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In communications and information processing, code is a system of rules to convert information—such as a letter, word, sound, image, or gesture—into another form, sometimes shortened or secret, for communication through a communication channel or storage in a storage medium. An early example is an invention of language, which enabled a person, through speech, to communicate what they thought, saw, heard, or felt to others. But speech limits the range of communication to the distance a voice can carry and limits the audience to those present when the speech is uttered. The invention of writing, which converted spoken language into visual symbols, extended the range of communication across space and time.
The process of encoding converts information from a source into symbols for communication or storage. Decoding is the reverse process, converting code symbols back into a form that the recipient understands, such as English or/and Spanish.
One reason for coding is to enable communication in places where ordinary plain language, spoken or written, is difficult or impossible. For example, semaphore, where the configuration of flags held by a signaler or the arms of a semaphore tower encodes parts of the message, typically individual letters, and numbers. Another person standing a great distance away can interpret the flags and reproduce the words sent.

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  1. C

    What does the code Ou Er mean on EPH RFRP-OT thermostat

    What does the code Ou Er mean on EPH RFRP-OT thermostat?
  2. N

    IDEAL ICOS HE24 intermittent LF code

    Hi All I know I know ... another HE24 LF code problem. Fix is replace boiler ;-) My problem is slightly different to other posts I've been reading in that the boiler works fine for 95% of the time. It will often go a few days then we get the LF code. We hit reset and it always always...
  3. moonlight

    Worcester Bosch Fault code P3

    A customer rang this morning, says they have a intermittent fault on the boiler P3. Its a Worcester CDI30 I think from a past visit. I did quote for a new boiler 10 months ago, but the old one is still hanging in there. I looked on line as I don't have the book with me. Any suggestions? He says...
  4. J

    Baxi error code E133

    My baxi boiler keeps showing error code E133 we reset it and it comes back on; this only seems to happen late afternoon early evening, it can happen a few times in one evening then not again for a few days later sometimes a week later, I’ve been told it’s low gas pressure but when I googled it I...
  5. D

    URGENT duo-tec 28 fault code e168 new PCB

    Duo-tec 28 fault code e168 PCB replaced PCB turned boiler on same fault code e168 could it be a faulty new PCB or am I missing something
  6. B

    New Grundfos UPS3 15-50/65 130 Circulator pump fitted no heating and hot water - FD Fault code

    I have a 5 year old Ideal Logic 15 boiler that has been working alongside an old Grundfos pump possibly about 10years old. The boiler was recently (about 3 weeks ago) repaired and services by an Ideal technician. I had a plumber yesterday from Local Heros who came to fit a new Grundfos UPS3...
  7. D

    Vaillant Boiler ecoTEC+418 - Status Code S46

    Live monitor is giving me status code S46 (Comfort Protection minimum load loss of flame). Symptoms are boiler taking longer to come on and takes longer to heat rads, although it gets there in the end. Flame is lower on symbol and boiler quieter than it was. Anyone got an idea of why the...
  8. P

    Keston C55 Fault code E36

    Hi Guys, I have been called out to a Keston C55 boiler that had a E36 Fault code, changer the flow and return thermistor but still getting E36 code? have checked all connections and wires. Any ideas. Thanks
  9. J

    Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 30 SE code

    Hello I'm struggling to understand this code as I cant find it in the User Manual. The display has an SE code with a spanner in the top left corner. I am not able to change the water (40 degrees)or central heating temperature (30 degrees). Does anybody know what this could be? Thanks
  10. D

    Logic Code Combi (issue?)

    Hi all First timer here - after reading a lot of the advice present I thought it would make sense to get stuck in and throw something into the ring. I am a Landlord and Agent operating new build properties in the Nottinghamshire areas, and have what seems to be an ongoing problem with one...
  11. C

    Ecotec plus boiler with VR66 gives code s97

    I have mounted a VR66 wiring centre in dual zone (switch in position 0) with two VRT350 thermostats. The heater is an Vaillant Ecotec Plus with combiboiler from october 2020. And I must say it works very well when one or both thermostats ask for heat. When there is no demand for heat the boiler...
  12. C

    Worcester CDi error code

    Hi I am new to this forum and looking for some help with an annoying issue with my Worcester CDi boiler ( installed about 2010 ). It provides heating and hot water ( through a separate lagged water tank). Over a year ago it started going into a mode for a number of minutes before it then...
  13. S

    baxi duo-tec2 fault code e385

    as above driving me insane about ten people from 27/4 rescue looked at it can not find problem,i get hot and ch but it takes a while for it to come through all the time flashing 385 then all of a suden will fire up and be fine
  14. eagleeye

    Viessmann C code after install and commissioning

    Installed a Viessmann combi on Friday and couldn't get heating working. Hot water fine but not heating. Had a letter C on the display. Reset it and it went through startup and then went to C again. Called Viessmann technical and even they didn't know what it was. Has anyone else had this and if...
  15. D

    I have a F1 fault code on my ideal boiler, the pressure is fine?

    Pressure is ok but increased to see if boiler would click into action but didn’t, have reduced back, needle is moving on pressure gauge, have tried reset but still nothing, any ideas before I call someone out? Thanks
  16. T

    How to resolve F05 error code on washing machine

    Hi there, I have an F05 error code on my hotpoint washing machine and think it related to a blockage. Would anyone know how I can go about checking to see where the blockage is? I assume I need to switch off my water from mains before I check? Thank you!
  17. A

    Reliability of fault codes potterton

    HELP!,,,, E125 error code Been trying to get to the bottom of problem with potterton titanium 40. keep getting e125 which is circulation fault ( primary circuit). Fault is intermittent. Thought about system flush but seem am reluctant as all rads are red hot. Return pipe also hot. Fault...
  18. A

    Are there any US code approved flexible waste pipes for toilets?

    Hi there, I am a college student working on a project that involves plumbing. My team and I are currently at a bit of a snag though. We need to be able to bend and move the waste pipe for our toilet but are not sure if flexible/corrugated/accordion pipes are code approved in the US. Any info on...
  19. L

    Needing some help - no plumbing knowledge

    Hi - I'm new here. I have a Glow-worm flexicom hx boiler that had a f25 error code and isn't heating my water. I have bled all the radiators, then reset the boiler and now have a f22 code. Can anyone offer advice please. Thanks.
  20. Inverness

    Intergas 30 sb fault code 11

    Hi guys, commissioned a Intergas ssyem boiler today. Work fine until later on it went to lock out code11? I know the combi Intergas boilers require to set the parameters for a combi but does this boiler need to beset for a system boiler? Nothing states in the manual about setting the...