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Hi - hope someone can give some advice!
Have had a vaillant ecotec 630 installed with unvented cylinder, mains pressurised supply with digital thermostat in the living room. It is a 5 bed, 3 bath house.
The dual fuel bill for 2 months was £600, 545kWH per month for the electricity and 4,640kWH per month for the Gas.
It seems like the Gas is much higher than it should be.
The boiler is 'switched on' constantly for central heating but is driven on and off by the digital thermostat, which is set at 21 degrees. The room gets warm quickly so reaches 21 quite easily. The heating to the rest of the house is driven by this thermostat - so all the other radiators in the house are on maximum output with individual valves but will only heat up when the living room thermostat is below 21.
The hot water is set to come on for 2 periods, 30mins early morning, 30 mins in the evening.

Is this an abnormal level of gas consumption? Anything I am missing here?

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