As of September 2015, around 3,000 websites were blocked by Chinese authorities (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) under the country's policy of Internet censorship which prevents users in mainland China from accessing prescribed websites.
This is a list of the most notable such blocked websites. This page does not apply to the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, where most of Chinese law does not apply.
Note that many of the sites listed may be occasionally or even regularly available, depending on the access location or current events.

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  1. Z

    Blocked Saniflo outlet pipe

    I've got a job with a saniflo that's not put pumping away, the cause of which being the waste pipe downstream of it being blocked. Not entirely, but only letting mains pressure through at maybe 1ltr/min say. It's run in copper right out to the stack as far as I can see, so it should be able to...
  2. S

    Blocked cylinder circuit?

    I’ve not come across one of these before and I’m after a heads up on what lies beneath if anyone can help. This is the flow and return pipework and is connected into what would otherwise be a blanking cap or immersion element. There’s a few possibilities of course but I’m wondering if it’s...
  3. L

    Blocked kitchen sink

    The kitchen sink in my second floor flat has always been problematic. It's finally given up the ghost. The setup is the main sink, rinsing sink and dishwasher. I'm guessing the grey flexipipe is the actual waste pipe? I can't see as it disappears down the back. I've tried plunging both...
  4. J


    The last drain on our property (ie before the runway leaves our front garden to join the public sewer -presumably under the pavement/road in front of our house) keeps blocking up. We have lived here for over 30 years without any previous problems! I have bought some rods, used the plunger...
  5. M

    Washing machine input tap produces oscillation sound & gets blocked

    Hi all, This is my first post here. How do you do? I was wondering if anyone may have ideas on this issue. We're just trying to connect a washing machine to an under-sink water pipe valve, and we're finding a strange behaviour. With the washing machine on, when the valve is partially open...
  6. hary_j

    Expansion vessel leaking or blocked heat exchanger

    Evening gentlemen, Stopped at my last job today, it was a vaillant eco tec plus 837 combi. Boiler is building excessive pressure, whether it be on DHW or CH mode. Upon firing up on CH mode, pressure rises to maximum and prv lets by at 3.5bar all within around 5-10mins of being operational. I...
  7. R

    Shower inlet blocked. White maggot like substance

    Hi Looking for some advice. Once a week I have to turn off the water supply and clean the inlet of the hot water on my shower. It is a pressurised heating system and no other hot water appliance is blocking only the shower. I have attached some pictures. Is this a shower problem or do I need...
  8. marvoni

    Drain Blocked..

    I've had problems with our main drain blocking for about 10 years now. Every 9-12 months it blocks and I had to rod it. I had it down to a fine art with a 20 meter length of class 10 HDPE pipe and it usually took me about 15 minutes. I tried clearing it last week and for some reason it just...
  9. M

    My toilet keeps blocking

    Hi guys, I have been having an issue with my toilet blocking for the last few days and I am hoping someone with some experience can offer some advice. The toilet seems to block over time (1-2 days) It can be solids or toilet paper, it doesn't seem to matter. I can always plunge it out but it...
  10. B

    Blocked new plastic pipe or other issue?

    Hi. We've just had a loft conversion done with a bedroom and shower room with a rad in each room. The rads are fed from 15mm pipes to bathroom rad on floor below and apart from tails to both rads and from existing copper pipe all new pipes are 15mm plastic with JG push fit connectors. Found the...
  11. plumberofyourchoice

    Hire Experienced Plumbers in Melbourne for Blocked Drains

    Plumbing issues are quite common in every household and these problems are often caused due to lack of maintenance. Proper installation of plumbing fixtures is not the only solution for avoiding plumbing issues. Pipes, fixtures and drains require cleaning and maintenance ever so often to prevent...
  12. S

    Blocked vent on trianco solid fuel boiler

    Was have a trianco trg45 boiler and one of the flueways at the back has become blocked solid. The tool provided can't shift it and it's awkward to get at. Is there a chemical or something I can use to soften up the compounded soot. Any help would be gratefully received
  13. T

    Suspect blocked rad pipe - can I do this workaround?

    Hi all, The rad in my parents kitchen gets lukewarm at best. I've had it off the wall and confirmed it's clean and not blocked inside. I've fitted new valves. The flow pipe does get hot, but even 6 inches away from the flow pipe the rad has a massive drop in temperature. My best guess is that...
  14. townfanjon

    Blocking up discharge pipe

    Ehup peeps . As per title , I have an elderly customer with a very slow running shower waste. Heres the best bit . under a tiled floor and it even gets better ,theres electric UFH under that .. Has anybody out there some miracle solution I can pour down the pipe. Happy to try any suggestions...
  15. E

    A small charity looking for volunteer plumbing help in East London

    I work for Spitalfields City Farm in E1 and we are a local community farm in a very deprived area of East London. We do a lot of educational work with the local community about animals and healthy lifestyles. We are a welcome open community space much loved by all who visit. We have three...
  16. C

    Bleed valve near hot water tank?

    Hi, I've drained down a conventional vented heating system (c. 1998) and and trying to re-fill. The fill & expansion tank is nicely filled, and I have got a small amount of air out of some of the downstairs radiators, after having set the 3 way valve to M(id). That has now stopped and I have no...
  17. C

    Kitchen Sink - Blockage

    Hi. We have a blocked kitchen sink. Both the larger sink unit and smaller sink unit are blocked. Both full to the brim with mucky water. Washing machine is still working. We don't have a plunger, but I used a makeshift one (water bottle sealed with a cloth) to try and replicate the vacuum as...
  18. J

    Blocked pipe or airlock

    Hi, could anyone advise me on a radiator not heating up? I recently removed a radiator from the lounge (permanently) - when I refilled the system and tested the other lounge radiator wasn't working. I replaced both valves (TRV and lockshield) and the radiator still didn't heat up. I have now...
  19. D

    return of... 3 way port, pump, faulty?

    Hi, I posted as a guest yesterday, as suggested have registered, now have more info. Took the electronics off the 3 way valve, turned valve shaft manually, only tuns about 45 degrees, but thats normal from what I've read. Electronics looks ok, put it back and left the override switch on...
  20. A

    Whale Gulper pumped shower - revisiting outflow pipe design choice

    I have a whale gulper level access install from Aquagrade, tiled, 22mm inlet, swept bends. Suction height is minimal - about 100mm, simple 5-6L/min electric shower fed. The outlet route is a straight 3m run through a deep screed with an inate 1:92 fall available. Outlet pipe options are... a).
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