Blending inheritance is an obsolete theory in biology from the 19th century. The theory is that the progeny inherits any characteristic as the average of the parents' values of that characteristic. As an example of this, a crossing of a red flower variety with a white variety of the same species would yield pink-flowered offspring.
Charles Darwin's theory of inheritance by pangenesis, with contributions to egg or sperm from every part of the body, implied blending inheritance. His reliance on this mechanism led Fleeming Jenkin to attack Darwin's theory of natural selection on the grounds that blending inheritance would average out any novel beneficial characteristic before selection had time to act.
Blending inheritance was discarded with the general acceptance of particulate inheritance during the development of modern genetics after 1900.

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  1. D

    Nu-heat Blend valve not working on underfloor heating

    Hi, I have I blend valve from Nu-Heat ( they bought it from Reliance, as per attached spec). I have dismantled the valve now 3 times and replaced it with new components from Nu-Heat but the valve is not working properly. The valve replacement seems very simple with 4 main components and some...
  2. FRAM777


    I need to replace a 3/4 or 22mm blending valve on a Telford Trident electric hot water boiler. see attached picture of the original part. Telford asked me 100£ for the part and refused to provide the technical details. I am pretty confident this is not a proprietary part and similar parts...
  3. A

    Blending valve combi to increase flow?

    Don't know if any of you have watched PB's latest YouTube vid. He installs an atag combi and straight from the hot water outlet, he fit a TMV, now I can only presume this is to increase flow rate of the hot water. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't using a tmv in this way wrong? The use of tmvs...
  4. jaydebruyne

    Replacing a UFH blending valve

    have to replace this valve today for an UFH circuit. Question: what is the flow mixed with to reduce the temp? Is it literally just flow and return pipes?
  5. B

    Thermostatic Blending Valve Identification

    Hi All, Can anybody identify this Thermostatic Blending Valve from my Underfloor heating ? It seems to be stuck on full temp and not mixing the cold flow.
  6. D

    TMV2 to non concussive tap

    :90:Hi... Need some help please! I have been asked to fit a TMV2 to a non concussive tap in a school. The specification for the install states that I am not required to install a separate cold feed and the non concussive tap is not a mixer. I am sure this does not comply with the regs. Am I...
  7. T

    LK International UFH - Wired Control Upgrade GATESHEAD, NORTH EAST

    Wired Control Upgrade Have a 3 zone LK International UGH system which has now been in for 7 years. OIM paperwork supplied with system, indicate it uses: NC 24V AC Actuators and Wired NC 24V AC Thermostats connected by a NC Connection Box Belimo 24V rotary actuator for blending controlled...
  8. F

    22mm straight TRV ??? Help please

    Hi All I am a newbie to this site and as often happens I suppose I arrive with a problem. I have a conservatory with under floor heating. It has three coils of 15mm plastic heating pipe in between the joists.The three flow and three returns are fed by a 22mm. flow and return copper pipe from the...
  9. stani

    Blending valve.

    Do any old people know anything about this
  10. A

    Blending valve for solar thermal/combi

    Anyone got a link for a decent blending valve for a combi using solar preheat? Intasol's is £295 plus VAT!!
  11. B

    Underfloor Heating Not Getting Up To Temperature

    Hi, I have a wet UFH system which includes a 9 port manifold that heats 5 loops downstairs and four loops upstairs. I do not have any radiators in the house and the manifold is located next to my boiler (Baxi Combi 130HE) in a downstairs utility room. I moved into the property 7 months ago so...
  12. P

    elson coral e problem

    Hi all, My girlfriend has an Elson Coral E system for the hot water and she is experiencing a problem when it comes to actually getting hot water. When running hot water from any tap/shower in the apartment, it runs hot for approx 20 seconds then goes luke warm. The hot water pipe coming from...
  13. B

    blending valves

    hi anyone with commercial tell me if i need to fit them to hot taps on basin and sink at a church hall. it has 2 kitchen sinks and 2 basins - just fitted an unvented ariston electric water heater and it gets quite hot.
  14. N

    Thermal store

    Hi all, I have a customer that has called complaining of very little hot water (prob enough for 1 shower only) they have a telford tristar thermal store - any initial thoughts spring to mind as to problem? Boiler heats DHW for approx 2 hrs before use. Cheers Neal
  15. L

    Blending valves on a open vented cylinder...

    Joined a firm who does solar thermal & PV, so a newbie at the green stuff As above it was an oppen vented cylinder + solar therm + boiler. The experienced Installer who Im working under wanted me to fit the TMV on the hot outlet of the cylinder before the open vent pipe. I was confused at...
  16. B

    need help with underfloor heating

    hi ladies and gents hope you can help me here, in the process of buying a house and im going to fit underfloor heating ive got a manifold just need a pump and blender pack, but from what i can see it is basicaly a very expensive tmv, so im trying to save money and build it up myself just...
  17. S

    Tank works but no hot water coming theough

    My tank is heating water up but it's not coming through to taps or showers. It started as just the kitchen tap but now it's all of them. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. B

    Blending Valves in Bathrooms (part G)

    Hi folks Is it still a requirement of Part G to install a mixing valve under a bath if the hot water is heated by a combi boiler?
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