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In basketball, a block or blocked shot occurs when a defensive player legally deflects a field goal attempt from an offensive player to prevent a score. The defender is not allowed to make contact with the offensive player's hand (unless the defender is also in contact with the ball) or a foul is called. In order to be legal, the block must occur while the shot is traveling upward or at its apex. A deflected field goal that is made does not count as a blocked shot and simply counts as a successful field goal attempt for shooter plus the points awarded to the shooting team. For the shooter, a blocked shot is counted as a missed field goal attempt. Also, on a shooting foul, a blocked shot cannot be awarded or counted, even if the player who deflected the field goal attempt is different from the player who committed the foul. If the ball is heading downward when the defender hits it, it is ruled as goaltending and counts as a made basket. Goaltending is also called if the block is made after the ball bounces on the backboard (NFHS excepted; the NCAA also used this rule until the 2009–10 season).
Nicknames for blocked shots include "rejections," "stuffs," "bushed", "fudged", or notably "double-fudged" (two-handed blocks), "facials," "swats," "denials," and "packs." Blocked shots were first officially recorded in the NBA during the 1973–74 season.
Largely due to their height and position near the basket, centers and power forwards tend to record the most blocks, but shorter players with good jumping ability can also be blockers, an example being Dwyane Wade, the shortest player, at 6'4", to record 100 blocked shots in a single season. A player with the ability to block shots can be a positive asset to a team's defense, as they can make it difficult for opposing players to shoot near the basket and, when keeping the basketball in play, as opposed to swatting it out of bounds, a blocked shot can lead to a fast break, a skill Bill Russell was notable for. To be a good shot-blocker, a player needs great court sense and timing, and good height or jumping ability. One tactic is that a shot-blocker can intimidate opponents to alter their shots, resulting in a miss.

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  1. G

    Blocked from posting "spam like content"

    i'm trying to reply to a kind member who posted on my thread about central heating issues in the CH forum - but i keep getting this message "Oops! We ran into some problems. Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements...
  2. Marko222

    Macerator toilet blocked! How do i remove waste/water?

    Hi The toliet pipes attched to the Macerator started to leak water yesterday when flushed. The macerator made a longer than noirmal whirring noise too. None of the waters been flushed and waste has come into the bowl with water, right to the top. I've ordered a water pump vacuum from amazon...
  3. V

    Central Heating - Blocked 22mm return pipe?

    Hello all. I've just joined, was going to post in the new members forum, but the first site generated email sent me here... I am here, as have a challenging and interesting problem, which I'll try as best to describe below keeping to the point and as short as possible, to avoid boring any of...
  4. H

    Grundfos UPS 3 pump - blocked message

    I have moved into a house which uses a Grundfos UPS 3 pump to circulate the water in a wet underfloor heating system. Last autumn the pump would not start - the blocked message showed - so I replaced it. This year, the same thing has happened with the new pump. I have freed the impeller using...
  5. I

    Boiler flue blocked?

    Am I right in thinking my ideal logic boiler flue is blocked? It looks like insulation or expanding foam? Please enlighten me and so I know if it needs immediate attention or not. Photo attached? Thanks,
  6. T

    Clearing a blocked drain.

    I need some recommendations of firms that can help unblock a waste water drain at my property. There is a septic tank - which is OK and a waste water "hole" where water from showers, washing up and the washing machine flows. The problem is when the washing machine runs the waste water backs...
  7. T

    Registration blocked by ad banner

    When I just tried to register on an android phone an ad banner at the bottom of the page covered up the accept T&C checkbox and the register button. I had to switch to desktop mode to change the layout and proceed.
  8. H

    Underfloor Heating Pump goes into a blocked error (Grundfos UPM3)

    Hi all! Went to stick the underfloor heating on and the pump started making a weird noise and the first red LED and the last amber LED are on - which per instructions means that the pump is blocked and it is necessary to deblock the shaft. It has a deblocking screw in the centre of the control...
  9. O


    We have a hot water cylinder problem. The hot water from the boiler (system boiler, gravity fed, C Plan) goes into the cylinder in the middle after the 2-way valve, but the temperature at exit at the bottom is always at least 20 degrees C lower. It at best warms the water in the cylinder, or, if...
  10. J


    My final sewer drain with the U bend (ie the drain immediately before the exit from our garden to the road) constantly gets blocked. I use my rods to free the blockage. There is no discernible reason for what is causing the blockage and we are very careful. Anything I can do to help prevent...
  11. G

    Power flush before blocked heat exchanger renewal ?

    Evening All We are having a new heat exchanger fitted to a Veissmann boiler, the boiler is only six months old, the installers carried out a power flush but only after the boiler had been running for about a fortnight, then after six months it failed to heat radiators to temperature. Viessmann...
  12. I

    Blocked pipes whats the best way to go about this?

    Gurgling sound from basin when shower running, and water seems to be backing up shower when basin running a while. Shower running slow and when using a basic plunger on it backing up a lot of waste. Bottle trap cleaned out and part of the pipe work. Should i install a bottle trap with...
  13. S

    Blocked waste pipe - again

    posted up on here back in October about the waste pipe on a flat Ive got rented out being blocked.... That branch goes into a vertical stack, shared by the flat above and below. Back in october i had dyno rod take a look at it and they said the pipe was scaled up. They cleaned out the pipe...
  14. C

    Single pipe system blocked ?

    single pipe system pipework blocked ? System is 7 rad single pipe in a bungalow fed by Worcester combi boiler. After many years of being hottest house on earth rads are struggling. Service engs [ same ones for many years] have changed pump , cleaned with sentinel 800 [ though i don't believe it...
  15. A

    Clay Dainage Pipe Blocked

    Hi all, Bought a doer upper which hadn’t had any maintenance for years. Front facing wall of the house was like a marsh around the grid above a clay drainage pipe which the kitchen sink/washing machine fed into. After I scooped about a foot’s worth of water out of the claypipe, I’ve found what...
  16. S

    Shower trap blocked but waste pipe is hidden

    Hi, Just moved into my first house and the waste water in the shower is only draining slowly. Soda crystal, baking powder and vinegar work for a few days but then it comes back. When I use them it kind of collects at the bottom and dissolves rather than go down to the blockage. I’ve tried some...
  17. S

    Power flushing blocked microbore

    I am a homeowner after some advice about power flushing a central heating system with microbore pipes that seem to be blocked. When I switched the boiler on in October, 3 of 12 radiators never warmed up and 2 other radiators became only lukewarm. My plumber concluded the pump in the 11-years...
  18. E

    Blocked Heat Exchanger?

    The central heating system (Valliant Ecomax 622, 8 large double radiators) had been losing pressure for several months and I'd been topping it up every other day during the cold periods, but it hardly needed it when the heating was off for a while. The radiators had been making 'tinkling' sounds...
  19. T

    Blocked pipework in potable water supply

    Dear all, I'm hoping you can help with this because our plumber is trying hard but he's struggling to solve the problem. I'll describe the system. The water enters the apartment in a washing machine cupboard. At the inlet and at the washing machine the pressure is high. The pipework then...
  20. S

    Sediment blocked waste pipe

    Hi guys, ive got a couple of issues with this waste pipe: Firstly, the elbow that exits the wall has got a crack on the top near the joint. you can see it to the right of the arrow in the pic. ( it doesn't go all the way round the pipe) Around a year ago the down stairs flat owner told me...
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