back down to the new rad what am I doing rong please
  11. M

    Mira Excel - Getting to filters

    Hi, Need a bit of advice on getting to the inlet filters on a Mira Excel i think 2010 version I've read and watched lots of advice on doing this , Remove the temp control knob Remove the Flow lever Remove another ring, which shows the cartridge Unscrew 4 screws (took a bit of cleaning to...
  12. M

    Shower Pump getting noisy

    Hi, I had a new en suite bathroom fitted around 5 years ago, initially all good, gradually the Shower Pump started to get noisier, and eventually stopped working after about 2/3 years. I bought same pump (Salamander) and swapped it over, everything was good, so quiet, gradually noise has started...
  13. A

    getting a wooshing sound in supply pipe after fitting new toilet

    Hi Just removed an old toilet and fitted a new push button cistern one. I had to re-route the supply water pipe over the waste pipe coming out of the back as i had to use a swan neck one to line up with waste hole in floor,and the water pipe didn't fit past waste pipe. I cut the supply pipe...
  14. nick_a_louse

    Air getting into upstairs radiators. Possibly caused by kettling?

    I need some help from the internet before I waste any more time and money trying to fix air getting in to my central heating! Looking for advise on what to do next, as the 3 plumbers I've used so far haven't been much use. Down in East London, near Romford for what it's worth! Issue summary...
  15. R

    Leak - water getting into shower control unit

    Hi We have a Ideal Standard Connect Easybox Slim Built-in Shower - When using the shower, water is getting through the control faceplate and causing a leak. We were advised by one company that there was probably a problem with seals inside, and advised that they needed to buy a new unit as they...
  16. W

    Why do i keep getting this? (Mods?)

    Several times lately I have had this data consent form pop up. I have carefully selected "no consent" to all of the options I can see. Is this why it keeps popping up?
  17. J

    Radiators cool down after getting hot?

    Hi, I have an issue of the radiators. When the boiler starts to work, all house radiators start to get hot, but after about 30-40 mins, there are upstairs 3 or 4 radiators are getting cool down (maybe because the house temperature reaches the set temperature?), but others are still warm/hot...
  18. E

    UFH not getting hot on vented system

    Hi folks, I’m in need of some sound advice. We have recently had a ground floor extension and have had underfloor heating (company: JK UFH) installed throughout most of the downstairs. We have a few rads still left downstairs and the entire upstairs is still heated through rads. We have a...
  19. J

    Radiators not getting heated due to hot water priority

    Hello all, I live in Lisbon, Portugal and having a hard time getting good advice on my heating system: Vaillant Ecotech plus boiler, Vsmart controller and 200L Junkers hot water tank. I understand the system prioritises hot water but it is to the extent that in normal operating mode the...
  20. TeddySam154

    Only getting hot water from bath tap no where else.

    I have what seems to be a unusual problem and hope can get some advice. I have a bathroom up Stairs, and a wet room down stairs with toilet and sink, plus sink in kitchen. We have a solar hot water system and gas boiler, it's the type where water goes up to loft through solar panel where it is...
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