1. J

    URGENT How do I attach hose to EcoTEC pro for low water pressure?

    Hi, I’ve got an EcoTEC pro boiler which is showing code F22 and therefore not turning on. Last night I accidentally turned it off at the mains and only realised this morning; I’m not sure if this is simple coincidence? I’ve done it before without problems following. I have an external hose to...
  2. A

    Converting flexible sink hose to attach dish washer

    I have a dishwasher that I can't plumb to a sink (renting and it's not an option) so I wanted to know what adapters I can use to convert my hose to go to my dishwasher. Please see images for what I have. Is it possible? Tia
  3. D

    new washing machine, unable to attach waste pipe

    got a new washing maching delivered this morning (old one taken away). all was going well with the installation, until i went to connect up the water waste pipe. the connector that is on the drain u-bend appears to be 23.5mm, but the waste pipe on the washing machine looks like 21mm. there is...
  4. K

    Looking for 4+ metres of 40mm flexible waste pipe to attach to a sink in my shed

    Hi all, can anyone assist me with locating somewhere from which to purchase a long length (at least 4 metres) of 40mm diameter standard flexible sink waste pipe? I have been searching all over the place and nowhere seems to sell it in long lengths, only the standard lengths. I just need it to...
  5. O

    Does this look fair

    Does this quote look fair to you guys labour and materials? As I am not qualified and having less experience then you guys could you tell me that sounds alright to the above installation. Removing old solar system ( solar panels already disconnected and put on side on roof ) removing ( if...
  6. W

    leaking shower woes

    Hi all, Newbie here.. please see the attachment below which shows the connection for the hand held shower head in the stud wall, the wall is finished in tadelatk btw... in case anyone was wondering. the leak is coming from the threaded bit as it goes into the connection thats screwed...
  7. M

    Help me wire my valiant thermostat(system boiler vr66 vsmart

    My boiler fitter has fit the boiler and said he is away for a few weks when he will fit the thermostat. i reckon I can do a lot my self. My sparky friend can help me on the power part. ok I have 2 zone valves and a typical system boiler type system from the manual I have used the but which...
  8. Eyespy999

    Replacement ceramic tap glands

    Afternoon all, I have been to 2 national merchants today to find replacement glands for a set of taps without success, sadly the tap has no distinguishing markings. Can anyone recommend a merchant that has a variety of makes? Photo to follow, thanks
  9. R

    Gas and Electricity Regs Thoughts - Poorly installed hob/Socket

    Hi all, I was asked to quote to fit a cooker hood and splash back due to complaints from the tenants of grease. Apart from the obvious wrong paint being used on the walls hence the grease marks, there is the hob/socket issue. I understand the Electrical Regs is a recommended 300mm from...
  10. turnpin

    Wish you were here....

    Decided to come back to Alanya in Turkey for a break my Mrs brought me here last year for my 60th birthday's currently 21c with plenty of sun having a nice relaxing time and boosting the Turkish food and drink economy no end ....regards Turnpin:smile5::8:
  11. B

    mains stopcock conections

    Hi could anyone help me out, i need stopcock replacing it looks like 15mm soldered to stopcock plus also has compression nuts...cant find one like this anywhere
  12. jaydebruyne

    Classy TRV placement

    Just got to my hotel room for a night away with the Mrs and daughter and had to snap this classy bit of plumbing lol
  13. A

    Which toilet for this type of connection

    I've just removed a leaky old S bend toilet from a downstairs loo. It connected vertically to the floor and I'm not sure which toilet and connector to go for. Ideally I'd like a close coupled toilet so that we can get rid of the overflow but not sure if/how that will work with the position of...
  14. D

    Garden Tap Connector

    Hi, I just purchased the Hozelock Connection Set because I was trying to connect my hosepipe to my garden tap. It comes with 1/2" and 3/4" connectors which seem to be way too big for the tap. I measured the tap and it's about 13/14mm in diameter and it has "BS1010-2" engraved on the side. I...
  15. M

    Technical guidance need for domestic dual gas plumbing

    Hi, This is Mohan Kodical. I am planning for the plumbing of dual gas (Biogas & LPG) of my home kitchen. I have made schematic plumbing diagram which is attached here. I seek technical guidance in this regard & clarification for my following doubts. 1) Is my design fully safe? 2) While changing...
  16. C

    whats happening to cause my bath waste to leak.

    Bath has a central plug hole with a pipe to wall and waste. Out of the blue it has started leaking from a joint downstream to the waste , - see green arrow in photo. It happens when unplugging the bath to drain for about 30 seconds and then stops. Could have been hit by vacuum cleaner recently....
  17. F

    Best practice for sealing leaking joint - soil stack

    Hi guys, Got a leak from a joint - bathroom sink pipe to soil stack. Access is only from below, unless I want to make a hole in a tiled sloping roof.:nono: Pipe is a combined sink and bath - sink pipe comes through a breezeblock wall and there is no side to side movement, so the pipe is in a...
  18. R

    What is this?

    I'm trying to source the original unit to either replace or fix What's left of the old one. Can anyone give me a clue or point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  19. K

    Replacing a mixer

    Until the entire bathroom is replaced, looking to swap out the mixer as it doesn't mix very well. The pressure also used to be much better and its now merely a dribble so hoping that replacing the mixer for now will be a fix. Assuming its just knackered out inside and full of scale. Is it a...
  20. G

    Black oily bits

    Afternoon all. We are getting black oily bits coming from the hot water only in the bath. We have only plastic pipes. Boiler has been checked out and is all ok and in good working order. Can anyone help to get to the bottom with it. My wife is due to give birth in 8 weeks and she can't rest...

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