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Hi, I am handy DIYer but not interested in touching anything boiler related! Just interested before I get a Gas safe engineer out what I could be looking at for what the problem is and rough cost. So in a nutshell, I put a radiator on in a room in the extension, noticed after that the pressure went low so topped it up, maybe went a bit over 1.5 bar so bled some out to just over 1 bar. Now no hot water at all with E9 code and 276 code. No flashing blue light and CH working fine.
Your boiler's safety temp has tripped try reset, if it carrys on then new temp sencer req.
Ok thanks, doesn't sound like a big fix then. No it doesn't reset. Shame to get an engineer out just for that, do you think it's worth doing a bit of preventative maintenance while they are about like cleaning out the heat exchanger for example? I live in a limescale area and the boiler is 5 years old. Ta
Try the old turning off and on again via the spur

Yes I would strip the boiler heat engine down and pull and clean the baffles

As for the hot water hex not worth stripping and descaling unless there’s a problem

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